Why Are You Passionate About Consulting?

May 3, 2024
May 3, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Consulting?

Consulting professionals from various fields share their passion for the dynamic and impactful nature of their work. From a Founder SEO Consultant’s diverse experiences to a Co-founder’s freedom and impactful engagement, we’ve compiled seventeen insightful perspectives on why these experts are fervent about consulting.

  • Diverse Experiences Spark Consulting Passion
  • Consulting Offers Freedom and Career Growth
  • Supporting Canadian Immigration with Expertise
  • Guiding Franchise Decisions with Expertise
  • Calming Chaos with Consulting Superpower
  • Marketing Consultant Thrives on Impact
  • Seeing Autonomy in Action
  • Solving Challenges as Fulfilling Puzzles
  • Teaching and Learning through Consulting
  • Consulting Impacts Multiple Passionate Projects
  • HR Consulting Spurs Professional Growth
  • Empowering Clients with Innovative Solutions
  • Transforming Health Education through Consulting
  • Diverse Clients Enrich Media Consulting
  • Empowering Women of Color in Business
  • Starting A Career of Continuous Challenge
  • Gaining Freedom and Impactful Engagement

Diverse Experiences Spark Consulting Passion

I became a consultant in 2005 because I wanted to help businesses. Consulting, in particular, is a passion because of the variety of companies I get to work with, which means I can transfer my learnings from one market sector to another.

My passion extends further to sharing my knowledge, which is why I got my “Data-Driven SEO” book published, as it was a means to help even more businesses at a faster rate than my consulting practice.

If anyone is thinking about consulting, my advice is to go for it. While it’s not easy, it’s your enthusiasm that will not only carry you through the tougher times commercially but also keep you relevant to your client base by constantly learning.

Andreas VoniatisAndreas Voniatis
Founder SEO Consultant, Artios

Consulting Offers Freedom and Career Growth

I’m passionate about consulting because it gives me the freedom to help people and businesses without additional red tape and administration.

Having worked both in-house and agency-side, I feel as though consulting gives me the best of both worlds, alongside the freedom for me to work how I want to and develop my career in the way I’d like to. I find that having that freedom provides a better balance, which in turn improves my productivity and is more satisfying.

I really loved working in-house, but as a freelance consultant, I’m able to blend feeling part of the team (whether directly with a brand or via an agency) with being able to manage a number of projects simultaneously.

I also love that I can adapt quickly to client needs or market changes. In SEO, there may be issues that we encounter due to algorithm updates, competitor activity, or even human or tech errors. As a consultant, there’s rarely a middle person between myself and taking action; whether that’s tweaking a strategy, changing some content myself, or tasking a developer with some code changes.

Natalie ArneyNatalie Arney
SEO Consultant, NCA Digital Ltd

Supporting Canadian Immigration with Expertise

Paul has been connected with Canada for a long time. As a Canadian citizen, he is eager to support the Canadian economy and address the country’s labor shortage. That’s why Paul started researching the Canadian immigration process.

Today, he is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), authorized by the ICCRC, assisting those who wish to immigrate to Canada. Paul has vast experience and knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, which he uses to help his clients.

Paul and his dedicated team have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams of living in Canada. PAIC goes beyond just processing paperwork; they offer guidance and support throughout the immigration process.

Paul AbrahamPaul Abraham
Immigration Consultant, Paul Abraham Immigration Consulting

Guiding Franchise Decisions with Expertise

In my field (franchise consulting), there are so many options and so many ways for a potential business owner to waste their time, money, and potentially be pressured into making a bad decision (I speak from experience).

I’m now able to intercept people at a point at which they are open to transition but not sure how to proceed, and provide them with the resources, guidance, and expertise to make the right decision for themselves and their family (even if it’s to do nothing at all).

I had a great experience with a consultant when I was vulnerable to making a bad choice, and now I consider my role as a way to return the favor and prevent others from making rash decisions.

Shawn GurnShawn Gurn
Franchise Consultant, HOF Franchise Consulting

Calming Chaos with Consulting Superpower

Asking for help is hard! I’m passionate about consulting because it gives me the opportunity to share my superpower: calming chaos. It’s a gift when someone reaches out and trusts me to help them build the skills they need to live an intentional life, both professionally and personally.

I love it when clients start a session frazzled and overwhelmed and finish feeling calm and equipped to deal with their challenges.

I also have the privilege of connecting with people from all over the world, and I’m often reminded that we have so much more in common than we think.

Ashley JanssenAshley Janssen
Productivity Consultant, Ashley Janssen Consulting

Marketing Consultant Thrives on Impact

I find marketing fascinating. There are so many facets to consider, including consumer psychology, visual design, messaging, and the technology required to get a company’s message in front of their target audience. While I’ve dedicated my career to understanding all these pieces, I realize that many others find marketing to be overwhelming and confusing.

As a consultant, I get to bring my knowledge to businesses to help them thrive. Being able to help an organization fix a marketing problem and witness the positive impact that has on their marketing ROI is immensely rewarding for me.

Jennifer YamnitzJennifer Yamnitz
Independent Marketing Consultant, Adance Marketing

Seeing Autonomy in Action

Consulting provides me with the opportunity to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. If I come up with a good idea, I can implement it. If I don’t like something, I can change it. If I see an opportunity, I can go for it.

Mike OuwerkerkMike Ouwerkerk
Fun, Engaging Cyber Security Awareness Trainer & Cultural Transformation Consultant, Web Safe Staff

Solving Challenges as Fulfilling Puzzles

I am passionate about consulting because it gives me an opportunity to explore an individual/team/organization to see what’s going on for them. In doing so, you are ultimately helping that individual/team/organization to meet and resolve a challenge that they have identified, which is hindering their performance.

Successful resolution of the challenge and knowing that you have been part of this is extremely rewarding. In addition, finding that resolution can be a bit like a puzzle where you have to utilize different approaches and tools, and the process of doing this can be very fulfilling as well.

William ShortenWilliam Shorten
Coach / Trainer / Consultant, William Shorten Learning Solutions

Teaching and Learning through Consulting

I’m a teacher at heart, and being paid by people who are looking to learn and be better/do better is what consulting opens up for me. It’s a path that leads me to meet people I’d likely never meet across industries, regions around the world, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Consulting sets up the dynamic to listen and be listened to.

Many clients don’t listen, too, but it’s those who do that get the most from our partnership. Being a consultant is like being a bee that picks up something here and something else over there and keeps sharing what I pick up with as many people as possible along the path.

Kim ClarkKim Clark
Dei Communications Speaker and Consultant, Kim Clark Communications, Inc.

Consulting Impacts Multiple Passionate Projects

Consulting gives me the opportunity to have an impact on a wide variety of projects. Not only does it keep my work interesting, but it also puts me in a position to work with unique and passionate people, contributing to projects that mean a lot to them.

As a consultant, I can work with these people on a level that makes the most sense to them, providing them with expertise and guidance on a budget that is effective for their size and growth.

Dedicating all your effort to one project is great, but there’s something special about working with passionate people and having an impact on a greater number of businesses that makes working as a consultant special.

Michael LaLondeMichael LaLonde
Digital Marketing Consultant, LDM

HR Consulting Spurs Professional Growth

As a human resources consultant, I have the ability to impact a number of different companies and organizations instead of just one sole ‘client’ at a time. I have also found that by helping to solve problems across a wide variety of companies, industries, and settings, my own professional growth and skills have grown tremendously.

Jessica MilewskiJessica Milewski
Senior HR Consultant, HR Answers

Empowering Clients with Innovative Solutions

Here is a 5-6 sentence response highlighting why I enjoy providing consulting services:

As a consultant, I take great pride in providing innovative solutions to complex challenges. My role is to help clients explore options and alternatives, fostering collaboration and open dialogue within their organizations.

There is immense satisfaction in guiding organizations toward positive change and growth. I find that by bringing an outside perspective, I’m often able to identify opportunities that may have been overlooked from within.

Ultimately, my goal is to empower my clients, equipping them with the tools and insights needed to achieve their objectives more effectively. This collaborative, problem-solving approach is what makes consulting such a rewarding field for me.

William RyanWilliam Ryan
Founder & Principal Consultant, Ryan Consulting, LLC

Transforming Health Education through Consulting

I’m extremely passionate about consulting in the health & wellness space. When it comes to stress management, fitness, and gut health education, I have found that there are so many misconceptions. The focus for workshops has primarily been on teaching information versus individual needs and lifestyle behavioral changes.

Over time, my company Live Well Enhance You LLC has changed that model so that every course and workshop gets to the root of the health concern for individuals and improves communications within teams.

Sarah Alysse Bobo
Stress Management, Gut Health & Fitness Consultant, Live Well Enhance You

Diverse Clients Enrich Media Consulting

Consulting creates a unique, exciting working experience because each day and client is different; it’s not a template-based partnership. There’s always room to learn and to test new campaign approaches. On the media relations side, it’s wonderful to meet new people and learn about their audiences’ interests and expectations.

Katie WaldronKatie Waldron
Freelance PR Consultant

Empowering Women of Color in Business

The world is quickly changing, and corporate America is simply not keeping up. My consulting business allows me to take back my power and do the work I love in a real and impactful way. When I was working on building the bones of my business, I joined a mastermind group that helped keep me accountable in moving my business forward, but it also had some of the same hang-ups as the corporate world. This experience helped me to recognize the power of community and how not all rooms are as inclusive as they claim to be.

I am now working on building a community to help other entrepreneurial-minded women of color take back their power and create a life they love. I believe by showing others it is possible and guiding them to achieve real results, we are building the socially just world we so desperately need.

Farheen GillFarheen Gill
Marketing Consultant, Self Employed

Starting A Career of Continuous Challenge

Consulting is a fantastic space to start a career due to the high velocity of exposure to different industries, problems, and leaders.

Then it is, once again, a fantastic space to grow a career due to the growth in leadership skills, diversity of experience, and opportunity to specialize—or not—in a solution, function, industry, or simply teams.

Furthermore, individuals in consulting are passionate, invested, and continually challenged, leading to amazing teams and relationships.

Adam Hartstein
Senior Principal Consultant, Point B

Gaining Freedom and Impactful Engagement

Consulting is freedom. I can set schedules and timelines that work for me, and most importantly, choose clients and projects I’m passionate about. I firmly believe everyone should be the CEO of their profession, and consulting is a powerful tool in creating that vision.

As someone with ADHD, the diversity of clients, industries, and challenges to solve keeps my brain engaged and stimulated. Consulting allows me to make a real impact on the businesses I work with. Seeing projects translate into real results for clients is incredibly rewarding.

Josie CastroJosie Castro
Co-Founder, Stratify Collective

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