Why Are You Passionate About Construction?

May 9, 2024
May 9, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Construction?

In the quest to understand the dedication that powers construction, we’ve gathered insights from top professionals representing a cross-section of the industry. From a crane-hire veteran’s perspective on welcoming challenges to an electrician’s love of teamwork, explore what fuels the experts in this essential field.

  • Every Project Brings a Challenge
  • Meaningful Impact on the Community
  • Connection to Legacy and Values
  • Rewarding Problem-Solving and Teamwork
  • Pride in Contributing to a Strong Economy

Every Project Brings a Challenge

I’ve worked in the construction industry for decades, offering crane-hire solutions. I love the challenge every project brings. A client comes to you with a problem that they have no idea how to solve, and you must develop a solution without compromising safety. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the subsequent successful completion of a lift or machine movement and the client’s response. It’s like you’ve beaten the odds.

Ben HollidayBen Holliday
Managing Director, Fortis Heavy Lift Group

Meaningful Impact on the Community

As a small business owner, construction allows me to contribute positively to my local community.

By providing high-quality roofing services and creating job opportunities for others, I feel like I am making a meaningful impact in the lives of those around me. It’s a fulfilling feeling to know that my work not only benefits my own livelihood but also has a positive ripple effect within my community. Overall, the challenges, satisfaction, and impact of construction are what make me passionate about this industry and proud to be a part of it. So, as long as I am able, I will continue to pour my heart and soul into every project I am a part of.

Joshua VarnerJoshua Varner
Owner, Varner Roofing

Connection to Legacy and Values

My passion for construction, particularly in our family-run fence company, stems from the deep-seated values of hard work and dedication that have been instilled in me by my family. Growing up, I was continually inspired by the way my family members committed themselves to their craft, transforming simple materials into lasting structures that add value and security to homes and businesses. This upbringing not only taught me the skills of the trade but also the importance of building something meaningful and enduring. The tangible results of construction, seeing a project evolve from concept to completion, ignite a sense of pride and accomplishment that fuels my passion every day. This connection to my family’s legacy and the impact our work has on the community make every project personally rewarding.

Luke BeermanLuke Beerman
Owner, Freedom Fence

Rewarding Problem-Solving and Teamwork

Love being an electrician in construction. I see electricity as the power behind everything from smart homes to hospitals—that’s rewarding. Every project is a puzzle—figuring out the best layout, integrating new technology, and making it all work together. No two projects are the same; it keeps things interesting.

Walking onto a site and seeing a building come together is amazing. Knowing my electrical work plays a big part in that is a real accomplishment. Plus, it’s all about teamwork—collaborating with architects, builders, and everyone to create something special. Being an electrician in construction lets me use my skills, solve problems, and work with a team to make a difference.

Ryan GregorRyan Gregor
Owner & Head Electrician, RCG Electrical

Pride in Contributing to a Strong Economy

I’m passionate about construction because a robust construction industry means a strong economy. The economic health of the U.S. is deeply intertwined with the construction sector. Construction projects not only provide jobs but also bring investment and revitalization to communities, building the essential infrastructure that keeps the nation progressing. We live, work, socialize, and vacation in spaces created by this industry!

We all use buildings for living or working, enjoy time in pubs or restaurants, attend games at football stadiums, or relax in hotels. The link among all these is that our industry has played a role in building, fitting out, or refurbishing them in some way. There’s also a deep sense of pride when we see lasting examples of our work as we travel.

Craig FochtCraig Focht
Cofounder & CEO, All Pro Door Repair

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