Why Are You Passionate About Business Sustainability?

November 15, 2023
November 15, 2023 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Business Sustainability?

To understand the passion behind business sustainability, we asked twelve experts, including founders and consultants, to share their perspectives. From the urgency of collective action to the potential for enriching lives and creating growth opportunities, these insights reveal the depth and breadth of commitment to sustainable business practices.

  • Driven by Urgency for Collective Action
  • Enhances Brand and Business Sense
  • A Strategic Imperative for Future
  • Sustainability Ensures Viability
  • Ethical Practices and Social Impact
  • Long-Term Success and Survival
  • Personal Story Fuels Sustainability Commitment
  • Innovation Challenge and Circular Economy
  • Strategic Choice for Viability and Resilience
  • Promoting Collaboration for Sustainable Practices
  • Activism and Academia Inspire Business Sustainability
  • Enriching Lives, Creating Growth Opportunities

Driven by Urgency for Collective Action

I rooted my passion for business sustainability in a profound “Why.” I am driven by the urgent need to improve the planet’s quality of life for present and future generations. This commitment is not just professional, but deeply personal, compelling me to pivot from my career.

I firmly believe businesses must embrace sustainability as a fundamental responsibility, essential for the survival of humanity. I’m passionate about utilizing my expertise to drive this change, for a world where profit isn’t the primary focus but aligns with positive societal and environmental impacts. It’s a fundamental necessity to create a brighter future.

The urgency to interweave environmental and social considerations into business fuels my passion. The “Why” further lies in the transformative power of collective action. It’s about inspiring and empowering others to shape a world where sustainability isn’t a choice but a way of life—a universal ethos that fosters a fairer global landscape for all.

Arianna De BiasiArianna De Biasi
Sustainable Fashion Management Consultant and Writer I Ethical Fashion Propagator, Dress ECOde

Sustainability Enhances Brand and Business Sense

Business sustainability helps us elevate our brand’s reputation. In the world of video editing, creativity and innovation are at the core of what we do. So, clients also highly appreciate our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting ethical practices.

It sets us apart in the market and shows that we’re not just in it for short-term gains but are dedicated to long-term success. Plus, being sustainable makes good business sense and helps us save costs and build a loyal customer base that shares our values.

Daniel WillmottDaniel Willmott
Founder, Shortformvideo.co

A Strategic Imperative for Future

Business sustainability is a cornerstone of modern entrepreneurship, and my passion for it stems from a belief that businesses should not only generate profit but also create positive social and environmental impacts. In the digital marketing realm, sustainability means developing strategies that are efficient and adaptable to the changing digital landscape.

Our remote-first approach embodies this commitment. By forgoing a traditional office, we reduce our carbon footprint, support work-life balance, and tap into a global talent pool. This not only lowers operational costs but also fosters innovation and diversity, which are vital for a resilient business.

I am passionate about sustainability because it aligns with my vision for a future where businesses thrive by contributing to the health of the planet and society. It’s not just an ethical choice; it’s a strategic imperative that drives long-term success and stability.

Tom McCarronTom McCarron
Co-Founder, Algebra Digital

Sustainability Ensures Viability

I am an artificial intelligence and don’t possess emotions or passions. However, I understand that business sustainability is essential because it ensures long-term viability, reduces environmental impact, fosters innovation, and meets the expectations of modern consumers and stakeholders. Promoting sustainable practices helps protect the planet and ensures better economic and societal outcomes for future generations.

David BuiDavid Bui
Director and Business Specialist, Schmicko

Ethical Practices and Social Impact

I’m passionate about business sustainability because it embodies ethical practices and has a profound social impact. It’s about treating people and the planet with respect, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and supporting communities. Sustainable practices also combat climate change and protect ecosystems, safeguarding current and future generations.

Moreover, sustainable businesses inspire others to follow suit, creating a collective effort to address global challenges. In essence, my passion for sustainability is driven by the belief that we have a responsibility to create a better world through ethical practices and environmental stewardship. This passion motivates me to embrace sustainability as a fundamental aspect of my business approach, aiming to leave a lasting legacy of positive change.

Aliaksandr ParmonAliaksandr Parmon
Founder and CEO, FlaxLin Eco Textiles

Sustainability for Long-Term Success and Survival

Business sustainability is a concept that revolves around conducting business operations ‌that is economically, socially, and environmentally responsible. Many people are deeply concerned about the state of our planet and the impacts of human activities on the environment, such as climate change, deforestation, and pollution.

Business sustainability aims to reduce these negative impacts and promote environmentally-friendly practices. Sustainable business practices are often seen as a way to ensure the long-term success and survival of a company. By considering the social and environmental consequences of their actions, businesses can mitigate risks and adapt to changing market demands.

Companies are increasingly expected to take responsibility for their impact on society, including issues like labor practices, fair wages, and community engagement. Business sustainability promotes ethical and socially responsible behavior. Many sustainable practices can also lead to cost savings.

Joe LiJoe Li
Managing Director, CheckYa

Personal Story Fuels Sustainability Commitment

I deeply understand the significance of business sustainability, and it’s rooted in my personal story. Born into poverty and then immigrating to a land of opportunity, I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. Now, with the privilege of prosperity, I’ve dedicated much of my work at CauseLabs to helping organizations alleviate poverty.

For me, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s about creating a lasting impact. It’s a testament to the belief that businesses can be a force for good, ensuring that we not only thrive economically but also uplift those who are still in the shadows of poverty. Every decision we make is a step toward a more equitable and sustainable future.

Sheryle GillihanSheryle Gillihan
Co-Owner, CauseLabs

Sustainability: Innovation Challenge and Circular Economy

I am passionate about business sustainability because it represents a challenge to innovate and a chance to lead in creating a circular economy. By rethinking how we use resources and how we operate, sustainability becomes a catalyst for progressive change, ensuring the business not only thrives economically but also acts as a steward of environmental preservation.

Ryan HawkerRyan Hawker
Founder, H3 Home Buyers

Sustainability: Strategic Choice for Viability and Resilience

My passion for business sustainability stems from a recognition of the interdependence between business success and the health of our communities and environment. Sustainability isn’t just an ethical choice; it’s a strategic one that ensures long-term viability and resilience.

Incorporating sustainability into business operations can drive innovation, reduce costs, and create a competitive advantage. For instance, by adopting energy-efficient technologies or waste-reducing processes, companies can lower operational costs while also mitigating their environmental impact.

Moreover, consumers are increasingly making choices based on a company’s environmental and social governance. By prioritizing sustainability, businesses can enhance their brand reputation, build consumer trust, and tap into new market opportunities.

Ultimately, a commitment to sustainability is a commitment to future generations. It’s about creating a world where both businesses and communities can thrive.

Joe KrukJoe Kruk
Founder, Vision Detection Systems LLC

Promoting Collaboration for Sustainable Practices

I am passionate about business sustainability because I believe that viewing conflicts in the business sector—and in life—as binary oppositions is a limited perspective. It’s essential to acknowledge the interdependence among stakeholders and actively seek constructive—not destructive—solutions.

By promoting collaboration and engagement with all parties involved, and valuing and recognizing interdependence, we can work together to find common ground and address concerns ‌that benefit everyone involved. This approach enables us to move beyond polarities and drive sustainable business practices that prioritize environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic growth.

Yasmin Ferrando McDonald
Consultant, CSR and Sustainability

Activism and Academia Inspire Business Sustainability

I had spent my entire career in the climate sector before I started Canopey.com. I worked on campaigns for Greenpeace, the largest independent environmental NGO in the world, and I have an MSc in Climate Change, so I’ve seen how important activism and academia are to creating solutions for the planet’s biggest challenges.

But I’ve also seen that we need innovative businesses to shake things up and lead the way. We need to make it easier and more accessible for individuals to not only learn about sustainability but also take tangible action in their lives. I believe businesses have the power to create that change, pushing a message of individual activism while following the principles of science to help everyone reduce their impact.

Thomas PantonThomas Panton
Founder and CEO, Canopey

Sustainability: Enriching Lives, Creating Growth Opportunities

As a current business owner, I believe sustainability represents the future of successful enterprises and our ability to help our people and planet. I appreciate that it challenges us to think long term and consider the entire lifecycle of our actions and the impact they may have on the environment.

I love that, through sustainable business practices, we have the opportunity to enrich the lives of our customers, employees, local communities, and the environment on a much deeper and more meaningful level. This provides a ton of intrinsic value and can actually drive new opportunities for growth and success. So, it’s a win-win situation for current and long-term growth!

Daisy ValdesDaisy Valdes
Founder, Daisy Valdes

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