Why Are You Passionate About Global Health?

March 14, 2024
March 14, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Global Health?

Delving into the heart of global health passion, we’ve gathered insights from a Public Health Specialist and other business leaders. From being driven by equity to advocating for health through environmental stewardship, explore the six profound reasons these professionals are dedicated to improving health on a global scale.

  • Driven by Equity in Global Health
  • Building a Healthier, Borderless World
  • Advocating for Accessible Health Technology
  • Empowering Global Communities Through Surgery
  • Merging Leadership with Global Health Knowledge
  • Advocating for Health through Environmental Stewardship

Driven by Equity in Global Health

Global health is at the heart of my core values, which include community, service, and equity. My work in public health enables me to serve communities by addressing health disparities and promoting wellness for everyone, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status. I firmly believe in the power of community involvement and equitable access to healthcare, as they can transform lives and uplift communities. That is what drives my dedication to improving health outcomes on a global scale.

Evangelina KlawitterEvangelina Klawitter
Public Health Specialist, Walworth County Health and Human Services

Building a Healthier, Borderless World

Healthcare is an industry connected to every individual’s way of life. In contrast to usual practice, people shouldn’t just pay attention to their healthcare when they get sick or because their office requires an annual physical exam; healthcare should be something we actively participate in no matter how ‘fit’ we feel. However, it’s a well-known challenge that healthcare can be inaccessible. The pandemic is just one major example of how healthcare proved to be a significant struggle for every nation, no matter how progressive a country is.

CarePatron’s mission is to help bridge this gap and make healthcare—good healthcare—accessible, affordable, and most importantly, borderless. We recognize the importance of supporting our communities and understanding that a healthier world benefits everyone. It’s not just about creating a successful business but about building a legacy of care and support far beyond our immediate reach.

Jamie FrewJamie Frew
CEO, Carepatron

Advocating for Accessible Health Technology

Throughout my time at ProMed DME, I’ve gained considerable experience and insight into the realm of health technology, particularly in the domain of diabetes management through Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs). This experience has deeply rooted my passion for global health, as I’ve seen the transformative impact technology can have on improving the lives of individuals dealing with chronic diseases. The ability of devices like the Dexcom G6 and FreeStyle Libre to provide real-time glucose monitoring is a game-changer, enabling better control and a sense of empowerment for those managing diabetes.

One of the most compelling aspects of my journey has been tackling health disparities, particularly in the access to CGMs. Research showed that marginalized groups, including those with lower incomes and minority communities, had significantly less access to this crucial technology. This insight drove our efforts at ProMed DME to advocate for better insurance coverage and to provide comprehensive support to ensure that all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status, could benefit from CGMs. Witnessing the direct impact of these efforts on individuals’ lives has been profoundly rewarding.

The role of insurance in accessing technology like CGMs has also been a critical area of focus. We found that navigating insurance coverage was a major barrier for many people. By working to streamline this process and advocating for broader insurance acceptance, we’ve helped remove significant obstacles, making life-changing technology more accessible. This work has reinforced my belief in the power of policy and advocacy in transforming global health landscapes.

Additionally, our initiative to educate and support customers in effectively using their CGMs underscored the importance of knowledge and empowerment in managing one’s health. Helping individuals understand their readings and how to respond appropriately has not only improved health outcomes but also quality of life, showcasing the pivotal role of education in health technology utilization.

In conclusion, my experiences at ProMed DME, from improving access to CGMs to advocating for policy changes, have solidified my passion for global health. These efforts demonstrate how technology, policy, and education can converge to make significant health advancements, underlining my commitment to continuing this work and exploring new avenues to contribute to global health improvements.

Mike BreslinMike Breslin

Empowering Global Communities Through Surgery

As a plastic surgeon running my own clinic in the U.S., my passion for global health stems from a profound belief in the inherent dignity and worth of every individual, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status. While I specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery locally, I recognize that access to quality healthcare is a privilege denied to millions worldwide.

Through my expertise and resources, I aspire to contribute to initiatives that address disparities in healthcare access, empower communities, and alleviate suffering on a global scale. Whether it’s volunteering in underserved regions, advocating for health equity policies, or sharing knowledge and resources with colleagues abroad, my commitment to global health reflects a fundamental commitment to justice, compassion, and human solidarity.

Dr. Sam FullerDr. Sam Fuller
Founder, Sam Fuller Plastic Surgery

Merging Leadership with Global Health Knowledge

As a clinical nutritionist, my passion for global health stems from my interest in healthcare, learning about diverse cultures, and a deep commitment to social justice. Understanding global health, for me, means recognizing how it addresses the systemic inequalities that affect everyone’s health and well-being. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the history and present state of our healthcare system, and its connections to other parts of the world. This pursuit has opened my eyes to new perspectives, helping me understand the differences and similarities among various countries and cultures.

In my profession, I’ve learned a lot that has expanded my understanding of the world. I’ve gained insights into the history of diseases and how past trends influence our current healthcare system. This is where I aim to make an impact. With my degree, I aspire to work in healthcare administration. I believe that with the knowledge I’ve acquired, I can merge leadership, history, and health to effect positive change in our healthcare system.

Renato FernandesRenato Fernandes
Clinical Nutritionist, Saude Pulso

Advocating for Health through Environmental Stewardship

I’m passionate about global health because we’re advocates of environmental stewardship. These two concepts are tied to our mission to make a better world. For example, microplastics have emerged as a significant problem in recent times. They present a substantial threat to global health, impacting both humans and animals, and are detrimental to our environment.

Our commitment to improving global health through sustainable practices leads us to design and run our operations with the aim of protecting and enhancing our world. We innovate to fight pollution and make eco-friendly products that strive to eliminate plastic waste, encouraging consumers to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle.

For instance, we suggest using plastic-free, plant-based options for storing food, such as SuperBee beeswax wraps, for a kitchen that is both sustainable and eco-friendly. These wraps can store everything from water to cooked meals or fresh fruits and vegetables. Increasing the use of such products for storing food can minimize contact with harmful chemicals, benefiting both your family’s health and the environment.

Antoinette JacksonAntoinette Jackson
Creative Director & Founder, SuperBee

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