Why Are You Passionate About Advertising?

April 17, 2024
April 17, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Advertising?

Delving into the hearts of those at the forefront of the advertising world, we sought the wisdom of Creative Directors and Marketing Managers to uncover their zeal for the industry. From ‘Solving the Advertising Puzzle’ to ‘Transforming Experiences with Strategic Communication,’ explore the diverse passions that fuel these ten advertising experts.

  • Solving the Advertising Puzzle
  • Creative Storytelling with Impact
  • Simplifying Messages for Connection
  • Turning Annoyance into Engagement
  • Blending Creativity, Strategy, and Impact
  • Building Bridges Between Brands and People
  • Breaking Through with Creative Strategy
  • Balancing Science and Art in Communication
  • Empowering Change Through Storytelling
  • Transforming Experiences with Strategic Communication

Solving the Advertising Puzzle

My passion for advertising comes from the fact that it’s one of the few industries in the world that is constantly a puzzle that needs to be reworked. Good marketing strategies force you to utilize various information-delivery systems creatively to attract new audiences.

Sometimes you need to make engaging, educational videos. Other times, you can write a hilarious blog post and create memes. Every day, there’s something different, and it’s a constant battle to unlock the answers to what makes your customers tick.

In advertising, you can almost always get real-time feedback on something, allowing you to pivot, adjust, and recalibrate if necessary.

But that rush you get when you see something you’ve created work is indescribable and addicting. That’s why marketing is so unique and rewarding.

Garrett CarlsonGarrett Carlson
Content Marketing Manager, The Loop Marketing

Creative Storytelling with Impact

I love advertising because it’s like being a creative storyteller with a purpose. It lets me use my imagination to come up with cool ideas that grab people’s attention. Whether it’s on TV, social media, or billboards, I enjoy finding interesting ways to talk to different groups of people. Making a message that not only looks good but also makes people feel something is super exciting. Seeing the impact of a great ad, like more people buying a product or supporting a cause, makes me feel proud. Plus, the advertising world is always changing, so I’m always learning and trying new things. It’s like a mix of art, communication, and making a real impact, and that’s why I’m passionate about it!

Divya GhughatyalDivya Ghughatyal
Digital Marketing Specialist, Gleantap

Simplifying Messages for Connection

I am passionate about advertising because it’s all about telling stories in a way that grabs attention. I am a very ‘to-the-point’ person and am drawn to the challenge of making simple messages stand out and connect with people in a second. To me, advertising is more than just selling—it’s about creating a bond between brands and their audiences through creativity and clever ideas in ways that stand out. I enjoy turning complex messages into something everyone can understand and remember.

Alexa WheelhouseAlexa Wheelhouse
Email Marketing Specialist, Safe Software

Turning Annoyance into Engagement

In day-to-day life, people often talk about advertising as an annoyance. They’ll complain about display ads following them around the internet, or irritating TV spots they’ve seen. Funnily enough, it is exactly this that makes me passionate about advertising.

This is because I firmly believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Advertising can be lots of things other than annoying—creative, exciting, even helpful. It’s all about how you approach it.

Often, laziness in execution causes the negative response. Those display ads are born out of relying on invasive tracking and high repetition to do the job, instead of a stronger strategy and more compelling creative.

There is a way to advertise products and services without people hating it. Providing real value to people, delivering interesting creative that makes them feel something, and choosing effectiveness over brute force will all help to achieve this. The fact that this is possible, but in so many cases isn’t done, is what drives me.

Ultimately, it is the challenge to persuade people to not just ‘buy our stuff’ but to ‘not hate advertising’, that is why I’m passionate about it.

Alex MyersAlex Myers
Head of Marketing, The SEO Works

Blending Creativity, Strategy, and Impact

I am passionate about advertising because it combines my love for creativity, strategic thinking, and storytelling. Advertising has the power to inspire and influence people on a large scale. It allows me to connect with audiences, evoke emotions, and drive change. I enjoy solving complex business challenges by understanding consumer behavior and crafting compelling campaigns. The industry’s constant evolution challenges me to stay updated and push creative boundaries. Collaborating with diverse teams helps me learn and create impactful campaigns. In summary, my passion for advertising lies in its ability to blend creativity, strategy, and storytelling to make a meaningful impact.

Winnie ChanWinnie Chan
Creative Director, Heydaysss Limited

Building Bridges Between Brands and People

I’m passionate about advertising because it’s the bridge that connects brands with people, enabling meaningful interactions and driving positive change.

Rinkesh JhaRinkesh Jha
Marketing Manager

Breaking Through with Creative Strategy

I find advertising fascinating because it’s where creativity meets strategy head-on. It’s not just about crafting a message; it’s about weaving that message into the fabric of someone’s day, making it resonate on a personal level. With my background growing up during the technological boom, seeing firsthand the impact of well-thought-out campaigns, especially in digital spaces, has been a thrill. It’s wild to think that just a handful of years ago, phones used to be attached to the wall via a coiled cable of death.

What really revs my engine up, though, is the challenge of breaking through the noise. In a world bombarded with content, crafting an ad that not only grabs attention but also sticks in the memory is a real art. And when it works? It’s like hitting a home run. Plus, the constant evolution of media and technology keeps the game interesting. There’s always a new puzzle to solve, a new audience to understand, and a new tool to master.

At the end of the day, what I love most about advertising is its potential to spark change. From promoting sustainable products to driving social initiatives, advertising can influence culture and behaviors. It’s a reminder that, behind all the strategies and creative tactics, there’s an opportunity to make a positive impact in a niche and then, who knows… maybe the world.

Andrew JenkinsAndrew Jenkins
Owner, Catalyst RVA Marketing Agency

Balancing Science and Art in Communication

Advertising is, like the trade magazine says, communication arts. It’s the application of science and art to solve a business challenge and the communication of that solution to an audience. If we rely solely on science, there’s no human connection. If we rely only on art, then what real credibility do we have? We must use both, simultaneously, to solve a problem, and sometimes that problem is one that our clients, or culture, don’t even know they’re facing. Every day is different. Every challenge varies in scope and scale. And every solution has the potential to change how people think. It’s the greatest job in the world.

Trent ThompsonTrent Thompson
Creative Director, OLIVER Agency

Empowering Change Through Storytelling

Advertising is the ability to tell and share stories that motivate and influence behavior. Where advertising, and the craft that goes with it, thrives is where it empowers stories of change.

I’m deeply passionate about where the arts of advertising can be used to create behavioral impact when it is paired with true behavioral design and unleashed where it can make the most positive organizational, cultural, or individual benefit. This is where it is so deeply powerful and effective.

Great advertising should be the same as a great book—a story that takes you on a journey; while triggering a behavior or habit over time.

Jason PerelsonJason Perelson
Partner, Synergy Group

Transforming Experiences with Strategic Communication

Throughout my career, I’ve seen firsthand how strategic communications can transform customer experiences. The difference is clear, from helping startups reach their first 100 customers to helping global companies connect with millions of customers worldwide. In the world of business messaging—where we live and work—this connection isn’t just about sales; it’s about trust and safety in every interaction.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, so does the need to reach customers where they are needed, securely and efficiently. I started Messente to take on this challenge head-on, using our experience to navigate the complexities of global messaging. Over the past decade, we’ve facilitated billions of messages worldwide, making a difference in our clients’ success.

It’s not just about business; it’s about making a real difference in how companies engage with their audience, reduce the risk of fraud, and ensure every message matters. This dedication to improving communication and building customer confidence is why I’m so passionate about advertising and its power to create meaningful connections.

Uku TomikasUku Tomikas
CEO, Messente

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