Why Are You Passionate About Adult Education?

November 6, 2023
November 6, 2023 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Adult Education?

To delve into the passion behind adult education, we’ve gathered insights from seven experts in the field. From an Adult Education Instructor to a teacher and blogger, their perspectives range from guiding adults to career success to fortifying mental agility through lifelong learning. Discover why these professionals are so passionate about adult education.

  • Guiding Adults to Career Success
  • Fostering Continuous Learning
  • Believing in the Power of Education
  • Rekindling Curiosity and Exploration
  • Self-Actualizing and Fulfilling Aspirations
  • Advancing Careers Through Adult Education
  • Fortifying Mental Agility Through Lifelong Learning

Guiding Adults to Career Success

Helping to educate adults so they may pursue careers is a passion of mine because I was once that adult who needed guidance and education. I had a child at 15 and really struggled to find my footing when trying to overcome barriers to enter the professional world as an adult.

Once I accomplished my educational goals, it was important to me to find a way to help others get to the same position. I just finished teaching my first class, and it was incredible getting to guide such amazing people into a career they were so passionate about.

I feel so fortunate to be able to witness their first steps into a field they worked hard to enter, and I love that they shared that experience with me and trusted me to help guide them there! I honestly couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling job.

Elizabeth Case
Adult Education Instructor

Fostering Continuous Learning

I am passionate about adult education because it reminds me that learning is a lifetime endeavor. I am extremely fortunate to help adults improve their education in order to reach their personal or professional goals.

From the retired worker who decides to go back to school to get their GED and work towards their dream job to the immigrant new to the US who wants to learn English to talk to their neighbors and get involved with their community, all of us are linked by the desire to live the best lives possible.

Adult education can play a critical role in one’s journey to self-improvement and actualization, and I am happy to help shine the proverbial light to guide those on their way.

Nicole Haynes
Adult Education and Literacy Coordinator

Believing in the Power of Education

My passion for adult education stems from a belief in its transformative power. Through my work I’ve seen firsthand how education can open doors and create opportunities, irrespective of age.

Learning is a lifelong journey, and adult education allows individuals to continually adapt, grow, and thrive in an ever-changing world. It facilitates personal development, boosts confidence, and equips people with the skills necessary to achieve career success.

Ultimately, my passion lies in empowering individuals through education, and in fostering a society where everyone has equal access to knowledge and opportunity.

Caroline BogartCaroline Bogart
Founder, Writer, Course Researcher, Health Enthusiast, and Tech Expert, The Carol Report

Rekindling Curiosity and Exploration

For me, adult education strikes a deeply personal chord. It’s about rekindling curiosity and exploration, even when life’s duties have seemingly dimmed it. I’ve watched several of my adult learners transition from survival mode—focusing solely on paying bills, supporting their families, and maintaining stability—to embracing a new life of exploration and wonder. At the heart of this transition lies the game of chess.

As the owner of a chess school, the sight of an adult student’s eyes lighting up, rediscovering a childhood interest, or tapping into a newfound passion, is extremely rewarding. These are individuals who, for years, believed they were past the age of learning or taking on new adventures.

Chess becomes not just a game for them, but a metaphor for life’s endless possibilities. My commitment to adult education is not just about teaching chess, but about unlocking a perspective shift.

Priyav ChandnaPriyav Chandna
Founder, MyChessTutor

Self-Actualizing and Fulfilling Aspirations

I’m incredibly passionate about the gift that adult education gives, allowing adults to self-actualize and fulfill their long-held career aspirations, for two reasons. First, my mother returned to college, then to university in her late 30s, and achieved one of her dreams of becoming a nurse.

Second, I left school with only one GCSE but now have a postgraduate degree in Career Development and run two businesses. Part of this is due to the adult education I could access and the wonderful teachers I have met along the way who have inspired, supported and motivated me.

Whether it’s a professional or personal ambition, individuals have a fundamental need to explore, learn, and grow. Learning is a lifelong journey that brings personal and professional fulfillment.

Emily Maguire, Career Consultant and Managing Director, Reflections Career Coaching

Advancing Careers Through Adult Education

As a career advisor, educator, and professional growth specialist in the context of business, I am passionate about adult education because of the career advancement opportunities it offers. By committing to continuous education, an individual can stay relevant in their industries.

As individuals become more valuable to employers, their earning potential rises significantly, meaning they can access better job opportunities. In fact, the trend towards skills-based employment is reshaping the job market, with employers increasingly valuing specific competencies and adaptability over traditional qualifications.

Adult education plays a pivotal role in career advancement by offering opportunities for skill enhancement, acquiring certifications, and gaining new knowledge. It is also great for professional networking, which can be beneficial for mentorship.

I have actually made so many connections through the professional courses I have taken, which have helped me enormously in my career.

Katharine GallagherKatharine Gallagher
Professional Growth Specialist of Education, Career, Recruitment, Productivity, Business, katharinegallagher.com

Fortifying Mental Agility Through Lifelong Learning

My passion for adult education stems from a profound respect for the journey of lifelong learning. Our quest for knowledge never ceases; it becomes even more vital as we venture into our later years.

Life’s complexities during these times require a nimble mind and evolving insights. Continuous learning in adulthood equips us with new skills and fortifies our mental agility.

Dylan CallensDylan Callens
Teacher and Blogger, The Teachers’ Blog

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