Why Are You Passionate About Psychology?

August 22, 2023
August 22, 2023 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Psychology?

To delve into the depths of passion for psychology, we’ve gathered insights from six professionals, including a psychology expert and a CEO. From being a lens for understanding humanity to a key to understanding the human experience, these experts share their unique perspectives on why they are drawn to this fascinating field.

  • A Lens for Understanding Humanity
  • Psychology’s Role in Solving Global Problems
  • Illuminating Mental Health
  • Personal Experience Fueling Passion
  • Solving the Puzzle of Human Behavior
  • Key to Knowing More of the Human Experience

A Lens for Understanding Humanity

Psychology isn’t just a discipline; it’s a lens through which I view the world. It fuels my curiosity and passion for understanding how our minds, emotions, and behaviors work.

For example, through my study of emotional intelligence, I’ve learned about the profound impact that emotions can have on our decisions, relationships, and overall well-being. It’s this capacity to gain insights into human nature and guide meaningful change that makes psychology so compelling.

As a life coach, I apply these principles daily, helping clients navigate their personal journeys, which I find both fulfilling and rewarding.

Bayu PrihanditoBayu Prihandito
Psychology Expert, Life Coach, Founder, Life Architekture

Psychology’s Role in Solving Global Problems

The number one thing that drew me to psychology is how integral it is to solving the world’s problems.

An overwhelming majority of the world’s problems are directly attributable to people’s attitudes, perspectives, biases, and faulty thought processes, resulting in myriad problems worldwide. Paradoxically, however, people are simultaneously the solution to these problems, especially when we work together.

Consequently, psychologists in all fields have a huge potential to improve the world around us, not just clinical psychologists. This is what attracted me to occupational and organizational psychology in particular, as so much inefficiency is introduced into the global economy without people even realizing it.

This collectively makes psychology a deeply underrated tool in global affairs and has wide-reaching implications for virtually every aspect of life when taken seriously.

Ben SchwenckeBen Schwencke
Business Psychologist, Test Partnership

Illuminating Mental Health

Psychology resonates deeply with my mission, as it’s the tapestry where human emotions, thoughts, and behaviors interweave.

On my mental health-focused website, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of understanding. Psychology isn’t just a field of study; it’s a lens that deciphers the myriad complexities of the human psyche. Every shared story, every breakthrough in research, unfolds layers of our shared human experience.

In a world where mental health challenges often lurk in the shadows, casting light on them and providing resources can pave the way for healing and understanding. Every tip, every article, every conversation becomes a beacon, illuminating pathways toward greater mental well-being.

Jacob MaslowJacob Maslow
Owner, Rest Equation

Personal Experience Fueling Passion

I was diagnosed with ADHD at about 8 years old. I was fortunate to have a NYU-educated psychologist mom who could provide the help and therapy I needed. In the late ’90s, there was a bigger stigma against mental health care, especially in kids! Because of the incredible help I received as a child, I’ve created a specialized website that assists people addicted to pornography.

I also contributed to the growth of my mother’s private psychology practice with over 20 practitioners. Although I wasn’t academic enough to become a therapist, I was able to use my entrepreneurial skills to help people. I’m grateful for that, and my mom!

Hayim PinsonHayim Pinson
Founder, Muscle and Brawn

Solving the Puzzle of Human Behavior

There’s something intriguing about trying to understand why people act the way they do, and how their past experiences shape their present actions.

I remember being drawn to psychology in high school. I’d read case studies and try to analyze the patients’ behavior, their thought processes, and their motivations. It was like solving a puzzle, and I loved every bit of it.

My passion grew stronger as I learned more about the different psychological theories and their practical applications. I’ve come to appreciate how psychology helps me understand myself and others better. It aids me in making sense of my emotions, thoughts, and actions, and those of the people around me.

I am constantly analyzing people’s personality predispositions and find it incredibly rewarding to use this knowledge to help others navigate their emotional and mental health challenges. That’s why I’m so passionate about psychology. From Jung to Dostoevsky, I love reading and learning everything I can.

John WhiteJohn White
MBA, Sales Manager, Golf Instructor, John Carlton White

Key to Knowing More of the Human Experience

It is fundamental to the human experience and bleeds into everything we do. As someone who has founded a business, I understand the value of passion and being able to communicate that passion to others.

Psychology is immensely fascinating as it is, at its core, a science for how we understand ourselves and each other. We put it to use subconsciously every day, from all of the little learned behaviors and bits of understanding that go into our unconscious actions. So, the more we understand, the more we understand why anyone does what they do.

Onno HalsemaOnno Halsema
CEO, Contentoo

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