September 9, 2007 Terkel

When we were in Seattle a month ago, our group met a couple of motivated guys that were raising awareness for their younger brother, who was in need of a bone marrow transplant. The guys around me, Jay and Zach, encouraged me to use this blog to help these guys out.

This morning I opened up my inbox to find this email. It’s subject line was “I love what I do…”

My name is Monica Moshenko. I am a single mother of three “kids” – boy/girl twins now 27 and 14 year old son Alex. I have found my mission and passion in life through my different life experiences that I have gone through. But I believe I found my calling in life through my youngest son Alex, who was diagnosed with a high functioning form of autism, Asperger Syndrome, when he was six years old. Frankly I didn’t know much about the world which people with disabilities live or their families.

I have been an advocate for my son and many other children and adults over the years fighting for children to have the appropriate supports and services in school under law. I started an online support group called Power Advocates to provide other parents this support volunteering my time to help them. I also found a huge void in the community about autism and facilitated several conferences on autism with international speakers in the area to help educate the public, including educators, professionals and parents. I organized two walks for autism to help raise awareness and funds for research in Buffalo, NY in 2002 and 2003 – raising over $200K as parent volunteer, working full time and taking care of my son Alex.

In 2004 I created a radio show to provide a consistent voice in media for people with disabilities and others to be heard and understood, DisAbility News & Views Radio. I was able to acquire some sponsors who shared my mission and vision for the radio show. I started broadcasting at a local radio station paying for air time each week, hosting the show and interviewing guests. I moved to the internet after one year as the audience is worldwide and listeners wanted to hear more! It has been three years since the show began, and I have to tell you that airing this show each week is my passion. I am thankful that I have been led to this place through my son Alex! He has been a blessing to so many. In fact he advocates for children and adults with autism too. He was selected as spokesperson for Wrestling Autism, a national fundraising effort to help raise awareness for autism to benefit the National Autism Association. Alex has also been hosting his own talk radio show since June 2006 called Al’s Wrestling Talk, a weekly talk show about pro wrestling each week. Alex has received a lot of attention for his work on TV shows and articles that have been written about him. Alex broadcasts his show online at

I wanted to let you know that while I am unemployed from my full time position at the local university after 17 years, I continue to host the radio show each week to share information about disabilities. WHY? Because it fills a huge void for the largest minority in the country.. 56 million people. The show provides a place for people with disabilities to be heard and understood and also many professionals as well.

I am hopeful that more businesses will become a part of making a difference on DisAbility News & Views Radio. We have had plans to go on the road across the country in an RV, since last January. I have had my home for sale and continue to reach out to potential advertisers that will help support us on the road, Taking it to the Street Tour. You can learn more about us online at

Thanks so much!

Monica Moshenko
Parent, Advocate and Host
DisAbility News & Views Radio