How Can You Start the Day Off Right?

August 17, 2023
August 17, 2023 Terkel

How Can You Start the Day Off Right?

To help you kick-start your day on a positive note, we’ve gathered seven insightful tips from professionals like business psychologists and owners. From the early bird strategy of waking up before the kids to the informative approach of reading a morning newsletter, discover how these successful individuals start their day right.

  • Wake Up Before the Kids
  • Follow a Consistent Morning Routine
  • Begin with a Morning Walk
  • Tackle the Most Important Task First
  • Plan Your Day and Look Ahead
  • Start with an Early-Morning Hike
  • Read a Morning Newsletter

Wake Up Before the Kids

As a working parent with very young children, the worst possible alarm clock is your children crying. Previously, when I would let them wake me up first thing in the morning, my day would start on a stressful note, with no control over when I rose from bed.

Instead, I now wake up particularly early in the morning, reclaiming control over my own circadian rhythm. This provides me with some personal time at the beginning of the day, helping me to properly wake up and compose myself before starting the day.

Additionally, I can take the time to make everyone breakfast, pack everyone’s lunch, watch an episode of my chosen show, and even do some light exercise. These activities become significantly more challenging once the kids are awake, making it perfectly sensible to complete them beforehand.

As a result, I strongly recommend that working parents aim to get up before their children do, regardless of whether they are morning people or not.

Ben SchwenckeBen Schwencke
Business Psychologist, Test Partnership

Follow a Consistent Morning Routine

To start my day right, I prioritize a morning routine. I take a few moments to breathe deeply and express gratitude, drink a glass of water, do some physical activity, eat a balanced breakfast, meditate, and review my goals and priorities. Consistency is key for a sense of normalcy and control.

Jacob MaslowJacob Maslow
Owner, Rest Equation

Begin with a Morning Walk

I start my day by waking up a couple of hours before work and going for a walk. I prefer to walk in the nearest park instead of just on the sidewalk. This allows me to inhale the fresh air and move my body.

A morning walk, in my opinion, is the best way to start the day because it boosts my stamina, improves my mood, and also increases my productivity. These are some of the benefits I feel, other than keeping me fit and healthy. Starting your day right is very important for the body and mind. After my walk, I have a full and healthy breakfast to keep me energized the entire day.

Aima IrfanAima Irfan
Editor-in-Chief, InsideTechWorld

Tackle the Most Important Task First

As the owner of, I firmly believe in the principle of accomplishing the most important business task first thing in the morning. Starting off the day with a clear focus on the most critical task sets a productive tone for the rest of the day.

To achieve this, I begin my day by identifying the key task that aligns with our strategic objectives, whether it’s making crucial decisions, reviewing important proposals, or addressing high-priority client concerns. By tackling this task early, I ensure that I allocate my peak energy and mental clarity to it, maximizing the likelihood of successful outcomes.

Jim CampbellJim Campbell
Owner, Honeymoons

Plan Your Day and Look Ahead

I find that starting the day off right is vital. First, you should do what you can to make sure you get enough good sleep the night before. This can be difficult for people who are stressed or have insomnia, but do what you can to make this work.

Get up to a nice breakfast and enough time to wake up and feel refreshed for the day. Don’t go straight into working, leaving your home, or rushing about. Have a list of things to do that day – knowing that when you have done them, you have less to worry about later on, and you will feel a sense of achievement.

Plan your lunch and evening meal if you have not already. Have plans for how you will spend the rest of the day when you have finished work. Something to look forward to as the day goes along.

Rosemary PriceRosemary Price
Psychic, Web Clairvoyant

Start with an Early-Morning Hike

I always start my day with an early-morning hike. Walking in the great outdoors, connecting with nature, and getting away from noise and tech gives me the opportunity to reflect. My hikes are a time when I switch off and press the reset button. I vary the pace depending on my mood and feel grateful to have two amazing companions in my Golden Retrievers.

Tori BellTori Bell
Digital PR Specialist, PR With Tori

Read a Morning Newsletter

Every morning, I read a single long-form Substack newsletter as my wake-up ritual. As part of my routine, I wait a full hour to drink coffee. The first few activities move slowly, but it’s a way to get my eyes out of sleep mode and my brain ticking without having to do anything too cognitively difficult. The particular newsletter is sent at 6 AM every morning, so it’s a great fit.

Trevor EwenTrevor Ewen
COO, QBench

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