March 13, 2008 Terkel

How often do you receive customer service on a level that compels you to tell people of your consumer fortune. I’m guessing not often enough… Well, last night I had such and experience and can’t wait to sing praises.

Last night Brett and I left the house at 6:30 to play a little pick up basketball. In our hurry to get to the courts we neglected to have dinner, and while our lack of sustenance proved no factor in our on court dominance it did bite at 10:00 o’clock when we left to go home. After urgent deliberation we decided to head to Joe’s NY Pizza at 7321 E. Shoeman Ln. in Old Town Scottsdale.

When we arrived I realized that, despite an assurance to Brett that I could pay for both of us, I had forgotten my wallet. On top of that I managed to lock my keys in the car during my moronic confusion. Luckily Brett had left his window open a crack and after we got my keys we headed in to place an order that we would have to return to pick up.

I don’t know if our apparent helplessness contributed but after looking at us and hearing our plan the manager, Lori, suggested we just take advantage of her offer for free slices. That’s right, derelict neglect of adult responsibility got us free pizza. Such is life for Pursue the Passion.

With complete objectivity I can say the pizza was phenomenal and we will be back many times. All because of this one small act of customer service, or in this case freeloader service.