8 careers for people with anxiety

May 26, 2022
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May 26, 2022 Terkel

What’s A Nice Career For A Person With High Anxiety?

To help people who experience high levels of anxiety discover fulfilling career paths, we asked recruiters and business leaders this question for their best insights. From data entry to writing, there are several recommended career paths that may be suitable for people living with anxiety. 

Here Are Eight Careers For People With Anxiety:

  • Data Entry or Accounting
  • Professional Gaming
  • Creative Jobs
  • Gardening or Landscaping 
  • Explore the Virtual Assistant Market
  • Librarian
  • Personal Fitness Trainer 
  • Become a Writer 


Data Entry Or Accounting

Many careers can be a good fit for someone with high anxiety. One option might be to consider a career where you can work from home or have a lot of flexibility in your hours. For example, some people with high anxiety find it helpful to work in a quiet environment where they can control their surroundings. Other people with high anxiety find it helpful to have a lot of structure and routine in their day.

A few career options that might be a good fit for someone with high anxiety include data entry, transcription, proofreading, editing, and accounting. These careers typically require minimal interaction with other people and can often be done from home.

Kris Morrow, Camp S’more Worry Less


Professional Gaming

Many professional gamers admit they have high anxiety on their Twitch feeds, but the combination of doing what they love with a supportive community watching leads them to find success in their field.

It’s surprising to some that gamers with thousands of subscribers, who play games that require lightning-quick reflexes, often suffer from anxiety. But the big takeaway that pursuing your passion with people you enjoy allows people to accomplish some pretty impressive things.

Rob Bartlett, WTFast


Creative Jobs

Jobs in the creative field are great for people with anxiety. The great thing is that this field covers a large number of industries. From tech to fashion, to automotive, you name it! If you’re looking for something more specific, I would look into graphic design.

This is a great career for people who like to use their art as a coping mechanism against their anxiety. You could also look into video or photo editing, as these jobs can also be done remotely without the need to actually interact with other people if that’s something you prefer.

Rich Rudzinski, Oversight


Gardening or Landscaping 

One good career for someone who is anxious is a gardener or landscaper. Both work outside, in wide-open spaces, and interaction with others is limited. Being able to focus on one task for longer amounts of time can be soothing for some anxious folk as well. Of course, just being in nature instead of an office can be soothing on its own too.

Kevin Callahan, Flatline Van Co.


Explore the Virtual Assistant Market

As someone who has suffered from anxiety and severe panic attacks since my late teens, I genuinely thought I’d never be able to find a job that I could actually stick to. Everyone warned me against becoming self-employed, scaring me with talks of instability and the ever-looming cloud of potential failure. Taking the plunge-  I first explored the virtual assistant market; I just wanted to help people in their businesses with the tasks they struggled with.

This opened my eyes to so many people struggling, especially with tech, websites, and content creation. When covid really changed the landscape of business and I had my little boy, I knew I needed to help shift people into the digital world.

So The Tech Goddess® brand was birthed – the ability to help people and find my own pace with my work, working on a laptop from bed on some of my worst mental health or pain days has given me back my sense of purpose.

Find what you love doing, set your own pace, and keep going.

Katie McGuire, The Tech Goddess®



When you’re a person with high anxiety and looking for a job, first, you should understand your fears. Ask yourself what your weakness or triggers are and what you need to stay calm. Then, when you do your homework, you can choose from the list of low-stress jobs.

One of the perfect job opportunities for people with high anxiety is becoming a librarian. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in library science is often required to perform this work. With a degree, you can expect around $50,000 per year or more with increasing experience and seniority.

And what about professional duties? Expect mostly soothing staff. Among librarian responsibilities, we may find checking books in and out, cataloging and organizing library collections, managing book requests, performing audits, and many more but nothing much stressful.

The peace and quietness of the library are awaiting you. Start your job as a professional bookworm.

Agata Szczepanek, MyPerfectResume


Personal Fitness Trainer 

Sweat, motivation, and endurance are all the characteristics of a personal fitness trainer. Studies do suggest regular exercise decreases feelings of anxiety and depression. Paired with helping others accomplish their fitness goals, it does boost confidence. Lastly, the release of endorphins from strenuous activity and assisting others in making a career in personal fitness is an excellent choice for individuals with high anxiety.

Yooseok gong, Ohora


Become a Writer 

If you suffer from anxiety and wish to find a job well-suited for your needs, you should consider becoming a writer. A writer’s career will allow you to work remotely, avoid packed offices filled with people you don’t know, and express your creative side.

You can become a copywriter, a ghostwriter, a novelist, or even go down the journalism route if that strikes your fancy. A writer’s career can potentially turn out to be a very comfortable one because you don’t need a designated workspace.

You might as well write a blog post while you’re traveling on a train, finish a chapter of your upcoming novel on your favorite sofa, or quickly conjure up a news article at a café.

Micha Laszuk, PhotoAiD


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