Dan Schawbel

October 10, 2007
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October 10, 2007 Terkel

Dan Schawbel is a product of personal branding. At 24 years old, it has helped Dan create a competitive advantage in the job market, eventually landing him as the marketing professional and personal branding spokesman for EMC.

So what is personal branding, and why should you care about it?

Personal branding is about unlocking your inner strengths and projecting them to your target audience. It differentiates you from the competition. And according to Dan, you should care about it because it is the future of recruiting.

There are four elements to consider, according to Dan’s website www.danschawbel.com, which consist of personality, appearance, competencies, and differentiating factor. Together, this is the core package which employers, peers, and acquaintances judge you on.

The brand called Dan Schawbel likes to focus on solving business problems and bringing people together to collaborate in new and exciting ways, which focuses on uncovering new opportunities to create lasting success.

What’s your personal brand?