Brandyn Cooper

June 20, 2006
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June 20, 2006 Terkel

Brandyn was our tour guide for a day which would prove to be the most eventful and memorable experience of our whole trip. Brandyn introduced us to a variety of people and took us to the Nike basketball gym, the Jordan building, and the infamous Nike Kitchen (not the place where you cook food, but the place where they make Nike shoes from scratch). We also saw Lebron James walking the Nike campus and even got to shop at the Nike employee store where everything was 50% with no sales tax, thanks to Oregon state tax law.

Originally from Atlanta, Brandyn played college basketball at Fordham University before landing an internship with Nike.

In his internship, he was responsible for picking out outfits from “the closet” to give to magazines for their models to wear. He took pride in the fact that something that he picked out was published on a magazine cover.

Highlights from his first year at Nike include going to MTV’s Video Music Awards, the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, meeting Michael Jordan, and sending out Nike gear to rap artists like Fat Joe and Jadakiss.