Andrew Hyde

August 2, 2007
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August 2, 2007 Terkel

I don’t know much about software and technology, but I do know that it has made Andrew Hyde’s offline world a bit more interesting, and it has the capability to make yours a lot more interesting too.

Coming out of college Andrew expected a 9-5 job in software design working for, and hating, “the man.” But as he carted his belongings around Boulder, Andrew was turned down for a job nine times before finding a freelance gig for five hundred bucks.

The freedom of freelancing turned into a love for entrepreneurship, and Andrew began to enjoy playing the “make enough to pay the rent” game.

Now twenty three years old, Andrew Hyde has already started two businesses and is onto something with Startup Weekend. The weekend event relies on Andrew’s online connections to attract top talent to build a business in a weekend.

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