Curt Rosengren

August 22, 2007
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August 22, 2007 Terkel

Curt Rosengren, the Passion Catalyst, sees passion as a necessity in business and in life.

“There is this notion in business,” he says, “that passion is in some way frivolous, and that work is supposed to be miserable. I would argue that passion is not frivolous, but rather is one of the best investments we can make.”

Formally a marketing consultant during the dotcom boom and burst, Curt always knew his passion lay elsewhere, but found security in treading water in the marketing world. After the bubble burst, however, Curt found the seemingly endless pool of work had dried, and it was time for a change.

A natural communicator, Curt points to a single encounter that inspired him to do what he does today, essentially a business and life consultant. Speaking with a friend over coffee, the conversation went off on a tangent to discuss a new business idea. The friend left Curt inspired, double entendre intended. Curt then set out to “put a framework around what I have done naturally for so many years,” which is help others to realize their full potential, hence the catalyst title.

Now as a writer, blogger and public speaker, Curt hopes for the day when all people are passionate and not in need of his help. “That would be a fabulous world,” he says with a grin. Until then, Curt can be found at