Rich Sloan

May 16, 2006
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May 16, 2006 Terkel

Founded by Jeff and Rich Sloan, StartupNation ( is a vibrant community which provides free advice and resources for entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Through, entrepreneurs access articles, podcasts and seminars to connect with mentors and peers through StartupNation’s online network. Hosts of StartupNation Radio, the Sloan brothers are successful, innovative and experienced entrepreneurs and authors of “StartupNation: Open for Business” (Doubleday). They’ve been featured in numerous, international publications and frequently appear on national television.

Rich Sloan’s passion first developed with his first project that became known as “The Battery Buddy,” which prevented dead batteries on cars and boats. He has since developed his radio show with his brother on StartUpNation, and has written a book on starting and growing a business.

In college Rich had the perception that business was boring and, “all about math, cubicles, and checking in and checking out. His perception quickly changed when he started to gain experience with his first invention. He realized, “that business is extremely creative, extremely energetic, extremely progressive, and all about having creative freedom. Entrepreneurship creates that kind of lifestyle for you.”

Rich went on to explain some of the obstacles that he has overcome in his 18 year entrepreneurial career. “I overcame having no money, a lot of people saying no, and skeptics, some who were part of our own families.”

Rich explained of business, “that the hallmark of entrepreneurship is dealing with the little failures to get to the ultimate big win. And to recognize that failure is part of success.”