What’s are the best careers for Moms going back to school?

December 14, 2022
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December 14, 2022 Terkel

What are some careers for Moms going back to school?

From childcare to pursuing business management careers, here are the 15 answers to the question, “What is the best career option for a Mom going back to school?”

  • From Childcare to Accounting
  • Realtor
  • Freelancing Writer
  • Passion Over Everything
  • Professional Certifications With Flexibility.
  • Nursing School is a Great Option for Moms
  • A Career in Marketing
  • Copywriter
  • Work from Home Jobs.
  • Remote Content Writing Perfect Perfect Career 4 Moms
  • Nutritionist for Kids
  • Teaching Profession
  • Software Engineering is Flexible and Financially Smart
  • Customer Service
  • Moms Should Seek Careers Managing People

From Childcare to Accounting

Going back to school as a mom can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider, from finding childcare to paying for tuition. However, there are also many benefits to going back to school as a mom. For one, it can help you earn a higher salary and gain new skills that can make you more marketable in the workforce. It can also give you the opportunity to pursue a career that you’re passionate about. So, what is the best career option for a mom going back to school? That depends on your individual skills and interests. If you’re interested in working with children, you might consider becoming a teacher or a childcare worker. If you’re interested in business, you might consider pursuing a degree in marketing or accounting.

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Moms who plan on going back to school can consider being a realtor. Real estate is a booming industry that presents many opportunities. Being a realtor is no walk in the park but it presents moms with a more flexible work schedule. Being in sales also increases your chances of earning more, as the deals you close are somewhat aligned with how much effort you put into your accounts.

Michelle Siy , Content Writer, Oliver Wicks

Freelancing Writer

In between school and taking care of the kids, you already have two full-time jobs. It would therefore be wise to take on a job that doesn’t feel full-time. Freelance writing is one of these jobs because it’s flexible and easy.All you need is your laptop, writing skills, and an internet connection. You get to pick when to work and when not to. You can choose the amount of workload to take on too. This is very convenient for you because you work whenever you are free. When the kids are in school. Also, when it’s not exam season. Flexibility is the main reason why freelance writing would be a great choice for any mom going to school.

Lydia Mwangi , Content Writer, Barbell Jobs

Passion Over Everything

Follow your passion. If you’re taking the jump to further yourself and go back to school while also being a Mother, you should do so with your whole heart and soul. Regardless of what career you decide to move forward with, the right employer and company will help you succeed in this balancing act of your life.

Nabiha Akhtar , CEO/Founder, Lil Deenies

Professional Certifications With Flexibility.

For a mom going back to school, the best career option is one that allows her to use her existing skills and knowledge while still having the flexibility to manage her family responsibilities. A career in education, healthcare, or technology can be a great fit for a mom going back to school. These fields often offer job opportunities that are both flexible and rewarding. For example, a mom may pursue a career as a nurse practitioner, a teacher, or a computer programmer. With the right education and experience, she can find a career that allows her to balance her work and family life. Additionally, many of these career paths offer the potential for advancement and the potential to earn a higher income.

Grace He , People and Culture Director, teambuilding.com

Nursing School is a Great Option for Moms

Moms will be able to put their best foot forward at work when they can find a profession that works flexibly with their life. Most colleges and universities (as well as hospital systems) have tailored programs for nursing students. Some work can be done online and is self-paced. Once the student finishes school and takes the appropriate licensure test, there will be many career options available. Moms can work in a clinical setting such as a hospital or doctor’s office, in a school, as travel nurses, or even work from home for telehealth companies. Because nurses are in such high demand moms can choose shifts that work for their schedule.

Kelli Anderson , Career Coach, Resume Seed

A Career in Marketing

A career in marketing is great for moms going back to school. Many roles can be done remotely and on their own time. For example, content creation or social media are great options. Posts can be scheduled in advance and content can be written on their own time. It’s a fair career choice to juggle for moms who are doing the most.

Lindsay Malu Kido , CEO, Empower Pleasure


Working moms’ lives are full of obstacles traditional students don’t face when going to school. To maintain a work-life balance, study, and work at the same time, they need a great deal of flexibility in their job.If you are creative, cooperative, persuasive, and have decent communication and writing skills, copywriting may be a great career choice for you. As a copywriter, you can work from home or for yourself. What’s more, this job escapes the 9-to-5 workday. The irregular hours might make the given career even better if you need to attend school events.A copywriter’s job duties involve a wide variety of writing assignments, from advertising copy to long articles and everything in between. You can work in thriving industries – for example, technology, marketing, finance, and healthcare. The list doesn’t end there.Copywriting is a perfect career option for a mom going back to school, I believe. This job is not only flexible, but also exciting, well-paying, and in demand.

Agata Szczepanek , Community Manager, LiveCareer

Work from Home Jobs.

One thing that often gets overlooked when deciding is whether it will be compatible with your lifestyle as a mother.There are many careers out there that would allow you to work from home or remotely while providing the flexibility needed in order to raise your family. One such example is writing—you can write anywhere! Other options include graphic design or web development/programming (depending on your area of expertise).If you are interested in pursuing any of these careers, just remember that there’s no need to rush into anything without doing some research first. Make sure that whatever interests you do not require too much travel time away from home. If so, then perhaps consider another option instead.

Kimberley Tyler-Smith , VP, Strategy and Growth, Resume Worded

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Remote Content Writing Perfect Perfect Career 4 Moms

Any career where you can work remotely is perfect for mothers that are going back to school. As a mother myself, I am thrilled to be able to be closer to my children on a day-to-day basis.I have discovered that content writing, whether it be for a company or on a freelance basis, can allow me to work without needing to be in an office. I get the best of both worlds as I am here for my family and still able to earn income as well.

Bridget Reed , Co-Founder & VP of Content, The Word Counter

Nutritionist for Kids

A nutritionist for kids is a great career option for a mom going back to school. This means that they can help parents and caregivers make healthy food choices for their children while also teaching them how to eat well on their own and can also use their training to help kids with eating disorders. Nutritionists for kids are also in high demand, so there are plenty of opportunities within this field.

Jennie Miller , Co-Founder, MIDSS

Teaching Profession

Many moms find that going back to school is a great way to further their careers. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right path. For moms who are interested in working with children, becoming a teacher may be the best option. Teachers play an important role in shaping the lives of young people, and they have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world. In addition, teaching is a highly rewarding profession, and it offers flexible hours that are perfect for busy moms. If you are looking for a career that will allow you to have a positive impact on the lives of others, becoming a teacher is a great choice.

Sarah Holmes , Homesteader, WhatYurt

Sarah Holmes

Software Engineering is Flexible and Financially Smart

Software engineering is a great option for tech-savvy moms looking for a new career. Unlike some industries, a four-year degree in the field isn’t required to get hired. There are plenty of coding bootcamps that can teach you the basics in a few months, rather than a few years. Software engineering jobs tend to pay well, both in entry-level roles and eventual senior positions. But one of the things that makes this extra helpful for moms is that many of these jobs offer hybrid or remote work options. This provides great flexibility for parents juggling work and childcare.

Carrie Shaltz Haslup , Founder and CEO, Tabeeze

Customer Service

I believe that Customer Services is a viable option. Why? It is a role for a mom where they can still provide adequate care for their children and while still having a career. A Customer Service representative can gain immense skills with conflict management, increased communication, increased typing skills, learning how to deal with various clients and in other countries as well. It also helps if you are bilingual because this makes one more marketable. Customer service roles are great launching pads to move into other careers such as admin, HR and other roles. All roles require customer service or dealing with client interactions. The skills acquired are skills that are fully utilized in all roles.

Tanya Turner, MBA, SHRM-CP, PHR , HR Director , SALTO Systems, Inc

Moms Should Seek Careers Managing People

As a mom myself I have gained a number of skills in raising children. This includes patience, relating more to individuals, multi-tasking, and scheduling, to name a few. Hence moms should be considering careers where they will not just work with but manage people. They can leverage their scheduling abilities with the relationship building to take on new careers like project management.

Jaime Chambron – Career Advancement and Personal Branding Expert , CEO, Career Agility System

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