Why shouldn’t I pursue higher education?

December 20, 2022
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December 20, 2022 Terkel

Why shouldn’t I pursue higher education?

From feeling pressured to making other people’s dreams come true, here are ten answers to the question, “What is one reason why someone shouldn’t pursue higher education?”

  • The Classroom is Not Right for You
  • You Want to Become An Artisan
  • If It’s Not Necessary for Your Career Path
  • Higher Education is Not for the Faint Heart
  • If You Are Not Financially Stable
  • There’s No Replacement for Experience
  • You Feel Pressured
  • Making Other People’s Dreams Come True
  • Expensive and Time-consuming
  • There’s More to Learning Than College

why someone shouldn't pursue higher education

The Classroom is Not Right for You

Higher education these days seems to be the only option for graduating students out there. Unfortunately, this is not the best fit for everyone out there. If you have ever thought that you learn better outside of the classroom or if you have a greater interest in subjects not taught in traditional schools, then there are so many more options that may be a better fit than higher education. Vocational schools are an excellent option for those looking to enter the workforce in high-paying, specialized jobs without going to college.

Jacob Dayan, Co-founder and CEO, Community Tax

You Want to Become An Artisan

Higher education is optional for some jobs, including craft professions. Artisans need to perfect their abilities by spending long hours training and learning by doing. For this kind of career, pursuing higher education and spending long hours cramming seems to be a loss of time. Artisans and craftsmen will benefit much more from concentrating on their field of expertise than going to university. So, if you want to become one of them, consider skipping higher education and refining your skills.

Natalia Brzezinska , Marketing & Outreach Manager, US Passport Photo

If It’s Not Necessary for Your Career Path

Not all passions fit into higher education. For example, many careers in retail don’t require a college degree, most trades require real-world or trade-school experience, and there are computer programming online certificate courses. If what you love to do doesn’t require higher education, then don’t do it – go after what you love to obtain the most fulfillment in life.

Patricio Paucar , Co-Founder + Chief Customer Officer, Navi

Higher Education is Not for the Faint Heart

Pursuing higher education is not something to be taken lightly. Students need to go into the decision with realistic expectations, or they may find themselves unable to finish a degree program due to unrealistic expectations. Many students struggle when they encounter more rigorous coursework and increased academic demands, leading to feelings of frustration and insecurity. Ultimately, if someone enters higher education without the proper mindset, they may not be able to fulfil their goals and pursue their dreams in the end.

Jim Campbell , CEO, Campbell Online Media

If You Are Not Financially Stable

Pursuing higher education can be heavy on the pocket. This may not be the best decision if you are just starting to grow your career and save money. Give it some time and go back to it when you feel that you are more financially stable and have set aside enough money to fund your education. You can also pursue higher education while having a full-time job. This makes it easier on finances and allows you to keep your current job.

Michelle Siy , Content Writer, Oliver Wicks

There’s No Replacement for Experience

Yes, it’s true that most colleges present a simulated environment and necessary exposure before students can step into the professional world. However, nothing comes close to diving in head first and getting ahead of the game. There are some things that only real experience can teach you and the faster you learn those things, the faster you can sharpen your techniques and begin to grow. So, it’s best to continue your self-study and enter the profession as soon as you can to truly get ahead.

Larissa Pickens , Owner, Repeat Replay

You Feel Pressured

One reason you absolutely should not pursue higher education is if the only reason you’re doing it is to please others. Students going through degree programs spend significant time, energy, and effort — not to mention the funding it takes to finish. It’s critical to have very tangible and specific reasons to go the route of higher education before taking the leap, and not succumb do the dreams others have for you.

Kelli Anderson , Career Coach, Resume Seed

Making Other People’s Dreams Come True

If your greatest motivation to pursue higher education is making other people’s dreams come true, you better think twice whether it is worth your efforts. You should fulfill your own ambitions, not the ambitions of your parents. Following your friends’ choices may also be a bad idea if you do it for them, not for yourself. There’s no one good recipe for life that would work for us all. Everyone can choose a different career path and there’s nothing wrong with it. Making independent decisions, being true to yourself, and listening to your inner voice is the only way to feel happy and fulfilled. After all, no one will live your life for you.

Agata Szczepanek , Community Manager, LiveCareer

Expensive and Time-consuming

For me, the reason not to pursue higher education is that it can be expensive and time-consuming, which means that it could take years before you can afford to pay off loans. This can lead to stress as well as anxiety about whether or not you will have enough money once you do get out of school. It can be a deterrent for many students who want to further their education but cannot afford the costs of college. They may go on to get a degree from a less expensive school, but it won’t be as prestigious as one from a more expensive institution.

Jennie Miller , Co-Founder, MIDSS

There’s More to Learning Than College

There are many reasons why a person might not want to pursue higher education. They may not be academically inclined. High school may have destroyed any desire for formal education (which sometimes seems what it’s designed to do). They may have another use of their time which is more in accordance with their plan for their lives. That said, just because someone is not pursuing formal education that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t t continue to learn. And the world is full of learning opportunities. But if we stop learning, we stop growing and we die a little both personally and often professionally.

Barry Maher , Principal, Barry Maher & Associates

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