8 Careers for Adventurers

May 20, 2022
May 20, 2022 Terkel

What is one good career for an adventurer?

To help you identify careers that are good for adventurers, we asked career coaches and business leaders this question for their best insights. From Park Ranger to freelancing, there are several careers that may be ideal for you if you like adventure.

Here are eight careers for adventurers:

  • Park Ranger
  • Traveling Nurse
  • Flight Attendant
  • Content Writing
  • Journalist
  • Adventure Travel Guide
  • Nature and Wildlife Photographer
  • Freelancing


Park Ranger

I think a lot of people, myself included, have fantasized about being a park Ranger at least once in our lives. It always seemed cool that Park Rangers get to explore beautiful scenery and make sure everything and everyone is treating the environment with the respect it deserves. Every day probably has some sort of adventure in store for them. You literally are the masters of whatever national park you work at and know how to navigate these massive areas of land. It seems like an awesome job and I am sure a lot of Park Rangers have some crazy stories to tell.

Sacha Ferrandi, Source Capital


Traveling Nurse

A traveling registered nurse travels from one healthcare facility in one part of the country to another, spending months at a time in each location. It’s a job perfectly suited for someone with a strong sense of adventure. Nurses are accustomed to a particular lifestyle – work hard and play hard. Anyone who spends an inordinate amount of time on their feet in high-stressful situations wants to let off steam during their days off. You want to go to places that provide you with that kind of stimulation – anything from whitewater rafting to a pulse-pounded nightlife with rows of dance clubs. Traveling nurses are well compensated, too, so they can literally afford to cut loose during their downtime.

Joel Jackson, Lifeforce


Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant allows you to travel widely, encountering many new places simply as part of your job. With overnight layovers in some of the world’s most ideal travel destinations, you can easily experience the nightlife in London, New York, and Los Angeles–sometimes just in the course of one week. While the work of a flight attendant isn’t easy, the payoffs can certainly be great for someone who likes to be on the go.

Rob Bartlett, WTFast


Content Writing

As an adventurer, I am always on the move. I travel every month, always looking for a new destination to get lost in, new hikes to tackle or mountains to climb. The problem with my lifestyle is that it’s hard to find work that fits around what I want to do. Sure, I could work full time, save money and take time off, but for someone who needs freedom, an office is too restricting. I started content writing last year. I learned the ropes of SEO and brushed up on my literary skills, then started writing for travel blogs. The great thing about writing is it can be creative, so I don’t feel like I’m shackled in an industry where every day is autonomous. The best thing about it though is that I can do it anywhere and anytime. I can work a couple of hours in the morning, go hiking, and then work a bit more in the evening. It’s completely flexible. I have made my job work around my life, rather than my life around my job. The ideal job for adventurers.

louisa smith, Epic Book Society



One of the best things about traveling is meeting unique and fascinating people. One of the worst things about traveling is the cost. Journalism is a great career because you get paid to travel the world and meet interesting people. Because journalists are often paid to investigate local points of interest, they get a much more intimate experience of a region than the average tourist. 

Depending on what you’re reporting on, you may be asked to engage in completely new, or even uncomfortable experiences. As a journalist you get to experience adventure in the truest sense of the word.

Karl Hughes, Draft.Dev


Adventure Travel Guide

Traditional travel agencies are yet passé. It’s a time when adventurous journeys enter the stage, and each of them needs a guide to lead the group. If you’re a fit person full of energy and ready to explore the world in an adventurous way, it can be your career path. Remember, though, that it’s not easy peasy. You have to learn how to deal with people, their needs, and expectations, as well as know your strengths and where your limit is. But it’s the game worth the candle!

Michal Jonca, PhotoAiD


Nature and Wildlife Photographer

Be a nature and wildlife photographer. If you have an adventurous heart, being a nature and wildlife photographer is an incredible way to explore and experience this world. You get to go to remote corners of the globe, spend quality time immersing yourself in the unknown, and then you get to share what you found with others through the images you captured. If you’re an adventurer, consider being a nature and wildlife photographer – it could fulfill your wildest dreams.

Tony Staehelin, Benable



Freelancing is the ultimate career for an adventurer. It allows me to work from wherever I have internet, choose my own hours, and work on projects that interest and excite me. Whether it’s writing, programming, graphic design, or any other career, freelancing makes it possible to explore the world and take on those new adventures, all while earning enough money for the next experience. 

Becca Stewart, PCSgrades



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