8 Careers For Business Majors

June 29, 2021

If you majored in business, what career do you have today? What do you do? 

To help business majors see the many career paths available to them, we asked business professionals and graduates this question for their insights. From being a professor to a nonprofit consultant, there are several career paths for business majors to choose from after graduation. 

Here are eight careers for business majors: 

  • SEO Strategist
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Nonprofit Consultant
  • Freelance Marketing
  • Higher Education
  • Medical Tourism
  • Outdoor Marketing


SEO Strategist 

While getting my degree in marketing at Arizona State University, I developed an interest in digital marketing. I combined the knowledge I gleaned from classes with skills I picked up in a marketing internship to land a role at a digital marketing agency. Today, I specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), working as a strategist at the agency. In my role, I develop strategies to help clients enhance their online presence and generate new leads. 

Claire Routh, Markitors


Personal Injury Lawyer

I was a Business Marketing and Finance major in college. After getting my degree, I decided to go to law school. I am now an attorney and owner of my own law practice. My business degree has helped me with managing the business side of my company.

Tate Meagher, Meagher Law Office, PLLC



After majoring in business for my undergrad, I now run my own business selling crystals and other means to help clean people’s energies. It has been a huge venture but so worth it. I would not have been able to create this brand without my major. I learned so many key things that I was able to apply directly to my business.

Olivia Young, Conscious Items


Nonprofit Consultant 

I am entering my 30th year of serving the Arizona nonprofit sector. For the last five years, it has been an honor to partner with large and small organizations as a fundraising strategy consultant, applying my success and experience to help guide them in achieving their goals. While I “fell” into this career path as a result of answering a blind job advertisement in the AZ Republic, I can’t imagine doing anything else. It serves my heart and soul as well as my community. I believe every job in every industry would benefit from a business degree as it teaches you not only laws and standards but is a basis for service, ethics, thoughtful practice, marketing, and more.

Michele Reberor, Michele M Rebeor Consulting, LLC


Freelance Marketing 

I majored in business and now I am the co-founder of a marketing freelance business. Our company helps freelance marketers get paired with companies looking for marketing talent. The business has done very well so far, and we are looking to have another strong year this year.

Darren Litt, MarketerHire


Higher Education

Every degree I possess is in some form of business and management. I have been fortunate to end up in higher education academia. I love my job and I get to teach both undergraduate and graduate students through their degree programs at the University of Advancing Technology. I head the undergraduate business programs and the graduate program at my university. I’m doing what I was meant to do and enjoy getting to work with my students and colleagues every day.

Mark Smith, University of Advancing Technology


Medical Tourism

I graduated from the Virginia Military Institute in 2015 with a degree in Economics and Business. After serving as an Infantry Officer in the US Army, I started a medical tourism company. We help patients from the United States get high-quality, affordable medical care in Latin America. A business major has been a great advantage for me because I was exposed to topics like accounting, analytics, and economics that I apply daily. That broad base helps me manage freelancers and contractors, prioritize, and execute.

Wesley Jacobs, Apollo Medical Travel


Outdoor Marketing 

I majored in business in college and now I am Head of Growth at an outdoor marketing company. I love what I do and I learned a lot in college. I would recommend studying business to anyone who is curious, outgoing, and driven to succeed.

Chris Gadek, AdQuick


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