How to become a driver for a rapper

April 7, 2022
April 7, 2022 Terkel

How can someone become a driver for a rapper?

To help you become a driver for a professional rap artist, we asked business leaders this question for their best tips. From keeping a clean driving record to applying to a third-party security company, there are several recommendations that may help you become a driver for a famous rapper.

Here are four tips on how to become a driver for a raper:


  • Keep a Clean Driving Record
  • Have General Knowledge of Different Automobiles
  • Network & Contact their ‘People’
  • Apply at a Third-Party Security Company


Keep a Clean Driving Record

If you want to be a driver for a talented rapper, make sure you have a good driving history review. You’ll also want to study the history of hip hop to show you are informed on the industry. Also, be prepared to answer difficult interview questions, like “how would you handle an arrogant rapper?”

Stephanie Venn-Watson, fatty15


Have General Knowledge of Different Automobiles

Rappers are famed for many things, including their love for jewels, houses, and above all, flashy cars. In light of the above, to be effective and efficient as a rapper’s driver, ensure you have an above-average understanding of different luxury cars. For that, you might require a short course or training. That way, you can keep up with their changing tastes in cars and get to retain your job as they constantly move from car to car. Additionally, to keep up with professional driving standards, maintain physical and mental fitness, good eye-to-hand and foot coordination, and a clear state of mind while driving.

Ryan Yount, Luckluckgo


Network & Contact their ‘People’

Get plugged into the culture. Similar to regular business conduct, you have to network. Seek the contact info of the rapper’s manager, label, or even producer. Many of these people have at least an email readily available to find online—some have phone numbers. Additionally, most of them have social media profiles. Shoot them a DM—you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take as they say.

Jordan Duran, 6 ICE


Apply at a Third-Party Security Company

Drivers are an important part of a rapper’s entourage. Usually, drivers are sourced through the rapper’s security detail. They are selected based on their driving skills and their ability to respond to hazardous situations.

If the rapper is extremely popular with high star status, they may rely on a third-party security company to do the job. The security company will have expert drivers with years of experience in dealing with these types of clients. If they are relatively unknown, they may rely on friends and acquaintances to be their entourage.

Neil Thacker, Casual Car Guide



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