5 Best Careers for Moms

May 23, 2022
May 23, 2022 Terkel

What is one of the best career options for a mom?

To help you know the best career options for moms, we asked career coaches and experienced marketing professionals this question for their best recommendations. From  Influencer to Freelance Writer, there are several careers that mothers may take up to fit their schedules and stay-at-home roles perfectly. 

Here are five best career options for moms:

  • Influencer
  • Web Programming
  • Realtor
  • Child Care
  • Freelance Writer



Creating a personal brand through digital strategies is a great way to make money in today’s virtual world. Thanks to social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, users can showcase their personalities or tips for a niche market, which leads to brand partnerships later down the road. For example, a stay-at-home mom can share her nighttime routine with her children through an Instagram reel using a specific product from a brand deal. These tactics can also be effective on YouTube or a personal blog, which uses keywords to connect the blogger and the audience. A content creation role such as an influencer is a full-time job, but with the right work ethic and strategy, they can make over $20,000 a month.

Sara Adam Slywka, Nestig


Web Programming

Since you may work remotely or at least from home when the kids are ill or childcare falls through, web programming is an excellent alternative for mothers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual pay for web developers in 2017 was $67,990.2. Additionally, web developers tend to have good career prospects. From 2016 to 2026, the employment of these IT professionals is expected to expand by 15%, which is substantially greater than the average rate of growth for all occupations.

Samantha Odo, Precondo



Flexible schedule, growth, and career advancement in real estate propels women to the forefront to become leaders within their field. As a result, over half of the national average of realtors consists of women within the United States, giving them a career advantage over men since the 1950s. In addition, more women are closing the gap of yearly income earners each year compared to men. Lastly, this career gives women the flexibility to raise a family and generate a significant income to advance equally or above their male counterparts.

Melissa Rhodes, Psychics 1on1


Child Care

With a shortage of Child Care across the country, starting a Child Care business can be lucrative while allowing a mother to spend the entire day with their own child. Best of all, you can start a Child Care business in less than 30 days with free technology. 

Similar to how AirBnB works, TOOTRiS – the nation’s largest network of Child Care providers -provides free technology that allows anyone to start, manage, and market a program at no cost. Once a mom fills out a profile, parents searching for Child Care will be able to find them, enroll, and even make payments online. TOOTRiS also helps people through the licensing process no matter what state you live in. A great option, in a high-demand industry, that can fit the lifestyle of any mom.

Kevin Ehlinger, TOOTRiS Child Care On-Demand


Freelance Writer

Stay-at-home moms can earn an income with an occupation as a freelance writer. Hence, the flexibility to continue to juggle day-to-day responsibilities with the mobility to work from anywhere. The income for writers reported by the bureau of labor and statistics is around $63,000 annually. Furthermore, writing as a mom is a successful and fulfilling career that will not interfere with your current schedule and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Yooseok gong, Ohora



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