10 Best Careers for ENFP

June 15, 2022
June 15, 2022 Terkel

What is one good career option for ENFP personality types?

To help you identify the best careers for ENFP personality types, we asked career coaches and recruiters this question for their best recommendations. From Public Relations to Sales to Interior Designing, there are several careers that are considered the best fit for people with ENFP personalities.

Here are 10 best careers for ENFP personality types:

  • Public Relations
  • Entrepreneur
  • Psychology 
  • Travel Agent 
  • Sales
  • Coaching 
  • Teaching
  • Project Manager
  • Media and Management 
  • Interior Design


Best Careers for ENFP

Public Relations

Public Relations used to be a dying art, but in a world longing for connection, it is a great career for extroverts who are willing to change with the times. PR pros no longer send faxes and wear full suits, but they do learn the ins and outs of their area and the people living in it. From connecting with vested reporters to promoting live events, a job in PR doesn’t feel like work when you’re a people person.

Lisha Dunlap, Chandler Gilbert Community College



ENFPs are strongly independent and require more creativity and freedom than stability and a sense of safety. That’s why they are born entrepreneurs! They enjoy working for themselves as it gives them both space and flexibility, as well as the chance to choose the projects they want to work on or the people they want to work with. They usually have lots of ideas to pursue, especially ones that impact other people.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD



Because ENFPs want to help find solutions for the problems of others, the field of psychology can be a wonderful place to work. Training to become a therapist can be a great way for ENFPs to use their natural people skills to help others who are struggling. There are so many different approaches to take in the psychology world, which offers flexibility for the ENFPs that choose to pursue it.

Jonathan Zacharias, GR0


Travel Agent

If you’re an extroverted, intuitive and perceptive person, becoming a travel agent is a good career choice for you. Travel agents sell destinations. They find the places that match up best with those seeking enjoyment. They offer advice and plan itineraries and they can do it for individuals, families and businesses. Travel agents might also get the opportunity to visit the very destinations they recommend to clients. It’s an ideal job for those who are outgoing and like to do their part to make others happy.

Joel Jackson, Lifeforce



A job in sales is a great career option for ENFP personality types. For example, a better salesperson is one who knows how to read people and can determine what they’re thinking before they themselves may have even reached that conclusion.

Being intuitive with both current and prospective clients is a quality that can help make a salesperson go from average to hugely successful. This personality type allows for someone to really put themselves in another person’s shoes and mind, which can prove immensely helpful as a salesperson.

Bradley Hall, Sonu Sleep



Be a coach! ENFPs are natural born encouragers. Most ENFPs are outgoing and have a strong desire to use their lives to serve the greater good. They’re dreamers in large part and want their careers to mean something. Although the E signifies extrovert, it should also represent encouragement as ENFPs love to inspire people to be their best selves!

Jeff Goodwin, Orgain



Many ENFPs find success and satisfaction in careers that involve working with people, such as teaching. Teaching provides an opportunity for ENFPs to use their people skills, creativity, and enthusiasm to help others learn. Helping others learn and grow is often very satisfying for ENFPs. And at the end of the day, satisfaction in your job is often more important than salary.

Brian Meiggs, My Millennial Guide


Project Manager

ENFP personalities have the unique ability to brighten up their environment. Therefore, they intuitively know how to care about good team spirit, which makes them perfect for the role of project manager. Also, people with ENFP personality types need to see the purpose of their actions. As project managers, they keep a pipeline of projects, so they are always clear about their goals.

Karolina Zajac, PhotoAiD


Media and Management 

ENFPs have the power to pull people together in the same way as a magic charm does.

ENFP is a creative genius. A job perfectly fits ENFP is the one that allows you to be creative and flexible. Journalism or media work is the best choice since it will enable you to interact and speak directly with others. Take it if you have strong writing skills. Management positions appear to be a good fit for them too. They are people-oriented; thus, it is only logical that they will excel at this. The trick is to avoid being too friendly with your staff because if you do, they will take advantage of you, and once it starts, it will not stop.

Michael Barr, Teleleaf


Interior Design

Interior design is a great career choice for ENFPs who want to use their creativity and passion for people to help others create beautiful, functional living spaces. Interior designers work with clients to understand their needs and taste, then develop concepts and designs that reflect their style and meet their practical needs. If you’re an ENFP who’s looking for a career that allows you to use your natural gifts for people and artistry, interior design may be the perfect fit for you.

Maneesh Sharma, Donorbox



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