Why Are You Passionate About Human Resources?

May 19, 2022
May 19, 2022 Terkel

Why are you passionate about human resources?

To help you see why some professionals are passionate about human resources, we asked HR and people managers this question for their best reasons. From helping bring HR due recognition to the love of developing talents into top performers, there are several reasons why HR professionals choose to commit their career to nurturing the human resources of their organizations. 

Here are six reasons to be passionate about human resources:

  • To Help Bring HR Due Recognition
  • The Domain is Ever-Evolving With Excitement
  • Because of The People Element
  • For The Chance To Touch People’s Lives
  • Human Resources Help Establish Company Culture
  • The Love of Developing Talents Into Top Performers


To Help Bring HR Due Recognition

Human Resources is typically the most uncelebrated department in an organization. But, HR typically can have the biggest impact on the success of a company and the well-being of employees. 

From recruiting candidates to shaping policies, HR just impacts so many lives. I’ve always wanted to do whatever I can to support HR, because oftentimes it seems like HR doesn’t receive the support it needs.

Brett Farmiloe, Terkel


The Domain is Ever-Evolving With Excitement

Human Resource departments were once solely focused on dolling out paychecks and wrist slaps. But the days of traffic cop HR are long gone. Today’s HR professional must understand finance, IT, marketing, legal, social media, big data, and project management. Whether you pursue a path as an HR business partner or opt for a specialty like Talent Management, Compensation or Organization Development, each day will be different. From intern to CHRO, success comes from flexing your style and consistently learning new skills. It’s a fun ride, but bring a helmet.

Tim Toterhi, Plotline Leadership


Because of The People Element

Without people, there would be no business. At its heart, a business is made up of its people. Even as more business functions become reliant on automation, there will always be a people element to it. For instance, despite the rise of chatbots, after-sales service remains an integral part of a business that continues to rely greatly on human interaction. If we look at the largest businesses out there today – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft – none of them have been able to function without people running their day-to-day operations. A company’s workforce is the lifeblood of any organization, and a competent and happy one ensures that it doesn’t just survive but also thrive even under the most difficult of circumstances.

Trendy Tan, QuickHR


For The Chance To Touch People’s Lives

Every time I change jobs, when I’m first starting, one of the first things I do is add a “Why I Do What I Do” folder to my email inbox. In this folder live emails (hopefully many!) of correspondences with employees, candidates, partners, and others whom I had the chance to touch or affect in some way. As a People leader, I have the opportunity to build the conditions for people to thrive mentally, socially, financially, etc. These emails show me how much I truly get the chance to affect peoples’ lives; they give me a sense of purpose. 

And, with much of the world now working remotely, the limits of the resources we get to provide to humans are nearly boundless. I’m deeply inspired by the changes ahead in the future of work and can’t wait to see what it continues to bring to human resources.

Kim Colucci, Mixbook


Human Resources Help Establish Company Culture

Human resources is a key aspect of establishing a company with genuine core values and a healthy culture. One of my biggest priorities is to ensure that every employee feels valued, appreciated, and happy to work for my business. HR plays a huge role in this initiative, so I’m passionate about the role they play and take their responsibilities very seriously.

Ray Leon, Pet Insurance Review


The Love of Developing Talents Into Top Performers

I’m passionate about human resources because I believe that people are the most important asset of any organization. I love helping to find the best talent and developing them into top performers. I also enjoy creating a positive workplace culture that encourages creativity and productivity. Human resources is an essential part of any company, and I’m proud to be in this field.

Gino Louise Reichert, LSAT Prep Hero



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