9 Ways Hard Work Really Pays Off

September 13, 2021
September 13, 2021 Terkel

Does hard work really pay off? If so, how? 


To help you understand the benefits of hard work, we asked business professionals and leaders this question for their best insights. From providing a sense of fulfillment to proving your personal value, there are several ways that hard work pays off.  


Here are nine ways that hard work pays off:

  • A Sense of Fulfillment
  • Success is a Lottery and Hard Work is Your Ticket
  • Growing a Company
  • Doing Instead of Talking
  • Having a Business Plan and Partner
  • Proving Your Personal Value
  • Success Comes with Planning and Organizing
  • Discovering Your Abilities
  • Effort Outweighs Talents for Results


A Sense of Fulfillment  

It’s no secret that hard work ushers in external benefits such as new opportunities, recognition, and business connections. But the internal benefits are also worthy of note. Reaching lofty goals through hard work brings a sense of fulfillment that many an entrepreneur can attest to. Seeing the fruits of your labor after the sleepless nights and countless roadblocks is rewarding, to say the least. This sense of success well-deserved also serves as motivation to push onward with even more vigor. 

Claire Routh, Markitors


Success is a Lottery and Hard Work is Your Ticket 

Let’s face it, you can work as hard as you like, but it’s still possible that you won’t experience success any time soon. The amount of work you put in, most of the time, will not directly translate to tangible results. Yet, you still have to do it. Success is a numbers game, and hard work is your ticket to it. The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning get. When we hear that “luck” plays a major role in the success of a certain person, what they are really trying to say is that person put in an ungodly amount of work to get that deserved big break. People get “lucky” because they increase their chances by working hard. And this is why hard work really works.

Cameron Miller, Realtor


Growing a Company

If you go 100% at your job, it will pay off. I started my company back in 2017 with very little money to invest in my business. I put my sweat and tears into my work to try to grow my business. I did not feel comfortable paying myself a dime for the first 15 months after opening my business. A little over four years after starting my company, I could not be happier than where I am now. I have the best job I could ever ask for and really enjoy what I do. My company continues to grow, and I am excited about what the future may bring. Hard work really does pay off.

Tate Meagher, Meagher Law Office, PLLC


Doing Instead of Talking

Hard work always pays off. Just talking about something never gets the job done. The more effort you put into your work, the more results you will see. I have seen the hard work add up to success in my business. Building a new brand is never easy, but if you don’t put in the hard work, you’ll never get anywhere.

Sheila Chaiban, One Ocean Beauty


Having a Business Plan and Partner

You can work extremely hard but make fatal mistakes in business. Having a business plan and business partner usually help keep a business on track to be successful, but mistakes can still happen. Not all usually end in killing a new business, but it is important to fail forward and learn from every mistake. Try to not make the same mistake twice. Learn the first time to keep your business afloat.

Anthony Santomo, Gourmet Growth


Proving Your Personal Value

Unfortunately, it depends on who you were working for. There is this common thought that it’s not worth working hard to prove your abilities and value because everything is already settled since the beginning. But some people can appreciate your skills, once you can prove them. Your hard work can pay off with people who often give you feedback for further improvement. Also, if they notice a genuine commitment in their project, adding your personal touch. Your hard work will undoubtedly pay off for people who will use your product or service. They will notice the quality of all your efforts and the love you put into your job.

Maria Luisa Balacco, Passport-Photo.online


Success Comes With Planning and Organizing 

Hard work can pay off, but it also helps to have a plan and to be organized. Mapping out all of the components needed in order to accomplish something is important because working hard to strengthen only some of these components could keep you from accomplishing your overall goal. For instance, if you’re looking for a new job and you have a good-looking LinkedIn profile but you’re not applying to many open positions per day, this could slow down the job-hunting process for you significantly. Ensure that all aspects of accomplishing your goals are taken into account.

Chris Caouette, Gorilla Bow


Discovering Your Abilities

Being unafraid to tackle challenges with dedication and focus can pay off, not just in terms of professional or business results, but in terms of what you end up learning about yourself, as well. For instance, if you take on a complicated project and you put your all into it, positive results will show that you are able to accomplish more than you thought you could. Negative or neutral results could reveal your limitations, but learning this about yourself could end up being useful information to take with you going forward.

Ben Teicher, Healthy Directions


Effort Outweighs Talent for Reaching Goals

When you have a large goal or priority, having the ability to stay on course through grit and perseverance pays off. For me, I have a monetary goal I’m shooting for in order to reach financial independence. I’m not a financial expert, nor am I trying to be. To reach this goal, it takes constant striving in my career, my side projects, budgeting and saving, and optimization. I use resources available to me to mimic investing strategies that are simple and affordable. Without this hard work, there would absolutely be no success in reaching this goal.

Kristine Thorndyke, Test Prep Nerds


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