Why Are You Passionate About the Arts?

February 28, 2024
February 28, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About the Arts?

Diving into the world of creativity and expression, we’ve gathered insights from eight artists and art leaders on why they’re passionate about the arts. From the perspective of a Visual Art Department Chair to the reflective thoughts of an artist, our contributors share profound connections ranging from how art creates meaningful life to the belief that art evokes emotion and thought.

  • Creates Meaningful Life
  • Provides a Fun, Creative Work Environment
  • Offers Magical Stillness
  • Fuels Entrepreneurial Success
  • Empowers and Heals
  • Builds Crucial Skills
  • Expresses Human Experience
  • Evokes Emotion and Thought

Creates Meaningful Life

Making art is what makes life feel meaningful. I am my fullest self when creating. In sharing my work, that meaning moves beyond myself, allowing it to grow and shift infinitely. It is my best coping mechanism, my best means for communication, my best motivator for moving forward.

This world can make one seem so small, but artistic expression has only the limitations of what one can imagine, making sense of chaos or abandoning it completely for a new, and better, reality.

Meagan Segal
Visual Art Department Chair

Provides a Fun, Creative Work Environment

Thanks for asking about my passion for the arts! I have always been passionate about art. I grew up making art, studied art in school, and have had several jobs in the arts. I’ve experienced the hands-on elements of painting props and murals, and the administrative aspects through running an art gallery.

I love being an art consultant because we get to regularly experience both sides: making and creating art for projects, and facilitating and placing the work of other artists that we love in projects. Art consultants get to travel, go to gallery openings, art fairs, and immerse ourselves in the design world, working with interior designers.

Art is fun, and people who like to create and be around art are fun to work with!

Dawn Tyrrell
Art Consultant – Co-Founder, Opus Art Projects

Offers Magical Stillness

In today’s busy world, a flood of commercial and agenda-driven images fills our visual spaces. The arts and the contemplation of art provide a wonderful opportunity to learn focus, to learn patience, and to learn that we can find places of magical stillness in a world of chaos.

The artist is one vessel through which chaos is managed. Through the arts, we connect with the good, the beautiful, and the true without the artificial context of commercial and political agendas.

Keith EvansKeith Evans
Founder, Keith Evans Photography

Fuels Entrepreneurial Success

My journey intertwines deeply with the arts, starting with my dual bachelor’s degrees in Studio Art and English Literature, which laid the groundwork for expressing creativity and storytelling through various mediums. My passion for the arts is fueled by my belief that they serve as a universal language capable of bridging gaps, invoking emotions, and sparking the imagination.

We’ve successfully transformed a simple idea into a thriving business by focusing on niche, art-driven products. Our experience of growing from a small pottery business into a best-selling candle brand on Etsy in just two years exemplifies the potential of the arts in entrepreneurship.

By choosing to handcraft over 100 unique candle scents inspired by literature and maintaining a DIY ethic, we’ve created a tangible connection between the joys of reading and the sensory experience of scent, demonstrating the arts’ versatility and impact. This journey underscores that with creativity and innovation, the arts can indeed be a viable and fulfilling career path.

Roxie LubanovicRoxie Lubanovic
Co-Founder, Frostbeard Studio

Empowers and Heals

As a professional working at an AIDS services organization for more than 29 years, I have had the privilege of working with individuals living with HIV and community members affected by HIV and AIDS.

Loss, rage, loneliness, overwhelm, and despair are just a few of the emotions experienced by those impacted by HIV and AIDS. Art and arts engagement offer opportunities to build a sense of self, develop and represent identity, strengthen voice and advocacy, and form community, as well as a space to eliminate stigma and isolation. Essentially, art supports wellness and well-being.

My experiences demonstrate that art is crucial, particularly in our increasingly visual age, and can serve as a force for reckoning and healing. Art and activism are both built on exposing the truth. Art, in particular, has the ability to creatively express and convey powerful messages across the linguistic and cultural barriers that so often divide us. As a universal language, art brings individuals together and offers a unique and lasting opportunity for empowerment.

Jill Frey
Mission and Arts Supervisor, Pierce County AIDS Foundation

Builds Crucial Skills

As a career consultant specializing in building awareness of all the wonderful careers in creative industries, I am super passionate about the arts. In some European countries, they embrace STEAM education, whereas in the UK, we focus more on STEM. Participation in arts education is crucial in building the skills of confidence, teamwork, and, of course, creativity, all of which are important transferable soft skills required for the majority of jobs.

The arts are also well-known for their therapeutic nature and enrichment of a child’s overall well-being, as well as school engagement and attendance improvement. The arts allow the freedom for self-expression, which helps build solidarity between students from different backgrounds and helps them experiment and discover who they are and their place in the world.

Emily MaguireEmily Maguire
Career Consultant and Managing Director, Reflections Career Coaching

Expresses Human Experience

The arts are the truest expression of the human experience. From 30,000 BP into our future, stories about our lives, emotions, and relationships have played out across walls, canvases, spaces, structures, stages, and screens. Connected to others, stories make us feel seen, empowered, and entertained. In its purest sense, art speaks for those who can’t—or for those who have historically not been able—to do so.

Its power lies in using beauty, comedy, excitement, intrigue, fear, joy, sadness—the entire range of human emotion—to make others feel and potentially experience the tougher aspects of life more easily. Art is life.

Jaime Fallon
Art Director, Business Insider

Evokes Emotion and Thought

I am passionate about the arts because they have the power to evoke emotions and provoke thoughts in a way that words often cannot. Art allows for the exploration of complex ideas and the expression of diverse perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding among individuals.

Creativity flourishes in the arts, enabling artists to push boundaries and challenge societal norms, leading to innovation and progress. Through the visual arts, music, literature, and performing arts, we can connect with others on a profound level, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

The arts provide a platform for self-expression, allowing individuals to communicate their innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences authentically. Engaging with art can be a transformative experience, offering solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging to both creators and audiences alike.

Art has the ability to document history, reflect societal values, and inspire change, making it an invaluable aspect of human civilization. Ultimately, my passion for the arts stems from the belief that they have the power to enrich lives, ignite imaginations, and shape the world for the better.

Quinn Jacobson
Artist, Studio Q

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