Why Are You Passionate About Safety?

January 3, 2024
January 3, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Safety?

Safety is a universal concern that ignites passion for various compelling reasons. We’ve gathered insights from ten professionals, including directors and CEOs, to understand why they are fervent advocates for safety. Their responses range from the impact of personal experiences to ensuring safety as a fundamental right for daily security.

  • Personal Experience Heightens Safety Vigilance
  • Workplace Accident Spurs Safety Commitment
  • Financial Data Protection Drives Safety Passion
  • Family Incident Instills Lifelong Safety Values
  • Safety Consciousness Empowers Communities
  • Environmental Well-Being Fuels Safety Efforts
  • Safety Advocacy for Workplace Well-Being
  • Safety as a Right for Daily Security
  • Valuing Life and Property Through Safety
  • Safety’s Role in Business Success and Morale

Personal Experience Heightens Safety Vigilance

I’ve become more passionate about safety in the last five years after not only moving to one of the top 10 states with the worst drivers but also producing insurance-related content for a digital media company.

I’m now extra vigilant about safety every time I pull out of my driveway in response to drivers in my area. They are notorious for speeding through yellow lights, not using turn signals, and drifting into other lanes.

They are also notorious for being on their phones while driving—as, sadly, nearly half of all drivers in the U.S. admit to being guilty of. Because of this, cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes annually. Those statistics have heightened my passion for safety.

Michelle RobbinsMichelle Robbins
Licensed Insurance Agent, Clearsurance.com

Workplace Accident Spurs Safety Commitment

Unfortunately, my passion for safety came from witnessing a terrible workplace accident. There was a marked “Do Not Stand Here” area that someone didn’t regard. A 30,000-pound roll of steel was being moved. It slipped, and I saw someone get killed.

That’s always stuck with me. The “ridiculous” safety procedures are there because someone, at some point, got hurt in that way, and it’s important to me to help others understand the seriousness of it.

Christopher OlsonChristopher Olson
General Partner, Azalea City Tax & Accounting

Financial Data Protection Drives Safety Passion

Safety is the foundation of our personal-loans business at MaxCash. We handle sensitive financial information and substantial monetary transactions daily. Prioritizing safety means protecting the trust our clients place in us. A single security breach can lead to significant financial losses and damage our reputation.

The financial sector’s average cost for a data breach is around $5.85 million, as per an IBM study. This highlights the importance of robust safety measures. My passion for safety is rooted in a commitment to our clients’ well-being and the sustainability of our business.

Fred WincharFred Winchar
Founder, Certified HR Professional, MaxCash

Family Incident Instills Lifelong Safety Values

When my dad was 8, he was given a chainsaw and told to clean up some brush around the property. He promptly proceeded to nearly cut his leg off, no surprise given his age. Doctors told him he would never walk again.

Gratefully, he could walk, run, and play sports again, but he never lost the strict sense of safety he gained from that experience. He also instilled that in me, having me read the equipment manuals before I was allowed to use the mower, weed eater, and more. This safety sense has helped me navigate being a brigade firefighter, working in construction, and raising kids. (Still have all my digits, thankfully.)

Lewis VandervalkLewis Vandervalk
Owner, Blue Crocus Solutions

Safety Consciousness Empowers Communities

Safety is a fundamental human right and the foundation of healthy communities. My passion for safety derives from the strong idea that everyone deserves to live in surroundings where their well-being is prioritized. This deep-seated desire compels me to promote safety consciousness with the hope of enhancing the agency of both individuals and communities.

We can all do our part to make the world a better place by spreading awareness about possible dangers and how to avoid them. Understanding the dynamics of safety, from road traffic rules to workplace protocols, is critical to reducing accidents and harm. I consider safety to be more than just following laws; it is about cultivating a culture in which everyone actively looks out for the well-being of others.

Tim AllenTim Allen
Director, Oberheiden P.C.

Environmental Well-Being Fuels Safety Efforts

My passion for safety extends to the environment, recognizing that the well-being of our planet is integral to our own. Environmental safety is about more than just disaster prevention; it is about living sustainably and maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Promoting renewable energy, speaking out against climate change, and other environmentally harmful actions are all part of my mission to keep the planet habitable. Preserving our natural resources guarantees a brighter, healthier future for all forms of life. I am driven to actively participate in environmental conservation initiatives by this comprehensive perspective on safety.

Tiffany HaflerTiffany Hafler
Marketing Manager, FORTIS Medical Billing

Safety Advocacy for Workplace Well-Being

As a professional dedicated to fostering great work environments, my passion for safety stems from its critical role in employee well-being. Creating a safe environment for employees goes beyond merely avoiding physical harm; it also involves cultivating a culture that prioritizes psychological safety.

Creating an atmosphere of trust, respect, and open communication is part of this. Promoting mental health awareness, addressing stress in the workplace, and ensuring employees feel supported and secure are all parts of my advocacy for safety. Businesses can foster more engaged, productive, and happy teams by making safety a top priority.

Gerrid SmithGerrid Smith
Communications Manager, Texas Property Tax Loan Pros

Safety as a Right for Daily Security

I’m passionate about safety because I believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their daily lives. Safety is not just about physical security, but also includes emotional and mental well-being.

Growing up in a family with a strong emphasis on safety, I learned from an early age how important it is to be cautious and aware of potential dangers. As I got older, I became more interested in learning about different safety measures and techniques, and how they can be implemented to protect people in various situations.

But beyond my personal experiences, I have also witnessed the devastating effects of accidents and unsafe practices. Whether it’s a workplace incident, a car accident, or even a simple slip-and-fall, these incidents could have been prevented with proper safety precautions.

Amira IrfanAmira Irfan
Founder and CEO, A Self Guru

Valuing Life and Property Through Safety

As the Managing Director of Guardian Safe & Vault, my passion for safety stems from a deep-seated belief in the sanctity and value of human life and property. Each life is unique and precious, and we must protect it.

Every object or document we safeguard holds significant value or sentiment for someone. Ensuring their safety isn’t just a job for me; it’s a calling. I am driven by the knowledge that our products and services provide peace of mind and security to individuals and businesses, allowing them to focus on what truly matters to them.

Matthew LakeMatthew Lake
Managing Director, Guardian Safe and Vault

Safety’s Role in Business Success and Morale

My focus on safety is rooted in its crucial role in safeguarding our team’s well-being and contributing to our business’s success.

I believe in creating an environment where everyone feels secure and valued, which not only boosts morale and productivity but also underscores our commitment to excellence and ethical responsibility. For me, prioritizing safety is essential for fostering a thriving workplace where our team can excel with confidence.

Jon JamesJon James
CEO, Ignited Results

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