Why Are You Passionate About Psychology?

October 30, 2023
October 30, 2023 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Psychology?

To delve into the depths of passion for psychology, we’ve gathered insights from fifteen professionals, including psychologists and psychotherapists. From exploring the applicability of psychology in life to building empathy in a changing world, these experts share their unique perspectives and experiences that fuel their passion for this fascinating field.

  • Applicability of Psychology in Life
  • Mixing Love for Science and People
  • Journey into the Human Psyche
  • Realization and Internship Solidify Passion
  • Understanding and Helping Unique Individuals
  • Using Psychology to Validate Clients
  • Appreciating Uniqueness through Psychology
  • Psychology as a Real Science
  • Facilitating Growth and Empowerment
  • Personal Trauma Inspires Therapeutic Career
  • Psychology’s Unique Problem-Solving Approach
  • Advocacy for Mental Health
  • Rewriting Limiting Narratives
  • Understanding Motivations, Reducing Judgment
  • Building Empathy in a Changing World

Applicability of Psychology in Life

I am passionate about psychology because of its incredible applicability to every aspect of one’s life and to every other teaching. It has the power to connect us, define us, and allow us to understand each other.

In this way, we can provide help for each other in times of struggle, while also being able to foster a sense of empathy. Currently, as a psychology student at Rutgers New Brunswick, I have had the opportunity to partake in Dr. Anthony Tobia’s internship program. This experience has allowed me to further appreciate how a grasp on psychology can make such a profound impact. Hearing about the cases that are introduced to a hospital only five minutes from me, and seeing how drastically life quality improves following treatment, is inspiring.

It fuels my drive to dedicate energy towards the subject, knowing how much the hours I spend studying and researching could one day save a life.

Hannah Graham
Rutgers NB Psychology Intern

Mixing Love for Science and People

Working in psychology allows me to mix my love of science and research into working directly with people. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to connect with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences on a deep level. I feel honored to work with clients on difficult concerns, to play a small part in their stories, to watch their growth, and help facilitate their healing.

I enjoy being in a field that requires me to be a lifelong learner and provides me with opportunities to grow as a clinician and as a person. While it can be a difficult and emotional job, it’s incredibly meaningful and provides me with a great deal of purpose.

Rebecca Cameron
Clinical Therapist

Journey into the Human Psyche

I am passionate about psychology because it is a journey into the human psyche, and, more importantly, our collective consciousness. Yet, on a personal level, as a bereavement and complex-trauma therapist, psychology has been profoundly important as a knowledge base for me to effectively do my work.

Through psychology, I have formed more self-awareness and insight, which in turn has improved my own interpersonal relationships and also made me a more empathetic, helpful therapist.

Valerie Smith
Therapist, Long Island EMDR

Realization and Internship Solidify Passion

I remember when I took AP Psych in high school and thought, “How have I never considered this as a career path?” Psychology looks at the many driving factors of human nature and helps us deepen our understanding of one another.

Psychology is in everything we do and experience. Such experiences have been emulated through my incredible chance of being an intern for Dr. Tobia this fall. In our many discussions about films and shows we watch, we see the ways in which aspects or additions to characters and settings aid in the development of mental disorders and dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors.

This internship, and minds like Dr. Tobia’s, are what have solidified my future in this field and passion for psychology. I hope to one day utilize this growing knowledge and experience to understand and help others.

Meghan Kavanaugh

Understanding and Helping Unique Individuals

Humans are such complex and unique individuals, and understanding how the mind works and why people behave in the way they do is so fascinating to me. We are all impacted by life experiences, social, biological, and psychological factors, which impact all aspects of our mental health and behavior.

I am passionate about understanding the unique experiences individuals have faced that contribute to who they are and how they are feeling, as well as helping individuals learn tools and skills that may assist them in becoming the best version of themselves. Psychology impacts every single person, and knowing that I can help individuals understand and better themselves through our work together fulfills me.

My own life experiences led me to be passionate about this field, and as I continue to work in it as the years go on, I am continuing to learn and grow so that the passion continues to be reignited.

Jessica RabonJessica Rabon
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Using Psychology to Validate Clients

As a therapist, I am passionate about psychology because it provides the theoretical frameworks and underpinnings for human behavior. Using these concepts to understand my clients’ patterns has provided them with tangible insights into their behaviors and feelings.

By making the connections between psychology and its real-world applications, clients have been able to feel validated and heard, which is an extremely rewarding experience in this field.

Taylor ChodashTaylor Chodash
Mental Health Counselor, LP

Appreciating Uniqueness through Psychology

I fell in love with psychology after taking an introductory university course and learning about the differences in how our mind perceives information. It helped me understand that we are all unique and can experience things differently, such as how we perceive color or emotions.

Psychology helped me build a stronger connection with myself and to fully appreciate how unique humans can be. Now, I use my psychology degree to help people understand themselves and to celebrate their differences.

Megan SherbackMegan Sherback
Psychologist, Lilac Alberta Counselling

Psychology as a Real Science

As a psychologist with a previous career in engineering, I’m passionate about psychology because it is a real science. A lot of people believe that psychology is just “fluffy talk about feelings,” but that’s a better description of supportive counseling, which is mostly outside of the field of psychology. Psychology is the science of human behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Through this science and research, I am able to help people who are struggling with mental health problems.

Being able to use therapeutic techniques that are not only well-researched but also consistently replicated around the world gives me confidence that change is indeed possible. Not only do I know what techniques would work, but I can also help clients understand how well these might work, and what is realistic and what is not.

Seeing someone’s life turn around sometimes in as little as six sessions is very rewarding.

Adam HorvathAdam Horvath
Psychologist, Personal Psychology

Facilitating Growth and Empowerment

I personally find psychology captivating because it offers insights into our human mind and behavior, acting as a bridge to connect and understand people on a more profound level.

For example, when I help a client navigate their anxiety and emerge with a renewed sense of self, it is incredibly rewarding. Each breakthrough and every moment of clarity underscore the real impact of psychology. It’s more than just theory and textbooks; it’s about real change, growth, and empowerment that I get to witness and facilitate every day.

Bayu PrihanditoBayu Prihandito
Certified Psychology Expert, Life Coach, Founder, Life Architekture

Personal Trauma Inspires Therapeutic Career

Growing up, I had a hard time: I had loving parents, but they were so immersed in their own dramas that they didn’t see that I had been victimized by people they trusted. I felt invisible, isolated, unseen. At age 11, I saw a movie called A Circle of Children, and I was mesmerized by how a therapist could draw forth a non-verbal, autistic boy from the dark cave of his circumstances.

From that point forward, I knew that I wanted to become a therapist—a person who could make a difference in others’ lives. I wanted to become the advocate and supporter that I didn’t have when I was growing up.

Thousands of hours of education, training, and therapy have resulted in an amazing career of 34 years that has allowed me to assist so many in uncovering, processing, and resolving their traumas.

Now, as I enter the final phase of my career, I focus on Old Soul Women—those who, like me, perhaps grew up as different, but deeply wise—who, with a little support, might actually help heal the world.

Sage Breslin Sage Breslin, Breakthrough Psychologist and Coach, Sage Wisdom Institute

Psychology’s Unique Problem-Solving Approach

Unlike almost every other domain of expertise, psychology uniquely recognizes that most problems, and solutions to problems, have a predominantly human component.

Other sciences, humanities, and even the other social sciences tend to focus on factors external to humans. For example, medicine focuses on pharmaceutical solutions to health problems from a chemical and biological perspective. However, medicine only works if people actually take them, which requires behavioral insight to ensure compliance.

Fundamentally, the limiting factor of almost any endeavor is the people taking part, and psychology is unparalleled at solving this problem.

This is why I am so passionate about psychology, as few other domains can offer such a tremendous impact with comparatively few resources. When used appropriately, its impact can be felt in every aspect of life, something that few other areas of expertise can claim.

Ben SchwenckeBen Schwencke
Business Psychologist, Test Partnership

Advocacy for Mental Health

I love being in a career that helps others. One thing I love most about psychology is that it offers people the opportunity to heal and look at themselves, including areas of their lives that might be holding them back.

Mental health and mental health advocacy are so important, with anxiety at an all-time high. I love that I get to help people navigate challenges and overcome them every single day.

Azmaira Maker, Ph.D.Azmaira Maker, Ph.D.
Founding Director, Aspiring Families

Rewriting Limiting Narratives

As a holistic coach with a PhD in Natural Language Processing (NLP), I’m fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind and what motivates our behavior. I’m passionate about psychology because I’ve seen firsthand how self-awareness and personal growth can transform people’s lives in profound ways.

My own journey taught me that our thoughts, beliefs, and stories shape who we are, often without us realizing it. I love supporting clients in unpacking their mental and emotional patterns to find clarity and alignment. Seeing people gain the tools to rewrite limiting narratives and reach their full potential is unbelievably rewarding. Psychology allows us to understand how the mind adopts or blocks change at a deep level.

By leveraging those insights, we can consciously rewire thought habits to become the fullest version of ourselves. Helping others have that empowering self-discovery through the lens of psychology is what lights me up and inspires my work every day.

Mona Kirstein, Ph.D.Mona Kirstein, Ph.D.
Digital Strategist, Holistic Coach and Consultant, The Wholehearted Path

Understanding Motivations, Reducing Judgment

I’m passionate about psychology because it seeks to understand the motivations behind human actions. It dives into why we do what we do, both good and bad. Understanding psychology reduces judgment. When we truly grasp why someone acted a certain way, our judgment fades, replaced by compassion.

Psychology fosters connections through better understanding and helps people understand themselves. Everyone wants to change something in their life, and the first step is realization. This is where psychology steps in. Psychology illuminates patterns, behaviors, and traits within us, guiding us toward self-discovery. I believe we can better people’s lives with effective psychological practice and research. This is why I’m driven to follow this path.

Heythem NajiHeythem Naji
Psychologist, heythemnaji.com

Building Empathy in a Changing World

In a rapidly changing world filled with so many mixed emotions—love, joy, seemingly unbearable heartbreak, anger, frustration, anxiety—it’s more important than ever before to not only be able to make sense of those feelings but to understand the genetic factors at play that make us the way we are. Understanding ourselves better has a ripple effect.

As we understand ourselves better, we understand others, too—our families, our colleagues, and our friends—and this sense of understanding is the first building block needed in developing a richer, more empathetic world, one person at a time.

Katie SchlossKatie Schloss
Psychotherapist, LifePath Therapy Associates

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