Why Are You Passionate About Nursing?

October 20, 2023
October 20, 2023 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Nursing?

Nursing is a profession that inspires passion, but what fuels this passion? To answer this question, we’ve gathered insights from seven professionals in the field, including a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Practitioner. From the “Passion for Human Connection in Nursing” to being “Inspired by a Mother’s Dedication,” discover the diverse reasons why these individuals are passionate about nursing.

  • Passion for Human Connection in Nursing
  • A Higher Calling to Serve
  • Fascination with Human Body and Psychology
  • Inspired by Personal Patient Experience
  • A Career of Impact and Opportunities
  • Compassionate Care for Patients
  • Inspired by a Mother’s Dedication

Passion for Human Connection in Nursing

This is such a great question because, over the years, nursing education and practice have changed. Online and simulation pedagogy seem more popular. However, as I pondered this question, as a nurse practitioner and nurse educator, one thing I refuse to change is what Nightingale promoted, and I am passionate about the essence of nursing—human connection.

During the pandemic, we realized the lack of connection negatively impacted both patient and professional. So, I am passionate about my wonderful profession precisely because it allows me to fully, artfully, and compassionately connect. To be present and helpful with another during challenging and tragic times.

Reflecting on my career, I recognize deep gratitude and humility when able to sit with another during intensely troubling times – using my clinical as well as personal skills to be of service – to help one heal, inspire hope, and find peace.

As a nurse, I certainly gave of myself, but I also recognize … I got so much more.

Joyce Mikal-Flynn

A Higher Calling to Serve

I recall a personal concern of mine in my high school days as to what my “calling” was in life. I attended St. Francis Borgia High School in Washington, MO, and we spoke of vocation, as opposed to profession or a job to make a living. I know I have always been called to serve, and despite my doubts and trying times, I am thankful that I’ve always followed God’s command in my life through nursing.

In my freshman year of nursing school, at St. Louis University, I was assigned from the start to read a book entitled The Art of Nursing by Carolyn Cooper. Staring at the title, let alone reading the content, I tried to comprehend what that meant. With time and further pursuit, I know undoubtedly nursing is the art of love, empathy, true concern for others, efficacy, selflessness, therapeutic communication, advocacy; all the while being devoted to continued growth of knowledge base and ever-evolving research to assist others in every facet of life.

Sarah Lavy
Family Nurse Practitioner, Mercy

Fascination with Human Body and Psychology

I’ve always been fascinated by how complex the human body is. Think about it. We’re made up of trillions of unique cells that all serve different functions, and are organized into systems that all work together in a way that makes life possible. For me, that concept is incredible! I wanted to gain a better understanding of the science behind how our bodies work.

I was equally or even more intrigued by the brain and human psychology. Once I took anatomy and psychology classes my senior year of high school, I yearned to know more. Nursing school seemed like the best place to do that! I wasn’t even 100% sure I wanted to be a nurse when I started. But once I learned there was such a thing as psychiatric nursing, I knew it was my calling.

Today, I work with youth who are working through significant trauma and/or mental health challenges, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Watching their transformation in treatment is one of the most rewarding parts of being a nurse.

Alyssa Kirby
Registered Nurse, NFI, Massachusetts

Inspired by Personal Patient Experience

I am passionate about nursing because I have been a patient myself. In 2013, I went from being a normal, healthy 22-year-old to fighting for my life on a ventilator. I will never forget staring into the eyes of those caring for me during sedation-rest periods and being at peace because of their care.

After six days in the hospital, my passion for nursing was solidified. Today, I am a nurse practitioner in the urgent-care setting, living out my passion for nursing. It is an honor to get to care for others and hopefully provide that same peace to my patients that was provided to me over a decade ago.

Lisa Burch
Nurse Practitioner, Citra Urgent Care

A Career of Impact and Opportunities

For those who are looking for a career where there is never a doubt if you are making an impact, nursing is the right choice. It requires high levels of intelligence, stamina, resilience, and teamwork. The field of nursing presents a tremendous number of options, from informatics to intensive care nursing to community health, and allows for excellent career progression over a lifetime. One of the greatest privileges of my life has been being a nurse/nurse practitioner.

Kathryn Kreider
Associate Professor and Nurse Practitioner, Duke University School of Nursing

Compassionate Care for Patients

It is my passion to care for and make my patients better. I want every single one of my patients to be treated with the care they deserve and need. I try to achieve this by considering how my own dad would feel in their situation, and how I would want someone to go above and beyond for him. I consider what I could do to achieve that.

Kinnari Patel
RN, Gupta Psychiatry

Inspired by a Mother’s Dedication

My passion for nursing stemmed from my mom. My mom worked in the ER in the greater Seattle area for as long as I can remember. She was a single mother but still found so much time to give back so effortlessly to those who needed her most.

While I didn’t go the bedside route of nursing, her passion and meeting so many of her friends inspired me to create a resource for nurses everywhere. Nurses really do have one of the most impactful jobs in the world and change lives on a daily basis.

Zachary Jacobson
Zachary Jacobson, VP, Better Nurse

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