Why Are You Passionate About Physical Therapy?

November 9, 2023
November 9, 2023 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Physical Therapy?

We asked five professionals, including a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapists, why they are passionate about their work. Their responses, ranging from helping patients regain confidence to improving quality of life and mobility, provide a fascinating insight into the motivations and rewards of a career in physical therapy.

  • Helping Patients Regain Confidence
  • Being Driven by a Calling to Help
  • Guiding Patients Back to Activities
  • Transforming Lives Through Therapy
  • Improving Quality of Life and Mobility

Helping Patients Regain Confidence

As a physical therapist, I have the privilege of helping people learn to be themselves again. Most often, I see people during a frustrating, difficult, and painful period of their life. As much as I love the human body and helping people feel physically better, I have found that I have the unique opportunity to help beyond that, including mentally, emotionally, and much more.

While there may be a setback present, I love giving people the opportunity to adapt and thrive. I get to see people grow stronger, build confidence, and get back to being themselves, and often, an even better version. The reward speaks for itself—I meet great people who I consider friends. Together, we do great things, and every smile makes me want to wake up and do it again.

Andrew Nielsen-Lyman
Doctor of Physical Therapy, Evolution Physical Therapy

Being Driven by a Calling to Help

My passion for physical therapy stems from a calling to help people. I enjoy making connections with people and helping them achieve their goals. The challenge of complex cases gives me a sense of personal satisfaction when I can help make improvements in their lives to allow them to live longer and healthier lives.

Alicia Securo
Physical Therapist, PACE-RI

Guiding Patients Back to Activities

I love being a physical therapist because I get to meet a diverse range of people with a varied array of ailments and help them return to doing the things they love to do. It’s great to guide people as they return to their favorite activities, jobs, or daily tasks.

Jasmine MarcusJasmine Marcus
Physical Therapist

Transforming Lives Through Therapy

I’m passionate about physical therapy because I love the people I work with. I love the way they come in with a problem and then leave with their bodies transformed. It’s not just about fixing their pain; it’s about seeing them walk out of my door with a smile on their face and a skip in their step.

I think that’s why people come to PT: they want to get back to doing what they love, so they can have fun being active again—whether it’s playing sports, gardening, or whatever makes them happy.

The only thing that impedes them and that goal is pain, and we help remove that obstacle by giving them a customized plan for recovery, which includes exercises and stretches that can help build strength and flexibility while reducing pain.

Kieran Sheridan
Kieran Sheridan, Co-Founder and Physiotherapist, Gulf Physio

Improving Quality of Life and Mobility

Physical therapists have the great opportunity to really get to know our patients. We are a hands-on profession that spends a lot of time with our patients, and we can see tremendous changes in a person’s ability to move and quality of life.

I am also passionate because physical therapists have the transferable skills to move into other healthcare roles that still affect patient safety.

Brandy WilkinsBrandy Wilkins
Owner and CEO, Defining Point Coaching & Consulting, LLC.

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