Why Are You Passionate About Nonprofits?

March 27, 2024
March 27, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Nonprofits?

Delving into the hearts of those at the forefront of change, we’ve gathered insights from eight leaders in the non-profit sector, including CEOs and development directors. Their passion ranges from the transformative power of service to the personal fulfillment of making a direct impact. Discover why these professionals are dedicated to the mission of nonprofits, from service fueling community support to finding direct impact and personal fulfillment.

  • Service Fuels Community Support
  • Mental Health Nonprofits Save Lives
  • Philanthropy Embodies Love of Humanity
  • Non-Profits Offer Rewarding Impact
  • Transformative Power of Nonprofits
  • Innovative Fundraising Enhances Donor Experience
  • Blending Passion with Social Responsibility
  • Direct Impact and Personal Fulfillment

Service Fuels Community Support

Passion for service is what brought me here. After having a 25-year career in the hospitality industry, I was hungry to be of service in other ways. Finding this opportunity to support a community I am passionate about is icing on the cake. Utilizing the skills I learned to be able to support a marginalized community that I am a member of gives me a large amount of satisfaction. It is easy to wake up in the morning if you love what you do.

Justin HolleyJustin Holley
Development Director, Thrive Youth Center

Mental Health Nonprofits Save Lives

My passionate involvement in the nonprofit sector stems from a deep-seated commitment to healing the broken-hearted and providing hope and support for those struggling with mental health issues. Through Stay Here, I’ve seen the significant impact that compassionate, community-driven efforts can have on individual lives and the broader fight against the stigma surrounding mental health.

The value of working in the nonprofit sector, particularly in mental health awareness, is vividly illustrated by the success of initiatives such as The 40. This collaborative effort between nonprofits, companies, and individuals, including Stay Here, has been instrumental in saving over 12,000 lives a year by documented canceled suicide plans. This concrete data underscores not only the critical need for such organizations but also their capacity to effect real, life-saving changes through awareness, community building, and providing resources.

Moreover, my experience extends to creating and offering mental health resources and programs that directly address the needs of those in crisis or those wanting to support others. Our ACT Suicide Prevention Training, for example, equips individuals with the knowledge to recognize warning signs of suicide, fostering a more proactive and educated community. Through collaboration with The HOPELINE, we’ve facilitated immediate support for countless individuals in need, proving the power and necessity of accessible mental health resources.

In summary, my passion for the nonprofit sector, particularly mental health awareness, stems from the tangible difference we’ve made in thousands of lives. It reaffirms that through dedication, collaboration, and community support, we can break the stigma around mental health, provide invaluable resources, and save lives. This work isn’t just necessary; it’s life-changing.

Jacob CoyneJacob Coyne
Founder, Stay Here

Philanthropy Embodies Love of Humanity

In Greek, the word ‘philanthropy’ translates to ‘love of humanity.’ Leading a nonprofit fosters love via community outreach, engagement, and advocacy to impact meaningful change.

Nonprofits can be hubs for innovative financial campaigns and programs that deliver much-needed support to struggling communities. Connecting diverse groups by surrounding them with love, support, and good intention is the backbone of philanthropy and why I am passionate about Kure It and other nonprofits.

Brooke Adams
Director of Strategy and Business Development, Kure It Cancer Research

Non-Profits Offer Rewarding Impact

I believe we are programmed in such a way that when we work for something other than our personal selves, like our society or the people around us, we feel immense satisfaction. Witnessing the impact of non-profits on society is motivating and rewarding.

Barkan SaeedBarkan Saeed
CEO, Vizteck Solutions

Transformative Power of Nonprofits

As a nonprofit professional, my passion ignites from a personal journey that’s woven through the realms of education, the arts, and home supports. Each encounter has sculpted my belief in the transformative power of nonprofits. Whether it’s been facilitating enriching educational experiences, fostering creativity through the arts, or providing vital home supports that restore dignity and independence to those in need, every facet of my experience reinforces my commitment.

Nonprofits are not just about addressing issues; they’re about nurturing potential, fostering inclusivity, and building a community of care. It’s this holistic approach that fuels my unwavering dedication to the cause.

Tina Kessler
Fundraising Coordinator, Community Care Durham

Innovative Fundraising Enhances Donor Experience

We have a fundraising department within our company.

I am passionate about providing an easier fundraising experience where the nonprofit does not have to collect funds, deliver products, or handle customer service.

Giving the donor something in return for their donation, unlike most fundraisers where donors simply donate. We provide donors with discounts, up to 70% off travel, recreation, and entertainment, and the amount of money they donate determines the length of time they receive these benefits, thus encouraging donors to donate more to receive longer access to our amazing savings.

Providing a residual fundraising opportunity for nonprofits to raise funds year after year with very little effort. When someone donates to the nonprofit, they will receive access to discounts for a set period of time. When their time ends, they simply donate more money to the nonprofit to regain access to their benefits. This allows nonprofit companies to receive donations all year.

To provide the nonprofit company an opportunity to raise funds globally without restrictions. Providing sub-accounts on the nonprofit company website allows anyone to create an account under that nonprofit and to share it with their friends and family to collect donations no matter where they are located.

Shawn PiggShawn Pigg
CEO, Hotels Etc. INC

Blending Passion with Social Responsibility

For its many rewards, topping the list of reasons I am passionate about nonprofits is that they afford me the opportunity to be socially responsible and to exercise my commitment to helping make the world a better place. Frankly, one of the most remarkable aspects of nonprofits that I find very rewarding is having the opportunity to effectively blend passion with professional skill, and being constantly motivated towards excellence by the benefit of working with like-minded individuals who are as committed to achieving the same results as I am.

The truth is, my passion for nonprofits has been sustained not only by the reward of a more flexible work schedule that allows me to perfectly balance my personal and work life (including my side hustle), nor only by the childcare and healthcare benefits that come as perks, but also because of the personal satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment that comes with knowing that my work is making a positive impact in the lives of many.

Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson
General Manager, Drughelpline

Direct Impact and Personal Fulfillment

I am passionate about nonprofits because of the direct results I’ve witnessed as a long-time volunteer for non-profits and non-profit arms of companies, doing everything from feeding the homeless on holidays to packing cheer boxes for soldiers to organizing fundraising events.

Nonprofits can bring relief to people who don’t have a safety net, often finding themselves in need because of circumstances beyond their control. I’ve seen nonprofits help feed the hungry, shelter the unhoused, retrain laid-off workers, and pull people out of poverty and return them to dignity.

I’m also passionate about non-profits because it’s a win-win. When you help others, you feel good. That’s why I’m proud that, being in the insurance industry, several insurance companies give to nonprofits, including CSAA Insurance Group, Horace Mann, Lemonade, and Nationwide.

Michelle RobbinsMichelle Robbins
Licensed Insurance Agent, Clearsurance.com

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