Why Are You Passionate About Aviation?

February 2, 2024
February 2, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Aviation?

We’ve gathered insights from top industry professionals, including CEOs and client aviation managers, to delve into the passion that fuels their dedication to the field of aviation. From embracing dreams through aviation to recognizing its role in efficiency, safety, and profitability, discover why these experts are fervently passionate about this dynamic industry through their four compelling perspectives.

  • Embracing Dreams Through Aviation
  • Pushing Boundaries, Connecting Worlds
  • Investing in Aviation’s Transformative Impact
  • Combining Efficiency, Safety, and Profitability

Embracing Dreams Through Aviation

Why are you passionate about aviation? Because my mommy said so. As a mediocre lad from Northern England, dreams of becoming a pilot were subdued by school counselors targeting more realistic goals.

In the U.S., however, things are a little different. Children’s dreams, no matter how grandiose, and regardless of their academic level, are embraced and encouraged. This mindset embodies The American Dream, where anything is achievable.

Although my hometown of Sunderland was not particularly the golden land of opportunity, it did play host to one of Europe’s largest airshows, attracting over one million visitors. One Christmas, fueled by my passion for fast jets and aerobatic biplanes, my parents surprised me with the coolest gift ever—two and a half hours of flying lessons. Those initial hours of flight ignited a lifelong passion for a career I never dreamed of pursuing. Even now, every time I take to the skies, I experience that same exhilaration as I did during my first flight. No other career, in my opinion, has the power to sustain such perpetual enthusiasm.

Today, the aviation industry stands as a vastly different world than the one I began in. Fortunately, the transformations have been overwhelmingly positive. Both procedural and mechanical safety have seen substantial improvements, and what was once a male-dominated sector has evolved into a fully diversified field. Jets now soar higher, faster, and farther; their outdated “steam gauge” instrumentation, a relic of bygone years, has been replaced by cutting-edge ‘glass’ technology straight from the pages of a space science fiction novel.

With the rapid advancements in today’s technology, it is hard to imagine what the future may hold. Undoubtedly, AI will play a role. Perhaps space travel will become commonplace for the everyday commuter, even in my lifetime? I often find myself looking back and reflecting on that Christmas Day and the gift that forever altered the course of my life. I contemplate where I might be today had it not been for the kindness and thoughtfulness of my parents. Certainly not nine miles high, hurtling at near-sonic speeds, and granting me the opportunity to explore the wonders the world has to offer.

The invaluable lesson I carry with me, now passed on to my own children, is that even if your dreams are fraught with challenges and obstacles, and whether you’re a mediocre lad or lass from a nameless town or not, all you need to achieve your dreams is passion (and having awesome parents certainly comes in handy).

Dean CorbynDean Corbyn
Client Aviation Manager, Solairus Aviation

Pushing Boundaries, Connecting Worlds

I am passionate about aviation because it is an industry that constantly pushes boundaries, sparks innovation, and connects people from all around the world. Aviation represents the incredible human achievement of conquering the skies and defying gravity. It is a symbol of our determination, curiosity, and desire to explore and expand our horizons.

The idea of soaring thousands of feet above the ground and witnessing breathtaking aerial vistas is nothing short of a marvelous experience. The thrill of takeoff, the exhilaration of being in control of a complex machine, and the serenity of gliding through the clouds create a unique sensation that cannot be replicated elsewhere. It is a feeling of freedom and liberation, as if we are breaking the earthly constraints and reaching for the stars.

Moreover, aviation plays a vital role in connecting people and cultures. It enables friends and families to reunite, connects businesses across borders, and fosters cultural exchange. The aviation industry is the backbone of the global economy, allowing goods and services to be transported swiftly and efficiently. Through aviation, we have witnessed the world becoming smaller and societies becoming more interconnected.

Furthermore, aviation represents an immense field of technical and scientific advancements. It necessitates continuous innovation in engineering, materials science, aerodynamics, and many other disciplines. The quest for efficiency, safety, and sustainability in aviation fuels groundbreaking research and development.

In summary, my passion for aviation stems from its ability to inspire, connect, and advance our understanding of the world. It represents the indomitable spirit of humanity and our unrelenting pursuit to explore new frontiers.

Joseph BensonJoseph Benson
CEO, Aircraft Place

Investing in Aviation’s Transformative Impact

My personal passion for aviation extends beyond the financial realm, intertwining with my involvement in private aviation, coaching, capital funding, and public speaking.

Investing in the aviation sector isn’t just about numbers for me; it’s about embracing innovation, the thrill of progress, and the sheer magnitude of possibilities that aviation represents. Witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of strategic investments in cutting-edge technologies within the aviation industry fuels my commitment. Whether facilitating capital for groundbreaking projects or sharing insights through coaching and public speaking, I am driven by a profound belief in the potential of aviation to redefine our future, making it an integral part of both my professional journey and personal passion.

Sarah Marie NaskaSarah Marie Naska
Founder, SMHavice Investments

Combining Efficiency, Safety, and Profitability

What truly excites me about aviation is its relentless pursuit of efficiency and safety, coupled with the challenge of maintaining profitability in a highly competitive and regulated industry. It’s a sector that’s constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology and changing consumer expectations. The way airlines leverage data to optimize routes, improve passenger experience, and even influence future aircraft design is a testament to the dynamic nature of the industry.

For an entrepreneur, aviation is not just about planes; it’s a rich source of insights on adapting to change, managing complex systems, and innovating for better customer experiences.

John WernerJohn Werner
President & CEO, Pilot John

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