What was your favorite job?

January 11, 2023
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January 11, 2023 Terkel

What was your favorite job?

From travel group leader to a startup software company coder, here are 12 answers to the question, “What was your favorite job and why?”

  • Travel Group Leader
  • U.S. Navy Veterinary Epidemiologist
  • Marketing Intern
  • Freelance Writer
  • SEO Consultant
  • Librarian
  • Holiday Camp Teacher
  • Chef
  • Salesperson
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creating My Own Job
  • Coder

Travel Group Leader

Being a travel group leader was by far my favorite job ever. It combined two of my favorite things: traveling and organizing. Organizing the logistics for each trip was exhilarating, almost like putting together a puzzle. And of course, exploring new, interesting places with groups of amazing people is always fun!

On top of that, I gained invaluable insights into different cultures by seeing things I couldn’t have seen otherwise. Through this experience, I developed relationships with people from different walks of life, broadened my horizons, and made lifelong friends.

Each time I left a place knowing I had shared an unforgettable journey with not only my group members but also other travelers we met along the way never failed to put a smile on my face.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, UK Passport Photo

U.S. Navy Veterinary Epidemiologist

Before I became an e-commerce guru, I was a veterinary epidemiologist for the US Navy. This was not only the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, but it also allowed me to research bottlenose dolphins. This led to the discovery of the first essential fatty acid in 90 years, pentadecanoic acid. Now, my life’s mission is to share this nutrient with the world via a groundbreaking supplement.

Stephanie Venn-Watson, Co-Founder, Fatty15

Marketing Intern

My favorite job to date has been working as a marketing Intern at a large technology company. I found it incredibly rewarding to develop and execute creative strategies for successful product launches, as well as measure their effectiveness with comprehensive analytics.

Being part of a highly skilled marketing team gave me the opportunity to collaborate and learn from dynamic professionals and hone my skills. Above all, the most satisfying aspect of this role was being able to directly contribute to the success of the organization.

Jim Campbell, Owner, Camp Media

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing has been a terrific alternative for supplemental money, as well as my principal source of earnings, which has allowed me to support myself. I excel at it, and I do my work at home, which allows me to spend the entire day with my family.

I also get to pick my customers, so that I can collaborate with intriguing individuals on interesting projects. I enjoy being independent. In 2010, I last received a payment just for showing up for work and performing my duties. I’m compensated to do the things I enjoy doing. The benefit of freelancing is that you can decide if you want to work on it full-time, part-time, while binge-watching Netflix, or not at all for a while.

Isaac Robertson, Fitness Trainer & Co-Founder, Total Shape

SEO Consultant

There are several reasons SEO consulting is my favorite job. It allows for creativity and problem-solving, is constantly developing, and has the potential to make a significant impact.

SEO consultants constantly face new challenges and the need to develop creative solutions to improve a client’s online presence. The world of SEO is continually changing, with new algorithms and best practices being developed continuously. This can make the job of an SEO consultant exciting and dynamic, as they need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

SEO consulting can significantly affect a business’s success, as it helps increase the website’s visibility and credibility. This can be rewarding for those who enjoy helping others and making a difference.

Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Consultant, SEO London


My favorite job was working at my local library. Not only did I get to help people find the books they were looking for, but I also got to be surrounded by literature and knowledge every day. Working in such a great environment helped increase my passion for reading and opened up new perspectives on life.

Additionally, the people who worked there were always so kind and supportive, making it an even more inviting place to work. This job perfectly combined education and fun—I had a great time every day!

Martin Seeley, CEO, Mattress Next Day

Holiday Camp Teacher

I used to work as a holiday camp teacher and totally loved that job. I planned and conducted creative language classes for teenagers. Having the freedom of choice, a decent budget, and a great group of adventurous students, I could use my imagination and spread my wings.

Learning through fun worked amazingly! Outdoor detective games, speed dating, karaoke competitions, reading sessions… And the list goes on. I cherish the memories of my job as a holiday camp teacher. It was a greatly enjoyable experience.

What’s noteworthy is that I wasn’t there as a camp counselor. I didn’t have to take care of students after my language classes. Thanks to that, I felt like a tourist. I had plenty of free time to explore the local area on my own, take trips, and buy souvenirs.

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer


Being a chef was my favorite job, as it allowed me to combine both of my passions: cooking and interacting with people. Working in professional kitchens taught me discipline, while simultaneously providing creative freedom through plate presentation and menu selection.

Being able to see and taste the tangible product of my hard work always raised my spirits on long days when dealing with customer complaints or tedious tasks like inventory tracking or cleaning.

Being a part of the reliable routine that is necessary to operate in this environment was comforting, ‌but also made it easier for me to challenge myself daily. It felt very rewarding to receive accolades from management or customers for well-executed dishes, and I wish for the opportunity to do that once again.

Rob Smith, Head Chef, Your Private Chef


My favorite job was in sales. I enjoyed the financial rewards that came from meeting my targets and the social benefits of interacting with clients and colleagues. It was a great way to learn about different industries, expand my networking opportunities, and develop important communication skills.

The best part for me was being able to help people find solutions to their problems, which gave me a sense of fulfillment. I also loved the challenge of finding new ways to market products and services, as well as creating innovative strategies to connect with customers. Overall, my experience in sales was one that helped shape me into the professional I am today.

Mark McShane, Marketing Director, Birmingham First Aid Courses


I love being an entrepreneur! Being an entrepreneur is a great way to express my creativity, take risks, and have complete control over my professional destiny. It gives me the opportunity to innovate, create something of value, and make a real difference in people’s lives.

I also enjoy the variety of tasks that come with running my business; from developing products to marketing strategies, I get to explore different areas of business every day.

What really makes this job special for me is that it allows me to work with diverse groups of people, which has helped strengthen all aspects of my entrepreneurial skill set. All these factors make being an entrepreneur immensely satisfying for me.

Jose Gomez, CTO & Founder, Evinex

Creating My Own Job

The reason this is my favorite job is that the core value is having fun while inspiring others to have fun as well. As Chief Riding Officer, it is my duty to ride the hottest electric skateboards, unicycles, scooters, and surfboards on the market and give my honest review.

My experience as a Chief Riding Officer has allowed me to leverage my experience as an SEO professional into something more evergreen. As a result, companies have sent me free products, test rides, and partnership opportunities. If anyone is looking for a new job, I highly recommend that they create one.

Nick Varga, Chief Riding Officer, ERide Journal


My favorite job was at a small start-up software company. The company’s founder could not afford to pay me much, and I made less than $10,000 annually, but I had such an amazing experience that I learned so much more than any other job I had. And the guy who ran it was very generous in teaching me how to code and actively sought to do so.

Riyaz Khatri, Editor, Beast Beauty

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