March 20, 2008 Terkel

A big part of the Pursue the Passion’s mission is to improve the quality of student’s lives, both as professionals and individuals. While we have a multitude of theories and messages that we try to utilize for articulating our message there is still the question of how to facilitate actual change.

It requires more than consciousness and simple acknowledgement of a goal or problem but an action that can be quantified, tested and benchmarked. This is what I would consider the lifestyle change at the root of any self improvement process and, for me, the most important part. I need something that I can practice on a daily basis that will help me stay motivated and see actual results.

These lifestyle changes can be as simple as changing what we eat, reading more or even self affirmations. The power of these small changes is not in the act itself but rather their cumulative effect on our ability to maintain focus and effect our attitudes. After our weekend of “Leading You” training with Jobing I committed myself to making 1 lifestyle change that would, ideally, enhance my productivity and focus at work.I decided to switch my workouts from the late evening to before work. It means getting up at 5:00, but it also gives me incentive to go to bed early, lets me wind down in the evenings and energizes me before heading into the office. My point isn’t that anybody else should follow suit, only that it is something I’d been meaning to do for a long time and had put off with nothing but my own apathy as an excuse. Every one of us has at least one thing that we know we should be doing, but have justified putting off until another day. I recommend we all just get started, because after all tomorrow’s another day.