12 Best Careers for Work Life Balance

June 10, 2022
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June 10, 2022 Terkel

What Is One Great Career For Work-life Balance?

To help you identify careers that are great for work-life balance, we asked people managers and career coaches this question for their best recommendations. From being an entrepreneur to taking up a blue collar job, there are several careers that may be great for people more interested in work-life balance.

Here Are 12 Best Careers For Work-Life Balance:

  • Be An Entrepreneur
  • Freelance SEO SEM Specialist
  • PR Writing
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Content Creation 
  • Landscape Architect
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Data Scientist
  • Web Developer
  • Recruiter
  • Blue Collar Jobs


Be An Entrepreneur

One of the best careers for work-life balance is being an entrepreneur! On days when I need motivation, I try to remind myself that I am exactly where I hoped to be and running my own company. Moreover, I allot some guilt-free days where I reward myself for all my hard work.

One of the main things that I try to practice is always advising my employees to strike a work-life balance. Spend time with your loved ones and maintain healthy relationships. And last but not the least, always be open to innovations and new learning experiences as they make you learn new relevant skills!

Alexander Shute, FaithGiant


Freelance SEO SEM Specialist

Working as a freelance SEO or PPC specialist is a great option for achieving a work-life balance. An SEO Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist can work where he wants, at any time: he needs just a PC and a good internet network. Furthermore, these professionals are well paid and increasingly in demand.

If you would like to work studying a mix of copywriting, IT, and marketing, the SEO or PPC specialist is a great option. Furthermore, it is a job in which you cannot be bored: it requires constant updating. Therefore, a highly demanded, well-paid, and very challenging job.

Piergiorgio Zotti, Consulente SEO SEM Specialist Bari


PR Writing

PR Writing is a fabulous career for work-life balance if you have a flair for stringing sentences together well. Most gigs are remote or at least have a remote option, so they can be done even on vacation. Additionally, remote positions allow for flexibility in scheduling making it perfect for those with kiddos that are school-aged and need attention later in the afternoon.

Finally, grab your laptop and head to Starbucks to pound out a copy as most companies, while flexible, have deadlines to meet and while the flexibility can be awesome, some caffeine close to said deadlines might be in order!

Erin Banta, Pepper


Dental Hygienist

Holidays and free weekends, dental hygienists notably have one of the best careers with a flexible schedule and more free time for family. Besides the reasonable working hours, high job satisfaction with most reaching top-earning status of 77k a year with advancement with education and training.

In addition, most dental hygienists enjoy the benefit of leaving work and returning home in time for dinner with family, enjoying a balanced work week. Lastly, no career is without stress, but finding a job that respects your work-life balance is essential.

Yooseok gong, Ohora


Content Creation

Considering that employees worldwide have shifted their priorities toward a more balanced Work-Life when it comes to employment, considering content creation as a profession might be a great option. Writing blogs, articles, recording videos, and others requires great effort and focus.

However, with the increasing demand for such professionals that can act in almost any industry, some of its perks deserve great attention. Working as a content creator, a person will have great work flexibility and reduced commuting as working remotely, or hybrid is pretty possible. The money is ok, and a decent life is possible in finances and personal affairs.

Ricardo von Groll, Talentify


Landscape Architect

Landscape architects have a career that often can provide work life balance. These professionals are responsible for designing gardens, parks, and planting spaces. Landscape architects make decisions in regards to the variety of vegetation, the distribution of plantings, and other environmental design elements. Landscape architects spend a significant portion of their work day outside, either discussing landscaping decisions with clients or engaging with the installation process.

Since the vast majority of landscaping is conducted during the day, landscape architects often do not have to worry about being away from home when the sun goes down. Design work has the potential to take up time during the off hours but this is not a definite constraint. Landscape architects can carve out time to balance their personal lives given their daytime oriented work focus.

Sean Doherty, Box Genie


Marketing Consultant

As the focus on physical and mental wellbeing rises, the importance of work-life balance takes the spotlight. There are a myriad of full-time career options that allow the employee to have a work-life balance but the scales do tip every so often due to excessive workload or pending tasks. However, some careers allow the employee more control and freedom.

One such career path is that of a marketing consultant. A marketing consultant is generally hired on a project basis. Their primary role is to guide businesses in identifying and applying the best possible strategies to market their product or service. If you are a marketing consultant, you can maintain a work-life balance by taking on projects only when you need to, clearly defining your hours of availability, and working with organizations that will respect your boundaries.

Chris Roth, Highline Wellness


Real Estate Agent

An agent connects the buyer and seller in a transaction and represents them in legal proceedings. Most real estate agents make their schedules; this makes it possible to set aside some time for friends, family, hobbies, et al. Working remotely as an agent has always been a possibility to multi-task and have more free time.



Data Scientist

Most tech jobs have a great work life balance, and a career as a data scientist is no exception. Those who work in data science have a broad range of tasks, but in general, they data and do a lot of problem-solving in their day-to-day activities.

Most data science positions offer full flexibility with work, allowing you to elect to work in-person, hybrid, or fully remotely. Pair this with a salary of $94,000 per year and you get a career that gives you freedom to enjoy your off-hours doing what you love and with no financial worries.

Jarrid Raney, Shop Blends


Web Developer

As more and more business is conducted online, the need for a stellar website to attract others only grows. That’s why individuals and corporations both offer attractive employment benefits to catch the eyes of aspiring developers.

Whether working freelance or in-house, flexible working arrangements are typically part of the employment terms. This can include remote work and flexible working hours. If you’re good with computers, this is a fantastic option to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Adrien Dissous, Babo Botanicals



A career in recruitment is quite flexible as you can work from anywhere as long as you have the internet and a mobile device such as a laptop, iPad, or mobile phone. Even when working for an agency like ours, the job is typically not bound by a 9-5 schedule, giving you the freedom to structure your own schedule which is the height of work-life balance. Recruiters also enjoy more job autonomy and are less encumbered by things like office politics and micromanagement, which can impact your mental wellbeing.

Mike Moran, Green Lion Search


Blue Collar Jobs

Not the answer you want to hear but, any career where you can stop worrying about deadlines, due dates, pending tasks, or any other piece of work after you clock out is a good career to maintain a work-life balance. Work-life balance is unique to each person, as everyone has a different tolerance to extended work. More career-focused people, also called workaholics, are fine with work bleeding into personal time as it furthers their progress toward their goals. 

If all you wanted was a straight answer: any blue-collar jobs. Work starts when you get there, work ends when you leave. You can’t really work from home because the materials you use to work are company-owned and in most cases cannot be taken from the worksite.

Iohan Chan, Clark Staff


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