Igniting Creativity: Fueling Innovation Through Passion

October 9, 2023
October 9, 2023 Terkel

Igniting Creativity: Fueling Innovation Through Passion

To help you keep your creative spark alive while pursuing your passion, we’ve gathered nine insightful practices from CEOs, General Partners, and other professionals. From igniting creativity through music to embracing diverse inputs and interdisciplinary learning, discover the techniques these leaders use to stay innovative in their fields.

  • Ignite Creativity Through Music
  • Experiment with “Surprise Plants”
  • Adopt “Innovation Fridays”
  • Understand Interests to Spark Creativity
  • Focus on Outcomes, Not Time
  • Take a Daily Dose of Instrumental Music
  • Brainstorm Regularly, Seek Diverse Inspiration
  • Relax and Create at a Brew Pub
  • Embrace Diverse Inputs and Interdisciplinary Learning

Ignite Creativity Through Music

While leading CoinLedger, I also wear another hat—I’m the guitarist for a cover band called Y’all Out Boy. Whenever I’m faced with tough decisions—be it choosing an integration or scaling a marketing channel—I set aside my devices and immerse myself in music for hours. Playing the guitar without distractions helps me achieve a flow state, pushing me to momentarily forget the problem at hand. It’s surprising how often the solution emerges by the end of my session. I strongly believe in the power of music to ignite creativity. So, whether it’s playing an instrument or diving into another passion, taking a step back can often lead you several steps forward.

David KemmererDavid Kemmerer
Co-Founder and CEO, CoinLedger

Experiment with “Surprise Plants”

As a gardener, I nurture creativity while pursuing my passion by experimenting with different plants. I call this practice “Surprise Plants.” In this technique, I experiment with new and unusual plant species. I look for plants with different colors, textures, and growth habits. Mixing unfamiliar plants leads to surprising results in my garden, and so, it keeps me motivated while pursuing my passion for gardening.

Michael FleetwoodMichael Fleetwood
Gardener, NotWeed

Adopt “Innovation Fridays”

In the fast-paced beauty-tech landscape of Evenskyn, continuous innovation is essential. To keep the creative spark alive amidst the business demands, a practice called “Innovation Fridays” has been adopted. Every Friday, two hours are set aside solely for undistracted brainstorming. No emails, no calls. This might involve exploring emerging beauty trends, reading customer feedback, or even experimenting with the devices, seeking areas for improvement. One instance was when, during these sessions, the device’s ergonomics were toyed with, leading to design refinements. This habit ensures that daily operations don’t bog down the focus on product advancement. The advice: Dedicate regular, uninterrupted time for pure creative thinking, regardless of your field. It’s in these quiet moments that groundbreaking ideas often emerge, keeping the passion alive and the innovation wheel turning.

Zain AliZain Ali

Understand Interests to Spark Creativity

Nurturing your creative spark while pursuing your passion requires understanding your own interests. Nurturing something like this isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” situation. It’s going to be different for everyone, based on your passions, what clears your mind, and what helps you to be more creative.

Passions such as creativity and nature can be a source of inspiration. Taking a walk outdoors can help to ignite or maintain a creative spark. Even just a park can do the trick sometimes, but the more “in nature” you are, the better. Look at your own passions to find something like this, and you’ll always have a way to nurture your creative spark.

Michael MaroneyMichael Maroney
Marketing Director and Lead Biologist, Infinite Outdoors

Focus on Outcomes, Not Time

I believe in unlocking creativity by focusing on outcomes, not time. In my line of work, I face deadlines like everyone else and recognize the importance of time management. However, I’ve realized that pouring more hours into a project doesn’t always equate to superior design. I strive to be intentional and purposeful. I aim to produce quality results rather than merely trying to occupy every fleeting moment with varied work tactics just to meet a time-bound target.

When I center my efforts on concrete results, I tend to find viable solutions faster, free from unnecessary distractions and without the stress of constantly watching the clock. For me, genuine focus and passion are the true drivers behind purposeful creativity.

Danilo MirandaDanilo Miranda
Managing Director, Presenteverso

Take a Daily Dose of Instrumental Music

I listen to new instrumental music every single day. The idea is not my own, but comes from a newsletter I subscribe to, called Flow State. This ritual has really changed my music consumption and keeps me doing and thinking interesting things while I work every single day.

Trevor EwenTrevor Ewen
COO, QBench

Brainstorm Regularly, Seek Diverse Inspiration

One practice that helps me nurture my creative spark while pursuing my passion is engaging in regular brainstorming sessions. By allowing my mind to freely explore new ideas and possibilities, I am able to tap into my creativity and stay innovative. During these sessions, I jot down any thoughts or concepts that come to mind, even if they initially seem unrelated or impractical. This helps me expand my thinking and often leads to unexpected connections and breakthroughs. Additionally, I find it helpful to expose myself to diverse sources of inspiration, such as art, music, literature, and nature, as they stimulate my imagination and fuel my creativity.

Lee OdiernoLee Odierno
Personal Injury Lawyer, The Odierno Law Firm, P.C.

Relax and Create at a Brew Pub

Okay, this will sound bad at first, but hear me out: craft beer at a friendly brew pub.

It’s all about the setting for me. I live at the beach, and being able to sit at the local brew pub, enjoying a craft beer, good music, phone off, laptop plugged in, and open is simply the best way to settle my mind, solve problems, and get creative.

Christopher OlsonChristopher Olson
General Partner, Southern Bay Realty

Embrace Diverse Inputs and Interdisciplinary Learning

Diverse Input Sources: I actively seek inspiration from a wide range of sources beyond my immediate field of interest. This includes reading books, articles, and magazines from various genres, exploring different art forms, and engaging in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds.

Interdisciplinary Learning: I dedicate time to learning new skills or gaining knowledge in areas seemingly unrelated to my passion. For instance, if my passion is in technology, I might delve into art, psychology, or even cooking. These interdisciplinary connections often spark fresh ideas.

Networking and Collaboration: I actively engage in networking events, conferences, and workshops that bring together individuals from various industries. Collaborating with people from different backgrounds exposes me to different perspectives and ways of thinking.

Ritika AsraniRitika Asrani
Owner and Head Broker, St Maarten Real Estate

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