7 Careers for Lazy People

June 7, 2022
June 7, 2022 Terkel

What is a good career option for a lazy person?

To help you identify careers that are good for lazy people, we asked career coaches and recruiters this question for their best recommendations. From Bridge Operator to Event Stand-in, there are several careers that may be the best option for people who are lazy.

Here are seven good careers for lazy people:

  • Bridge Operator
  • Freelancing
  • Video Game Tester
  • Sleep Study Participant
  • Graphic Design
  • App Tester
  • Event Stand-in


Bridge Operator

When you are a bridge operator, your main job is to wait. You sit at your post most of the day and wait for the ship to come in to raise the bridge. The job is not stressful because you get notified about 15 minutes before the boat arrives, and some of the trips are on a regular schedule. The rest of the time – that waiting time – can be spent doing whatever you want, as long as you stay at your station.

Karolina Zajac, Passport Photo Online



Some people have a job that they just don’t enjoy doing. They might be stuck in a job that they do not like or they may be bored with their job. This is not an unusual situation and many people will experience this at some point in their lives. This can be quite frustrating for the person and for the employer, but there are ways to make it better. There are also jobs that you can do if you are lazy, such as being a freelancer, which means you work from home or go places to work when necessary.

Brad Eckhardt, Elite Dental Center


Video Game Tester

Video game companies require people to play their games to see whether there are any glitches to them or any last-minute adjustments that need to be made to them before they are launched. What better job is there for someone who likes to sit around the house than a video-game tester? You will get paid to get lost in a game that tests your reflexes and dexterity. All you need is a couch and a television – two essential tools for lazy people. There are many jobs to be had in this space. The video game industry continues to grow. It’s a fun, easy way to earn income.

Trevor Ford, Yotta


Sleep Study Participant

As a lazy person, you probably like to sleep. Why not participate in a study that examines sleep patterns and get money for that? Scientists are always looking for ways to test their theories and new solutions. You might even pick which subject area is the most interesting for you and sign up for a sleep study. If you don’t mind being monitored while you sleep, this career option is perfect for you! It might sound funny at first, but your participation will contribute to the research on sleeping disorders and improve other people’s lives.

Dorota Lysienia, MyPerfectResume


Graphic Design

Graphic design is an excellent alternative career for interior designers who want to change their passion or career path. The skills they acquired while learning interior design are related, and transitioning to this new course will be streamlined compared to other career paths. With in-depth knowledge of drawing and layout models, graphic design will be easy.



App Tester

If you’re a lazy person, it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve a successful career. You don’t even have to work hard to get a job that can be a hit for you. So what do you say about becoming an app tester? Your job will be to find bugs and errors in apps’ systems. Moreover, any ideas on improving the software will be appreciated. As a lazy person, you certainly have a knack for finding better solutions and shortcuts. App testers work mainly as freelancers, so you can take as many contracts as you like. The salary range is typically between $60,046 and $79,261, depending on your education, certifications, and experience. So if you like to spend most of your time on the couch, give this job a try.

Nina Paczka, MyPerfectResume


Event Stand-in

There are events held for various situations that want to create the perception of being influential. This might include nightclubs, fancy hotels, award ceremonies, or political rallies. They choose to pay people to create the perception of having a huge following among the people and make people want to join in the fun. A lazy person could enjoy this work since they are only required for a few hours and do nothing. Some events such as Grammys and BET pay stand-ins huge amounts of money to show up for the event.

Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans



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