9 Career Options For People Who Don’t Hold Back Honest Opinions

May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022 Terkel

What is one career option for someone who doesn’t hold back on giving honest opinions?

To help you identify career options for people who express opinions honestly, we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for their best advice. From standup comedy to interior designing, there are several career options to explore where you will not shy away from expressing your honest opinions.


Here are nine career options for people who express honest opinions:

  • Standup Comedy
  • Clinical and Counseling Psychologists
  • Commentator
  • Realtor
  • Retail Sales
  • Safety Related Occupation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Movie and Show Critic
  • Interior Designing


9 Career Options For People Who Don't Hold Back Honest Opinions

Standup Comedy

Standup comedians can get away with honesty by incorporating a humorous twist. While this career does not usually come easily, entertaining people and making them laugh while speaking candidly on a variety of topics can certainly be rewarding. If you are outspoken and creative, this may be a career path worth pursuing.

Nick Shackelford, Structured Agency


Clinical and Counseling Psychologists

If you didn’t hold back on giving honest opinions, a clinical and counseling psychologist would be the best career option for you. They analyze, diagnose, and treat the emotional and mental disorders of the individuals through an interview, observation, and psychological tests. Also, this career option helps individuals with maladjustment or distress fathom the issues through their knowledge of interviews with patients, case history, and theory. 

After diagnosing a patient’s condition, the psychologist provides group or individual counseling services to guide them in acquiring more efficient social, personal, vocational, and education developments. Their task is to amass details about clients, use observational strategies or interviews, and give honest opinions.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign



Whether you like it or not, people find it entertaining when someone doesn’t hold back on giving an honest opinion. They’re often thought of as polarizing. Simultaneously, you love to hate them and hate that you love them. That said, the entertainment industry is full of commentators that get paid a hefty amount to share opinions that some may or may not agree with. Whether it be sports, fashion, music, or even politics, we look to people’s opinions a lot of the time to combat or support our own opinions. Now more than ever, exploring a career as a commentator may be the best option for those who don’t hold back on giving honest opinions.

Kate Lipman, embrace Scar Therapy



For those who always have their honest opinion to share, consider getting a real estate license. The best realtors are the ones who can give their clients honest opinions about homes and properties. For example, the realtor who lies or withholds to their clients for the sake of the sale will wind up with a bad reputation. While the honest realtor might have a sale take a bit longer to close, they’ll be better off for it in the long run.

Matt Woods, SOLD.com


Retail Sales

If honesty is your best policy, retail sales is a great career option for you. For example, the best salespeople are the ones who give their honest opinions about the product, and how it will work with both your customers’ lifestyle and wardrobe style. Customers can usually sense when a salesperson is desperate to make a sale or when that salesperson is being dishonest or is holding back their opinion. If you’re someone who can tell their customers like it is in order to gain their trust and loyalty, think about a career in retail sales.

Eric Elggren, Andar


Safety Related Occupation

Honesty is a great character quality for any person in any job, but it is especially useful in careers that impact an individual’s or the public’s safety. For example, those with a career as a health inspector or vehicle quality assurance have a direct impact on ensuring the well being and safety of others; when checking on food which will be consumed or the structural integrity of vehicles that will travel at high speeds, an honest observation could mean the difference between illness and health, or injury and safe arrival. Certain topics should not be danced-around and deserve to be handled with directness and honesty.

Tommy Chang, Homelister


Executive Coaching

If you’re forthright about your opinions, then try Executive Coaching. You’ll find that many C-Level executives are surrounded by people who are often too afraid to share their disagreements. The outcome is that companies waste time, money, and energy on bad ideas. As an Executive Coach, you can show executives how to change their leadership styles to empower people to share bold ideas, and to push back on existing ideas. The good news is that in this type of environment, you’ll be the first to push your client to think differently, and you’ll quickly become one of their most trusted advisors.

Dennis Consorte, Snackable Solutions


Movie and Show Critic

If you want to get your opinions out there, start watching movies and shows via streaming services and write about them. Detail everything good and bad about those shows. If you want to choose a specific genre, that’s fine, but you should concentrate on getting as much out there as you can at first. Keep the early reviews pithy. That’s the best approach to getting them circulated more. If you want to further bolster them, add a video element to your reviews and post them on YouTube. Make your content unique, digestible and memorable. Eventually, you’ll catch fire and find a way to make it a money-making venture.

Trevor Ford, Yotta


Interior Designing

An interior designer is someone clients look to for opinions. For example, if a customer asks how you would redesign their bedroom, they don’t want you to hold back on the things that aren’t currently working in the space. The same goes for kitchen remodels or any other room in the house. Creativity rarely has black and white answers but there’s so much beauty in the grays. Interior designers are fortunate enough to be asked to share their honest opinion on everything from furniture to paint color and every style choice in between.

Erin Banta, Pepper



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