Why Are You Passionate About Cognitive Science?

February 15, 2024
February 15, 2024 Terkel

Why Are You Passionate About Cognitive Science?

Delving into the depths of the human mind, we’ve gathered insights from four experts in the field of cognitive science to understand their passion. Featuring perspectives from an organizational psychologist and a clinical psychologist, our contributors explore everything from understanding brain functionality to appreciating the complexity and diversity in human minds.

  • Understanding Brain Functionality
  • Improving Lives with Brain Insights
  • Uncovering Mind Mysteries Through Interdisciplinary Study
  • Appreciating the Complexity and Diversity in Human Minds

Understanding Brain Functionality

Understanding how our brain works, also known as cognitive science, is fundamental to developing the tools we need to work with our brain, thoughts, feelings, and mind adaptively. When we don’t understand how our “machinery” works, we’re under-using or, worse, misusing it.

Dr. Tatijana Busic
Organizational Psychologist, Busic Psychology & Consulting

Improving Lives with Brain Insights

Cognitive science provides valuable insights into how the brain develops and functions, which can help us improve our lives in many ways. For example, when we know how best to create new habits that “stick,” when the best time of day is to make hard decisions, or when to introduce new ideas to family and/or colleagues, we’re more likely to enjoy positive outcomes. When we understand the brain more, we can work with it, rather than against it, avoiding lackluster focus and learning capacity, poor memory, and unstable mood.

It’s also useful to know what doesn’t support the brain, so we can optimize its health, versus falling prey to mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. Especially in today’s complex and uncertain world, I’m passionate about revealing how amazing our brains are, so that we can use this knowledge to thrive.

Delia Mccabe, PhdDelia Mccabe, Phd
Consultant, Lighter Brighter You!

Uncovering Mind Mysteries Through Interdisciplinary Study

I’m passionate about cognitive science because it helps me understand how our minds work by combining different fields like psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and computer science. Exploring topics around the intricate workings of the human mind, from decision-making to memory, not only interests me but also has real-world applications in areas like education, healthcare, and technology.

The ever-evolving nature of the field keeps me challenged and eager to learn. Ultimately, I’m drawn to cognitive science because it allows me to uncover the mysteries of the human mind and make positive contributions to how we understand it.

Ankita GuptaAnkita Gupta

Appreciating the Complexity and Diversity in Human Minds

I have been passionate about cognitive science since the first time I took a psychology class. The human mind is so complex, and even similar diagnoses can present vastly differently in each person. Studying this from various vantage points helps our understanding while also serving those impacted by various diagnoses.

Lisa SchultzLisa Schultz
Clinical Psychologist, Schultz Behavioral Consultants

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