February 29, 2008 Terkel

This week was my first spent entirely in the office and provided me with a much needed opportunity to work on the documentary. Watching video of our trip for ten hours while intermittently trying to engage myself in real world conversations has left me red eyed, frazzled and unnecessarily brazen. Our trip promoted a certain sensibility, characteristic of irreverence, spontaneity and indulgent personal analysis.

One moment I’m inside the RV moving at 80 miles per hour, blitzing up the northwest coastline while eating month old baked goods, listening to Bob Marley and arguing with Noah about the fundamental nature and significance of work. That’s when Brett taps me on the shoulder and tells me we’ve got a strategy meeting for the PTP Program. I was about to interview the Director of Shoe Design at Jordan!

Everyone else is in the present while I’m resurfacing from this fictional world that hardly seemed real while it was happening. Let’s just say I’m slightly unpredictable at that point. Brett wants to know who’s driving to lunch and I think we should hitchhike.

But, I have to say I love the creative process and the task of building something from the bottom up. As I’m watching footage the themes are taking form in my mind and I’m allowed a chance to evaluate a significant time in my life on a level few are permitted. I get to decide how to tell my own story… Hopefully, someone wants to hear it.