What Jobs for Recent College Graduates Exist in 2023?

March 22, 2023
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March 22, 2023 Terkel

What Jobs for Recent College Graduates Exist in 2023?

From building relationships to land a job in your dream industry to applying to a marketing role, here are 14 answers to the question, “What are some jobs you’d recommend for a recent college graduate?”

  • Any Job in Your Dream Industry
  • Be Part of a Sales Team
  • Registration Specialist
  • Become An Intern
  • Social Media Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Any Job in Tech
  • Freelance Copywriting
  • Join a Startup
  • Data Science
  • Management Trainee at a Reputable Company
  • SaaS Business Development Rep
  • Marketing

Any Job in Your Dream Industry

Any job in your dream industry is a fantastic job for a recent graduate. More often than not, grads will let money determine their job choices and abandon their dreams because they require building relationships over the long haul.

If you find yourself having to choose between two roles and one comes with less money but is in your dream field, tough it out and earn less money for a while. You won’t regret it, as you’ll make connections that will get you where you want to go, rather than simply paying your bills.

Liza Kirsh, Chief Marketing Officer, DYMAPAK

Be Part of a Sales Team

Sales is a tough job to take on straight out of college, but you learn so much so quickly – and you really learn what you’re made of when you fail to close or fail to even get someone to open a door for you. It tests your mettle.

Additionally, salespeople are required to know a lot about the product they’re selling. You learn new terminology and how to cut through the initial apprehension on behalf of a customer. You hone a great sales pitch. Additionally, a career in sales will teach you how to adjust when you sense your customer is going one way or another. Sales jobs are daunting, but once you learn how to sell well, you feel like you can do anything in business.

Sean Doherty, GM, Box Genie

Registration Specialist

Registration Specialist seems to be a great job opportunity for recent college graduates, particularly those with a degree in healthcare, administration, or a related field. These professionals are in charge of registering patients for medical procedures, ensuring that their personal and insurance information is accurate and up-to-date, and answering any questions they may have. They may also help patients schedule appointments, manage their medical records, and provide guidance on financial assistance programs.

Working as a Registration Specialist allows recent college graduates to develop communication, customer service, and organizational skills. Additionally, the job is an excellent method to learn more about and gain experience in the healthcare system as a whole. Over time, Registration Specialists may also have opportunities to advance into management roles, such as Patient Access Manager, Director of Patient Access, or Healthcare Administrator.

Nina Paczka, Community Manager, Resume Now

Become An Intern

Most young professionals are either just starting out or going through a transition in their lives. For those who are eager to get a foot in the door, it is best to take small steps to see how they feel about a particular field. One of the best ways to do this is to intern.

The beauty of internships is that they are generally unpaid, which was an issue for many after the pandemic. As such, the barrier to entry for internships is lower than getting a full-time job.

Furthermore, the experience gained from an internship is invaluable. It is a chance to see if you like the company culture, the work environment, and the position for which you are applying. In essence, internships give you a chance to fully experience a job before taking it full-time.

Luciano Colos, Founder and CEO, PitchGrade

Account Manager

If you want to gain experience in a variety of fields, consider becoming an account manager. This entry-level position deals with both sales and customer support. They are skilled at maintaining current client relationships, as well as acquiring new ones. You will learn a variety of skills that can help you in various careers.

Kim Walls, CEO and Co-founder, Furtuna Skin

Executive Assistant

An executive assistant position is a great role for a recent college graduate. This allows them to work from the very bottom and become an essential player and gradually work their way up. They can navigate schedules and send-outs, and the organization skills will be essential as they grow with the company. While it may not be the end goal, it’s a step in the right direction.

Lindsay Malu Kido, CEO, Empower Pleasure

Any Job in Tech

I’m not suggesting a job in tech only because everyone thinks it’s the most happening industry with loads of opportunities. Rather, a solid reason behind this suggestion is that college graduates in the tech industry can continue to stay true to the niche they are passionate about.

Artists can take to the creative side of tech, with AI tools and even the Metaverse providing them with the creative outlet they need. Those interested in numbers can get down to some data-crunching and help develop analytics tools and more. Even graduates who are genuinely interested in social causes can find a job in their niche here, with NGOs and environmental-centric niches helping them find impactful solutions the tech way.

Moreover, the industry welcomes fresh talent, rewards their potential with competitive remuneration, and encourages growth through learning opportunities.

Brendan McGreevy, Head of Strategy, Affinda

Freelance Copywriting

Today, there are so many opportunities in the freelance copywriting world like this. You could easily start writing copy for several businesses in areas such as social media ads, direct response emails, and content writing for inbound lead generation.

Consequently, entrepreneurs must demonstrate that their startup is focused on long-term growth while also offering tangible benefits for stakeholders; those who fail to do so will find themselves at an increasingly insurmountable disadvantage in terms of securing financial backing.

My advice to any recent graduates looking to get into the world of copywriting is to be prepared to put in the effort, focus on research, and make sure your copy is quality-driven. Be confident that you can take on any challenge presented to you—with enough hard work and dedication, anything is possible!

Stephanie jenkins, Founder, Stephanie Jenkins Photo

Join a Startup

Joining a startup is quite possibly the best thing you can do if you’re fresh out of college. I’ve worked in startups and I’ve worked in big businesses too. They both serve a purpose, but if you’re wanting to get ahead in the industry and become the best in your trade, then I’d argue that a startup is the best place to begin your career.

Of course, with a startup there are risks. They don’t always go to plan, there is a lot of pressure with higher workloads, and you’ll be given a lot more responsibility. But these are the things that will hone your industry intelligence more than anything. If the startup is a success, you’ll succeed with it and get the recognition that comes with it too, but even if it fails, you’ll be exposed to so much more than you would in a big business and you’ll gain invaluable experience in what’s required to succeed and what’s required not to fail in the industry.

Louis Schoeman, Director, Forex Suggest

Data Science

One job I’d recommend for a recent college graduate is that of a data scientist/analyst. One of the better job options and career pathways to think about if you have a background in math and an interest in it is data science.

Big data is a phrase you may be familiar with. Big businesses require data scientists to assist them in making sense of all the data they have about customers, the market as a whole, and competitors.

In fact, there is so much data that humans could never possibly examine it all, so they require assistance in developing software applications, scripts, and systems that analyze the data and produce useful business insights. Data scientists (and data engineers, who are akin to software engineers) can help with that.

This can be the profession for you if you enjoy math and technology. In terms of pay, it’s also one of the best careers for college grads; many data scientists make an average income of $100K to $150K or more.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Management Trainee at a Reputable Company

One job I would recommend for a recent college graduate is a management trainee position in a reputable company.

These programs are designed to provide recent college graduates with an immersive and structured learning experience that prepares them for leadership roles in the company.

They can offer several benefits to recent college graduates. It provides them with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, develop a broad range of skills, and gain exposure to different areas of the company. Additionally, it can lead to a full-time job offer and a clear career path within the organization.

Ralitsa Dodova, Content Writer, Buzzlogic

SaaS Business Development Rep

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the golden child of sales careers. Unlike in other industries, the recurring revenue from subscriptions makes sales remuneration particularly lucrative, at least for those with a talent for it. However, pivoting to sales later in your career can be risky, as not everyone has the stomach for it.

Recent college graduates have significantly more flexibility than experienced professionals when trying out jobs, meaning now is the perfect time for them to try sales. If they perform well and enjoy the job, successful business development reps will quickly rise through the ranks, commanding impressive remuneration packages.

However, if sales doesn’t work out, they have plenty of freedom to pursue something else. No one is expecting a recent college graduate to choose a lifetime employer immediately; quite the opposite, having multiple experiences can strengthen their resume.

Put simply, they will either earn or learn, a win-win situation for recent college graduates.

Oliver Savill, CEO and Founder, AssessmentDay


I recommend the marketing niche primarily because of its universal nature. A college graduate who chooses a marketing job as their first will bag the opportunity to work in a highly competitive environment.

The wide-ranging application of marketing talents will ensure that irrespective of what happens in a market or industry, a marketing person will always have exciting offers. Also, marketing provides plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities, making it the ideal field for a college graduate to explore.

Ariav Cohen, Vp of Marketing and Sales, Proprep

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