What are some examples of passion?

January 1, 2023
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January 1, 2023 Terkel

What are some examples of passion?

From being passionate about health and fitness customer service, here are the 16 answers to the question, “What is one good thing to be passionate about?”

  • Health and Fitness
  • Your Career
  • Learning
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Rare Book Collecting
  • Yourself
  • Authenticity
  • Helping Others Achieve their Goals
  • Make the World a Better Place
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Time Off
  • Freedom and Peace
  • Feeling Good
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Learn as if You Were to Live Forever
  • Customer Service

Health and Fitness

It is more important than ever to be passionate about health and fitness. We strive to ensure that our employees are given the best opportunity for success. We encourage everyone to be passionate about their health, and this means making sure they understand nutrition and exercise so that they can make decisions that will help them stay fit and healthy.

We provide comprehensive wellness programs with the aim of helping employees achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. We also encourage physical activity through a variety of activities like sports clubs and outdoor adventures. Our commitment to helping our employees live healthy lives is paramount, and we are passionate about making sure everyone has the necessary resources available to make this possible.

Michael Fischer, Founder, Elite HRT

Your Career

Your career. It seems like an obvious answer, but so many people are in positions where they have to work to live and don’t have the ability to enjoy what they’re doing. We spend a huge portion of our lives in the workplace; and if you’re passionate about what you do, it makes those hours much more pleasant. I’m fortunate enough to run a company whose mission I care deeply about, and I’m thankful each day for that. If you’re able to choose a career based on your passions, it’s an investment in your happiness that’s worth making.

Rachel Roff, Founder, CEO, Urban Skin Rx


Life is a never-ending quest of adapting and learning. No matter how old you are, or what stage of life you’re currently in, there is always something new to learn and perspectives to explore. Maintaining a keen sense of curiosity is great for both personal and professional development. The more insight you consume, the more prepared and efficient you’ll become, whether you’re cooking, traveling abroad, communicating, studying to become a software developer, or crafting marketing campaigns for a business. Furthermore, your mistakes, as well as your successes, provide many valuable lessons to be learned that will aid you in the future. Learning is the key to progression as you journey through life and is one of the best things that someone can be passionate about.

Cody Candee, CEO, Bounce

Personal and Professional Growth

I believe that it is the best thing to be passionate about personal and professional growth. What I meant by this is, to be excited about putting in efforts for our own gain, to first identify the areas where we can change and be better and improve it. For example, I personally started by improving my small habit in daily life.

There was a time when I felt that I never had enough time to do everything that I want to do every day, therefore, I started to have a priority list that I will check every morning to see which tasks I need to do or finish first. Afterwards, when I check the list, it felt that I had accomplished something even though it is just simple stuff in my daily routines.

Georgi Todorov, Founder, ThriveMyWay

Rare Book Collecting

Collecting rare books is not just a hobby personal to you and your tastes, but an exercise in preserving literary history. We have a way of shaping our identities around stories. Finding the first printing of an important book to you provides a new layer to your relationship with the work, further connecting you to the story. When you see it on your shelf as you walk by, you are filled not just with reminders about why you love the book, but also a pride that you now protect it in your care. Celebrate this connection through collecting, then reap the benefits of a lifelong, inspiring bond with its story.

Monte Deere, CEO, Kizik

Monte Deere , Kizik


The world is big. There are so many things to be passionate about, and so many things you can make your life about.But only one thing matters is the thing that makes you happiest.When it comes down to it, what do we want? To be happy. That’s all we want. And the only way to get there is by doing something you love. So listen to your heart, follow your passion and live a life true to yourself!

Natasha Nurse, Co-Founder & Cohost, WokeNFree

Natasha Nurse , WokeNFree


In a world full of counterfeits, all in the name of keeping up with the competition, striving for authenticity is something to be passionate about. Offering and dealing with legitimate services and products gives you a niche in the market and a warranted acceptance in the market. Your operations not only build your business but it also builds a situation where the public gets a ray of hope that humanity still exists and that businesses are not just out to make profits. Authenticity is a good thing to be passionate about.

Yongming Song, CEO, Live Poll for Slides

Helping Others Achieve their Goals

As a leader, I find that there’s nothing that drives me more than helping my employees align with their long-term goals. By understanding and working with what they wish to accomplish while they work with me, I am able to create an environment that is mutually beneficial, productive, and joyous. Nothing evokes passion more than facilitating such an environment and watching employees achieve their individual goals in the process.

Asma Hafejee, Senior Marketing Executive, CMR Surgical

Make the World a Better Place

One good thing to be passionate about is helping others. This can be done through volunteer work or simply lending a helping hand to someone in need. Generosity and kindness are traits that can make the world a better place, and being passionate about helping others is a great way to bring positivity into your life and the lives of those around you.

Rajat Chauhan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ace Infoway

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility are becoming more important in modern times. People across the world are figuring out innovative solutions for reducing their carbon footprints. Additionally, sustainability efforts are something customers expect to see from businesses. More than half of global customers consider eco-consciousness when making buying decisions, according to the 2021 Global Sustainability Study. That means that slacking in this area could mean sacrificing sales. For that reason, don’t be afraid to advertise what your business is doing to help guard the planet from further harm.

Annie Ricci, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Prima

Time Off

Lots of people are passionate about work. After all, you’re told all your life that you need to put your best foot forward. But what about your free time? Odds are, many of us have been taught to feel ashamed when it comes to playing too much or too hard. But that isn’t always a good thing.

Moderation is fine, but the time you take to let your hair down can affect every other aspect of your life. If you aren’t de-stressing then what exactly is your time off even for? Whether you just want to unwind, or you want to have new experiences or even perfect a hobby all of it is part of a needed interval between your working life and your personal life.

Don’t be ashamed to take that time off when you need it. Enjoy it to its fullest so that when it’s time to get back to the grind, you’re refreshed and ready to work.

Max Ade, CEO, Pickleheads

Freedom and Peace

My passion is toward harmony among people and the planet. That’s what I think this ‘new world order’ is truly all about, and not from the current narrators marginalizing the information flow on the Internet. The transformation opportunity coming out of the pandemic is magnificent.To follow your passion toward freedom and peace is tantamount. I’m not giving any more depth of advice than that; your inner drive will reveal the answers to your questions. Encouraged by my wife, I created One World in a New World Apocalyptic Chats. You might have your own podcast in mind. Just do it! You can’t imagine the benefits.

My result were like that, an unexpected opportunity to become the executive director of a global peace foundation and movement called Live and Let Live. It came about from an apocalyptic chat, uncovering an opportunity of a lifetime with some 47 years of preparation. Maybe there is something there for you.

Zen Benefiel, Possibilities Coagulator, Be The Dream LLC

Feeling Good

So many people undervalue their emotions and dismiss the inherent informational value available within them. When you don’t feel good, you aren’t in alignment with the highest version of who you are capable of being. When you don’t feel good, it’s less likely you’ll have experiences that can make you feel good. If their are goals you are trying to achieve, your quickest route to accomplishing them is through you feeling good on a consistent basis. This doesn’t mean avoiding or denying when you don’t feel good. It means taking time to conscientiously process your emotions and then intentionally do what it takes to shift and start feeling good again — sooner than later.

Whatever you are feeling is a reflection of the type of people and experiences you’re about to attract next. This is your life. Let your feelings be your guide. Right here, right now. Make the most of it. Feel good as often as you can, even if for no reason other than it feels good to feel good.

Kim O’Neill, Authentic Confidence & Interview Coach, Kim O’Neill Coaching

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation. As a business, we are passionate about creating spaces and experiences that encourage mindfulness and meditation. We believe that it’s important to take the time to reflect on one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions in order to live a more balanced life. We strive to create meaningful experiences for our customers so they can better understand the power of mindfulness and how it can benefit them. We believe that mindfulness and meditation can help people to reduce stress, increase productivity, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness. We are proud to be part of a movement that is helping to bring these important practices into the mainstream.

Yusuf Shurbaji, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Prismfly

Learn as if You Were to Live Forever

Learning is a habit that must be built because it is inherently hard. The whole concept means to take on the unknown. When we are young, school is a safe place to say “I don’t know” but as we grow older there are less safe places to safely admit lack of understanding. This feeling is heightened at work, where we feel pressure to have the answers and to stay in our lane.

There are two areas where taking on a love of learning can most help  your career. 1. New trends: every industry is constantly evolving. While some “continuing education” can take on the feeling of an unwanted burden, you should be doing your own exploration of new ideas, technologies, and trends in the space. 2. Other areas: if you want to be a business leader, having a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the business is important. As you rise in ranks, being able to discuss finance, marketing, tech, and operations is a huge advantage for the types of decisions you will be asked to make.

Dustin Sitar, Managing Editor, thegroomclub.com

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is one of the most important aspects of successful business. Listening to understand, appreciate, and help those who come to you for guidance and relishing in it is a worthy cause to be passionate about. This passion is an essential process that can convert customers into loyal followers—it’s a means to leave a positive lasting impression on those who buy your products or services. Being passionate about customer service means that you engage your customers with patience, an open mind, and decency as a human being.

Dakota McDaniels, Chief Product Officer, Pluto

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