Amanda Latimore

July 25, 2007
Posted in interviews

Amanda Latimore looks like a model, which is not surprising considering she used to be one. To write her off, however, as just another pretty face, would be a dreadful miscalculation. A graduate of the University of Tampa, Amanda is doing research in Long Beach as an epidemiologist, but her life does not consist of white lab coats and microscope slides. Amanda’s background is in the social sciences, and she is using that background to help gain a better understanding of the habits of marginalized populations.

What is so admirable about Amanda’s work is that she dares to tread in areas that many consider taboo, even in the United States government. Her work largely pertains to people outside of the normal scope of everyday life. This includes sex workers, the homeless, and those suffering from the diseases related to HIV and AIDS. Amanda is an excellent source of perspective. She personally interacts everyday with people who struggle to survive, and therefore she is able to contextualize the problems she faces in her life.

Soon to be starting a coveted graduate program at Johns Hopkins University, Amanda will surely be on the cutting edge of social understanding for many years to come.

An aside:

If you think you’re having a bad day, here’s something to keep you grounded. One day a client of Amanda’s walked in her office and told her what had just happened. This woman told Amanda that during the morning, her son had been taken away by Social Services. Hours later, her house was repossessed. As she wandered down the street, she was mugged and stabbed in the neck with an ice pick. Then she went to Amanda to tell her about it.

Make you feel like you don’t have it so bad? Sure makes me think twice.