Tracy Boyce

September 24, 2007
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September 24, 2007 Terkel

Besides being a single mother raising four kids, Tracy Boyce’s full time job is a feng shui practitioner.

Originally an accountant, Tracy never knew something like feng shui existed. The seeds for her profession were planted after receiving a home consultation twelve years ago, and were sowed once a divorce became eminent.

With a settlement that barely covered the mortgage, Tracy decided that her part time feng shui practice did not have enough of a steady income to support a family. Falling back on a part time bookkeeping position to pay bills, she found that her time was being consumed by calculations, and not by color coordination.

Overwhelmed and overworked, Tracy walked into her boss’s office one day and requested that she be compensated fairly for the extra workload she was assuming. The next day she was a full time feng shui consultant, fired from her bookkeeping job.

“I guess my ex-boss did me a great favor by firing me. I’m not sure if I would have taken that step on my own. It was a pretty scary thing to do, financially. No one was offering their support to me or even help. From the vantage point of now, he was my biggest supporter.”

Going from accounting to design isn’t necessarily the recommended career course for designers, but as the feng shui practice preaches, it was Tracy’s “path.”

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