Michelle True

October 19, 2006
October 19, 2006 Terkel

This morning I woke up and immediately starting thinking about Pursue The Passion, and what else we needed to deliver our message. An idea of a poem popped in my head, and I thought of Michelle True, one of our interviews in Chicago that ended up being canceled at the last minute. So I emailed Michelle, she was enthusiastic about the idea, and here is her poem about pursuing a passion and doing what you love.

Pursue the Passion
by Michelle True


Why are passions not pursued?
Because we just aren’t in the mood,
or do not think we have the time,
or find the ladder too steep to climb.
There’s always something, someone else
to blame for passions on the shelf.

Covered with dust, we watch them die;
there’s always a perfect alibi.
A demanding job, long hours, the kids,
the success a part of us forbids.
Just living day to day must do;
to lofty dreams we bid adieu.

We don’t think we deserve to dream
yet deep inside our passions scream,
desperate to be set free.
Ideas born in reverie
languish, cob-webbed in our mind.
To failure we’ve become resigned.

We conform to the status quo,
with no opportunity to grow.
We quietly follow the herd,
our passion and our vision blurred.
Are we simply too damned tired
or are we no longer inspired?

We never broke free from the mold,
no longer reaching for the gold.
Our hopes to one day be fulfilled
have somehow, silently, been killed.
We find success others defined,
our dreams falling further behind.

We’re lacking proper motivation
or simply lost the inclination;
postponed dreams to a later date
while silently, we moan, berate
our lack of progress, sitting still.
We feel no joy; there is no thrill.

Our dreams slip slowly from our grasp
not uttering a single gasp.
Taking such a loss for granted,
we forget the seeds once planted.
We have the power to evolve
but lack the strength and the resolve.

There is no adequate excuse.
It is a form of self-abuse
to deny ourselves what we deserve.
Have we only lost our nerve
or has it fallen out of fashion
to actively pursue our passion?