9 Programs That Help People Make Career Changes Into The Tech Field

February 26, 2022
February 26, 2022 Terkel

What is one program available that helps people make career changes in the tech field?

Here are nine programs to help make a career change into the tech field:

  • Online Certifications
  • Get Your Tech Education
  • Check Out Codecademy
  • Start Your Search With Angellist
  • Start With Google
  • Pursue Private Grant Funding.
  • Skillcrush
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Tech Bootcamps

Programs That Help People Make Career Changes Into The Tech Field

Online Certifications

One of the easiest ways to obtain entry-level positions in tech sectors is to complete online certifications. Competencies like CompTIA A+, CCNA, and MCSE are often prerequisites for IT roles and can catch recruiter attention and earn you an interview at least. Many of these courses are free, and most are self-guided so that you can learn and prepare on your own schedule. Also, obtaining the certifications is often a matter of passing an exam or series of exams, meaning that you can study when it suits you and earn the credentials on the basis of your new knowledge.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Get Your Tech Education

Education is an important step to advancing your career, opening doors, and having real tech cred. The University of Advancing Technology offers the flexibility you need to be fused with the industry-leading and technology-focused education you want. UAT’s staff and faculty teach both online and on-campus—right-sized and specialized online curricula are derived from the world-class campus in Tempe, AZ. From cyber security to artificial intelligence to robotics, you can go beyond certification and get your degree in less than three years, with support from faculty and student services throughout your education.

Lisha Dunlap, University of Advancing Technology

Check Out Codecademy

Codecademy is a great online program for learning the computer languages that are central to the tech world. By passing a certification exam, you will be able to prove your expertise in a particular area (which will open you up to millions of job opportunities).

The internet has empowered people to become self-taught in a variety of areas, so an accredited degree is not the status quo anymore. Employers are looking for prospects who can show and not tell. I recommend taking on a volunteer project that you can build a stunning portfolio around.

Rachel Blank, Allara

Start Your Search With Angellist

If you’re looking to make a move into the tech field, there’s generally no better place to start than with AngelList. AngelList is a very unique website that serves as a job board, newsfeed, and investor platform for everything startup-related, especially in the tech space. If you’re serious about making a move into tech, start by reading some of the news articles on their blog, and leverage their job board to find postings that match your skillset. Compared to your general job boards like Indeed and Monster, AngelList is awesome. It’s narrowly focused on high-growth tech jobs and doesn’t hide the ball when it comes to offered pay, benefits, and required skills. Some of the job postings are for more experienced tech employees, but many are for first-timers as well and aren’t stringent about past experience. It’s a great place to start if you’re thinking about making a move, even if just for helpful information.

John Ross, Test Prep Insight

Start With Google

If you’re looking to break into the tech industry, lucky for you many of the top companies are looking to help people gain skills to enter into the tech field. Google career certificates offer a ton of programs in the tech field with no experience necessary. There are a ton of certificate programs out there but google offers them for free and allows you to take their courses at your own convenience. These certificates are wonderful because they make entering the tech field accessible to everyone and will help you get started in a new field.

Joe Spector, Dutch

Pursue Private Grant Funding

Many people don’t realize that there is a ton of private grant funding floating around. Many of them are happy to help people pay for a career program that enables them to make a career transition into the tech space. I recommend searching through the postings at USA Funding Applications to see what you might qualify for.

Stephanie Venn-Watson, fatty15


SkillCrush is a great program and unconventional learning site that is fantastic to jumpstart a career in tech. It holds multiple different classes and forms of education for people to use critical thinking and learn coding or other types of software for a position in the tech field. The classes are affordable, some being free, and its main focus is for people breaking into tech.

Daniel Tejada, Straight Up Growth

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a ton of resources for those who want to pursue work in a technical field. If you haven’t joined LinkedIn, do so and you can take advantage of their technical skills courses. Not only that, you can network with others in the tech field and check out jobs posted there. Those who work in your field can give you advice about where to find free or low-cost courses as well.

Jennifer Pieniazek, Resume Now

Tech Bootcamps

There are many tech bootcamps out there that can give people the basic education they need to transition into a tech career. Furthermore, these bootcamps can be taken online from virtually anywhere. For example, if someone wants to pivot into software engineering but they do not feel the need to pursue an entire university degree, these bootcamps can help them learn a few of the most essential skills of a tech career such as software engineering or digital marketing to at least get them going towards an entry-level position.

Drew Sherman, RPM

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