Robyn Williams

September 27, 2007
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September 27, 2007 Terkel

Robyn Williams considers herself a professional coach and facilitator, but arriving at this career was not a direct path. At 17, working for the Chicago Tribune, Robyn aspired to one day be a television anchorwoman. An accident made her leave her job and return home to San Diego, whereupon she joined her father in the insurance business, and continued along that path for eight years. Although she was successful, she “never really understood what [she] was chasing.” What she really wanted was to “reach people,” and in her life as a coach, she has done just that.

Robyn preaches the “vision driven life,” where limitation is cast aside as something self-imposed. “Limitation,” says Robyn, “is a story of collective experience,” and therefore can only be overcome if a person is willing to admit that they are limiting themselves. Robyn is a woman who exudes confidence in her “whole life approach to supporting vision,” both hers and that of others. Robyn defines passion as “feeling alive and authentic, and being able to communicate that.” She advises all who are in the pursuit of passion to not “allow circumstances to cloud their vision,” and stick to whatever path they see as their destiny. “I’m living my dream,” says Robyn, and she is delighted to help others live their dream too.