How To Become a Reseller

May 14, 2022
May 14, 2022 Terkel

How can someone become a reseller of a product?


To help you become a reseller of products, we asked CEOs and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From choosing the right platform for your business to checking for cheap deals in online marketplaces, there are several ideas that you may pursue to start reselling products for profit. 


Here are seven ways to become a reseller of a products:

  • Choose The Right Platform for Your Business
  • Use an App To Determine Profitability of Your Resells
  • Work Directly With Companies as a Wholesaler
  • Resell as Brand Ambassador for a Company
  • Contact Local Businesses To Become a Reseller
  • Do Drop-shipping in Products of Personal Interest
  • Check for Cheap Deals in Online Marketplaces


Choose The Right Platform for Your Business

The main thing to become a successful reseller is selecting the correct platform for the products you are reselling. This might seem obvious, but many make this mistake in the start and it can take time to correct. The key is to find a platform you can resell your product on that is relevant to your product, and is not the same platform you originally bought the product from. For example, if you bought a large amount of toilet paper on Amazon, don’t turn around and try to resell it on Amazon as this is well trodden ground.
Researching and looking for high trafficked sites that might fly just under the radar is the sweet spot. Once you can identify a solid platform for reselling your product, the rest is just marketing and execution!

Devin Schumacher, SERP


Use an App To Determine Profitability of Your Resells

Becoming an Amazon reseller can actually become a lucrative career. FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) takes care of everything such as shipping although there’s a small fee for FBA. Amazon resellers should get an app that tells you how much selling the product will cost to buy and how much profit you stand to make. The app lets you know if reselling the product is worth it financially. Also, you can pay to boost the visibility of your products. These resellers who pay to play, do best, which means becoming a product reseller could cost you money. All in all, if the profit is significant, then boosting visibility and reselling the product in the first place might be worth it to you.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging


Work Directly With Companies as a Wholesaler

Become a product distributor by working directly with companies as a wholesaler. Before approaching any company, it’s important to know what products will be profitable in the marketplace. Knowing your market and target margins will help you avoid getting stuck with a bulk inventory of products slow to sell. Distributors who understand the numbers can take advantage of the market opportunities without taking on too much risk.

Russell Lieberman, Altan Insights


Resell as Brand Ambassador for a Company

If you love a product and you are a champion at referrals, then it might be time to check in on opportunity. Many companies have brand ambassador and reseller programs that allow those who truly understand their product and mission to create a stream of income. Building image and brand for a company is difficult, most companies realize they will need help to create experience that will ripple out and build them into that household name. These experiences are hard to create outside of traditional sales teams and funnels. Even if you cannot determine if a ReSeller program exists, share with the ownership team or local development and management teams your track record for creating EXPERIENCE. Share with them the referrals you have sent them, the moments you have created or even the training you have hosted to better off the community. Nothing speaks to creating opportunity more than a passion driven by curating experiences and for that you should #getpaid.

Adam Griggs, CLARAfi


Contact Local Businesses To Become a Reseller

The best way to become a reseller of a product is to contact your local businesses and ask them if they are interested in partnering up. You can also search for local businesses looking for distributors or representatives on online directories or classified websites. Being a reseller can be a great way to make some extra money, and it can be a lot of fun too! So don’t hesitate to reach out to your local businesses and see if they need someone like you to help promote their products.

Gino Louise Reichert, LSAT Prep Hero


Do Drop-shipping in Products of Personal Interest

Sourcing stock is the first step for anyone interested in becoming a product reseller. Wholesale distributors can be found online and are a major resource to product resellers, especially if they engage in drop-shipping. Product resellers who drop-ship their inventory need only market the product and collect orders as the shipping and handling are taken care of by the company that makes the product. Budding entrepreneurs should choose to resell in a product area that they have an interest in as well as some expertise. Product resellers now have a nearly frictionless path to consumers thanks to major e-commerce websites like Ebay, Amazon and Shopify. Using social media and blog content to market products are effective ways that resellers can attract customers online for free.

Sean Doherty, Box Genie


Check for Cheap Deals in Online Marketplaces

Shift through marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace to see what others are selling locally. Never buy items without doing your due diligence to determine if it’s worth the effort. Research the value of items you’re interested in and see if you can make a profit from it. Then reach out to sellers to see if the products are still available for purchase. Anyone can become a reseller of a product with a strategic approach to buying and selling.

Ray Leon, Pet Insurance Review



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