How can you put passion back into your marriage?

December 12, 2022
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How can you put passion back into your marriage?

From “Learn your love languages” to “Taking time for yourself”, here are the 8 answers to the question, “What is one way to put passion back into your marriage?”

  • Learn Your Love Languages
  • Take Time for Yourself
  • Committing to a Tandem Activity
  • Be Affection Once Again
  • It Starts With Communication!
  • How to Put Passion Back into Your Marriage
  • Stick to the Good Times
  • One Way to Put the Passion Back in Marriage

how can you put passion back into your marriage

Learn Your Love Languages

Each of us expresses and perceives love differently. Understanding these differences can have a serious impact on a relationship. Often people are stuck for many years in relationships in which they feel deficiencies, and even though for many years it was not a huge problem – one day, a crisis comes. It turns out that this is very often due to a lack of awareness of the differences between our needs and those of our partners. However, we can easily find out which love language is dominant in our partner and in us. The goal of exploring love languages together is to learn how to love our partner in a way that is meaningful to them and to incorporate the practice into everyday life. Many tests are available online to help identify your love language – all you need is your willingness to explore this new area.

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Take Time for Yourself

“Love yourself first before loving others” – this sentence looks like a motto of an egoist. But taking care of yourself first is the pillar of every healthy relationship, especially a marriage that is a special bond between two people. Because being married doesn’t mean you should spend every minute together, share the same hobby, and literally think about yourself as one soul in two bodies. As an independent person, you should keep your interests and hobbies, spend some time with friends or just have a walk on your own if you feel the need. Making sure that you are okay first is the way to put passion back into your marriage. Without self-care, you will become dependent on your partner and lose the spark to make your relationship alive.

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Committing to a Tandem Activity

This passion formula is simple — each partner chooses an activity they can do together, and both commit to indulging in it daily. The time spent can be as less as 15 minutes per activity, and half an hour is undoubtedly a manageable chunk out of one’s day, especially when it translates to a more passionate marriage. The routine can range from something as simple as cozying up and solving the daily crossword puzzle to participating in couples’ yoga sessions. As time passes, it could even be a mindfulness routine that evolves into deeper meaning for both partners. As long as the two commit to each other’s chosen activities and do them with the same passion as the other, even the half an hour the duo spends each day will prove life-changing.

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Be Affection Once Again

Passion is an important ingredient in any marriage, but it’s also one that can easily fade over time. If you’re looking to put the spark back into your relationship, one of the best things you can do is focus on the doting touch. Whether it’s a gentle hand on the arm during conversation or a slow dance in the living room, physical affection helps to build intimacy and closeness. It’s also a powerful way to express love and desire. If you’re not used to being physically affectionate with your spouse, it may take some time to get comfortable. But even small gestures can make a big difference in rekindling passion.

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It Starts With Communication!

It’s no secret that marriages can sometimes become more like a business partnership than a passionate love affair. After the initial excitement of the wedding wears off and you settle into the routine of married life, it’s easy to let the spark fizzle out. But there are ways to put the passion back into your marriage! It starts with communication. Talk to your spouse about what you both need to feel loved and connected. Be honest about what’s lacking and be willing to compromise. It’s also important to make time for each other, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Plan regular date nights and getaways, and keep the physical intimacy alive. Don’t forget to keep the romance alive by doing things that make your spouse feel special. Whether it’s a heartfelt gesture or a simple compliment, let them know they’re still the love of your life.

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How to Put Passion Back into Your Marriage

You want your marriage to last and be happy, great, but this requires dedication, time and effort. How do you do it?No matter how busy you are, even if you have noisy and time consuming children and many commitments, work long hours and have very little spare time, make sure that you both set aside a long evening on a regular basis to meet up and go out on a romantic date – just the two of you – no compromises, no family around, no rushing back, no having the babysitter ring you and asking you to come back because the little one is crying and misses you. Make sure that evening is terrific. It does not have to be expensive, but it can be romantic, bonding, a lot of fun and something terrific to look forward to and remember later.

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Stick to the Good Times

Let’s be honest. Everyday struggles, stress, and hectic lifestyle many of us lead are not romantic relationships’ best friends. Putting passion back into your marriage is an uneasy and often time-consuming process. Still, it’s worth all the effort. My best advice? Stick to the good times. They will be your source of power, motivation, and strength. Dive into the bright past to get inspired by how happy the two of you could be. Madly in love, passionate, with a hundred reasons to smile just because you were together. Memories are a beam of sunlight in a relationship. Let them remind you why not to give up. The happier you feel with each other, the faster passion comes to your love life again.

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One Way to Put the Passion Back in Marriage

An important thing in the marriage that not everyone can do is respecting each other. The respect here is: understand that your partner also has their own fatigue, and don’t bring your frustrations with the outside life on the person you love. A few small gifts, a sweet note on the fridge, a moody bouquet of flowers after a day,… Just romance and reasonable sharing, your marriage will be solid and that is a decisive factor to help you not be impassioned in your marriage.

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