9 Careers for Fashion You Never Knew Existed

June 18, 2022
June 18, 2022 Terkel

What Is The Best Career For People Who Love Fashion?

To help you explore different career opportunities in fashion, we asked successful entrepreneurs and experts in the fashion industry this question for their best suggestions. From working as a pricing analyst to becoming a garment industry technologist, there are several careers in fashion to explore.

Here Are Nine Careers For People Who Love Fashion:

  • Pricing Analyst
  • Create a Fashion Blog
  • Illustrator
  • Fashion Editor
  • Personal Stylist
  • Buyer
  • Designer
  • Public Relations and Writing
  • Garment Industry Technologist 


Pricing Analyst

Pricing is a critical aspect of the fashion industry. From determining the cost of raw materials to setting the retail price of a garment, pricing analysts play a vital role in ensuring that businesses are profitable.

As a fashion pricing analyst, you will use your knowledge of both art and science to appraise the value of clothing and accessories which is a quite rare combination!

Michael Sena, Senacea


Create a Fashion Blog

Social proof is here, and it’s not a force to be ignored. If you want to get into a fashion career, I suggest creating a blog. Being able to showcase your passion and dedication to fashion to potential employers will set you above all the other competitors.

And a blog is not just some past-time. If done right, you could easily make four figures each month, turning your blog into an affiliate website.

Donna Gleize, Bloss Words



Conceptual sketches and illustrations of fashion products, such as apparel, shoes, and accessories, are created by fashion illustrators in collaboration with fashion designers. Illustrators also create advertising language and imagery for use in printed and online promotional materials.

Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel


Fashion Editor

Fashion lovers should consider an editor role at a lifestyle or fashion magazine.

They have the opportunity to view designer collections before they launch and write about what works and what doesn’t.

Editors can attend fashion week events as well as VIP PR parties that will give them the exclusive. This is an extremely rewarding career and can take passionate fashion experts to the next level.

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra


Personal Stylist

Being a personal stylist offers the opportunity to help others dress fashionably for their body type. This is a great career for those interested in fashion as well as helping others select clothing and accessories that reflect their personal taste and style preferences.
Clientele can range from celebrities to everyday people who want to look their best. Services a personal stylist may offer include providing suggestions of items to purchase, personal shopping, coordinating accessories, putting together outfits, and consulting clients on how to plan outfits for events. Working as a personal stylist appeals to those who love fashion and want to be immersed in it each day.

Marilyn Zubak, Snif



Become a buyer. There are so many amazing career options for people who love fashion, and a great way to surround yourself with new and inspiring designs and learn about fashion daily is to become a buyer.

A buyer decides what’s on the floor, needs to be tuned in and anticipate the new trends of the season, and comes up with inventive ways to take the high-end runway designs and turn them into affordable daily designs for their customers.

If you love fashion and want to immerse yourself in the creative and decision-making process of our fashion industry, become a buyer.

Karim Hachem, Sunshine79



If you love fashion, you can be a Fashion Designer and start your own Fashion brand by creating intricate and unique designs of your own. Fashion Designing is a great career for anyone who loves fashion and wants to pursue a career in it.

Fashion designing is also a very high-paying field as you can go very far and beyond with your creativity and unique ideas.

robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen, Formula Swiss


Public Relations and Writing

Fashion public relations positions have an allure of the glitzy and the humane. A fashion publicist’s job is to help fashion brands and stores develop a positive public image and gain media attention for new products. People who enjoy fashion may also want to consider fashion writing as a career option.

As a part of their work in the vast world of fashion journalism, fashion writers frequently collaborate with fashion publicists. For publications like newspapers, periodicals, fashion blogs or websites, and television, fashion writers can be found in many capacities.

David Janssen, VPNOverview


Garment Industry Technologist 

A garment technologist is a creative person who works with yarns, textiles, and fibers to design and develop new materials. The second area of focus for technologists is increasing the productivity of manufacturing processes. The primary responsibilities of this position include quality assurance and criminal investigation.

Gerrid Smith, Fortis Medical Billing


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